Chapter 13

I freeze in place for a second before slowly tuning around and gasp when I see who is standing there." Sesshoumaru." I say in shock.

He seems so differnt, his hair is shorter , all his markings are gone and he is in a business suit. "It can't be you." I stutter.

"It is me Kagome, I know this is a big shock but I can explain everything." He says.

"Then you better set down."


Sesshoumaru moves around the side of the bench and sets down beside me, he smiles as he looks at the twins.

"Start talking." I say.

"After I got through the well I wen straight to war, we luckily won the war after two and half weeks of non stop fighting. I set off back to the well but when I got there I jumped into the well but it wouldn't let me through. I tried to get through for a month until I finally gave up. Inuyasha moved into the castle and he helped me rule the western lands."

I set there and try to take it all in, I just can not believe everything he is telling me, its just so hard to believe the well closed.

"Sesshoumaru its just so hard to beleive that the well would not let you through."I say.

"You have to believe me Kagome, I went 500 years without you or our children." He says and I hear the pleading in his voice.

"What happened to everyone?" I ask.

"Inuyasha marked Kikyou as his mate, giving her his lifespan, they both are living here in Japan with their twin girls, Ally and Alison."

"Aw thats nice, what about everyone else?"

"Sango and Miroku had many many children, 7 girls and 5 boys. They grew old while they watched their grandchildren and great grand children grown. It was a very sad day in the Western Lands when they passed away. Inuyasha, Kikyou and I have had the honor of watching generation after generation grow and prosper."

"Do you know them now?"

"Yes I have their great great great, very great grandchildren working for me."

"Wait what do you mean working for you?"

"I own the computer software company Taisho Corp."


"Kagome do you believe me now."

I look up at him, I let a big smile come onto my face. "Yes I do." I say happily.

I jump up, wrap my arms around his neck and capture his lips. He warps his arms around my waist and pulls me into his lap and kisses me back.

I am so happy yo be back in Sesshoumaru's arms at last, but the sad part about it is that we can not go back to the past where I was hopping our children would grow up.

We pull apart and I climb out of his lap and set beside him, I pull the twins stroller over to us. I take Jasmine out and hand her to Sesshoumaru, I get Maru and hold him. I guess this is the beginning of our new life.

The Ending

10 Years Later

Its been 10 years since we have started our new life here in the future, the twins are now 10 years old and Rin and Shippo are both Seniors in High school.

We have a gordaise mancion out of Tokeyou where we all live, we offered for my family to move in with us but they decided to stay on the shrine.

We had a surprise a year ago when I found myself pregnant again, we now have another little baby girl named Sakura Taisho. We had a formal and very beautiful wedding and I meant all of Sesshoumaru's new business friends.

I shake my head at all the very good memory's, I lean down into the crib and pick up a fully awake Sakura. I head out of our nursery and head down the hall and make it down to the living room, I walk out another door and onto our patio.

I look out to our pool where all the children along with Sesshoumaru, Inuyasha and Kikyou are swimming. I make my way over to the pool, I kneel down and hand Sakura to Sesshoumaru, I slip my dress over my head and jump into the pool.

Before I know I am being splashed by water and we all start laughing. ' This is our life an I know we will always be okay!' I smile at everyone. What A very Happy Ending!

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