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kim's p.o.v.

" I was sitting in my room waching t.v. fliping through the channels nothing good was on ! my cell phone rang i looked at the caller i.d. it was

my best friend jade. "Hey jade whats up ?" she rarely called me now "nothing much i just wanted

to know if you want to see a movie tonight zack is out camping with his family so i'm kinda bored out of my mind now. " this is perfect "YEA sure !

um ... meet me at my house in 5 min. ok ?" "sure thing." she repiled i hung up the phone threw on my jacket and shoes, i got 10 dollars out of

my purse and ran down the stairs " mom i'm going out with jade tonight to see a movie is that alright ?" i already knew the answer she would be

none too happy about me going out with friend's insted of my boyfried. "sure kimmy do you need any money ?" god, i love my mother but i dispise

her when she talk's to me like a child i smiled for her benifit "NO mom, " i waved the dollar bill in my hand "i have money." outside the living room

window i saw a flash of headlights and i knew who that would be. my savior "bie mom i got to go." i kissed her on the cheek and dashed out the

front door. jade was looking at herself in the rear view mirrow. "hey jadey!! i said as i climed in the car and bukeld my seatbelt. she pulled the

car into drive and backed out of the driveway ( i no nothing about car's so bear with me ) "hey kim " she bit her lip i knew something was bothering

her "um... is it ok for you to come with me ? i mean with your boyfried jared and all ,i know he dosnt want you going to seattle and "kim stop " i cut

her off "jared is not my FATHER and i'm getting tired of him acting like he can controll me ,i dont need his permission to go see a movie with my best

friend ok !?" i knew i was being harsh but it was the truth ever since the vampire killing spree jared had been way to protective of me i could take

care of my self thank you very much and i didnt need my boyfriend too protect me. "ok sorry." she said i clearly had offended her i felt horrible

"jade.. " i tugged on her arm trying to loosen the mood "i'm not mad at you i'm mad at my idoit boyfriend you know that right ?." Her lips tugged

up in the corner i knew i was forgiven. We chatterd on about the latest gossip at school until we arived at the movie theater. we climed out and

opened the doors leading to the ticket counter. jade spoke first "2 tickets to THE TIME TRAVELS WIFE" we handed the girl our money, recived our

ticket stabs and found theater 7 jade found great seat's up in the front and we sat down the light's were starting to dim. "kim i'm going to get

some popcorn and m&m's what do you what?" she wispered " whoppers." i said they are my favorite kind of candy. " ok i'll be back soon ." jade

walked out the row decending out the room . i tugged on the jacket wrapping it around my arms it had gotten colder in the therter. the endless

previews showed on. there was one that seemed good. it was about this girl who get's attacked by this blond cute guy on her birthday. Probably

a vampire movie. i smirked that would be a no no for jared since i learnd about his secret i have been banned from waching any vampire related

movie ...it was so stupid. Jade came back with the food and handed me my candy "What did i miss ?" she wispered "nothing just some lady singing.

(i dont want 2 give out any spoliers of the movie so i'm gunna skip to the end) the movie was almost over, and a tear slid down my cheek then i

felt a warm hand grab my wrist i gasped and looked up,there was jared with a murderiss expersion on his face.

jared's p.o.v.

I just finished patrol, i went into the woods shifted and pulled on my cut up shorts. Being the 2nd oldest wolf in the pack i found it easy to controll

myself and not ruin my clothes. i ran human pace across first beach where my car was parked. Wonder what kim's doing i thought, she was pretty

mad at me the other day when a group of her friends were going out of town to go shopping and i told her she could not go. It wasnt that bad

but it was our first fight we ever had even though we ended up makeing out. i smirked at the memory remembering what she said while we were

kissing "If this is our first fight i cant wait for the next " the smile turned into a frown i knew what she had wanted but she didnt grasp how

dangerouse haveing sex with a werewolf could be i could bruise her entire body not knowing it. i pushed the thoughts out of my head and turned o

the radio. i drove out to kim's house and knocked on the front door. her mom answerd. " hello jared." she was looking at me strangely ...i

wondered why oh yea maybe because i'm wearing shorts in the middle of september. "hello mrs. glyyn is kim home ?" i asked stupidly where

else would she be."um, no she went out with her friend to see a movie in seattle ." I growled under my breath so she couldnt hear. How many

time's have i told that girl NOT to go to seattle. What a stupid ass thing to do considering an army of vampires are let loose there. I nodded "thank

you mrs. glynn i think i'll go home now, tell kim i stopped by... " "sure jared " she yawned and closed the door. I stormed back 2 my truck and

nearly broke the key as i put it in the ignition. I was going to find kim and drag her ass to my house to teach her a lesson. I blushed was this

the right thing to do ? Sam had told me that he had done it to emily before and although she odviously didnt enjoy it she accepted it as a

punishment and so did clair with quil . I almost backed out but decided that kimberly anne gyyn needed to be spanked. And i was the one who

had to do it. I got out my car and pushed open the door, i passed the lady with the blond hair at the ticket desk and walked into the lobby.

"sir ! you cant do that you have to buy a ticket !!!" she walked behind me clearly hopeing i would stop and pay for the dahm ticket. " I'm not seeing

any movie i'm just getting my girlfriend and leaving ok !" I nearly screamed at her, her blue eyes widened in shock. I took that oppertunity to find

kim. Last week she was rambeling on about seeing some time machine's wife. i sat her down and we wached back to the future togeter but she

said "it wasn't the same."I saw the door where it was playing and and stode in the theater. I walked down the halls untill i saw kim's black

shiny hair i went up to her seat and yanked at her wrist she gasped and looked at me with shock.

kim's pov

"Kim, get up now !" jared said quietly only for me to hear. I sat silenly in my seat how did he find me ? " I... " I didn't know what to say. Jade peered

over my shoulder to see who i was talking to. "Why are you here !? you stalker go away kim dosen't want to spend time with you !" she paused

for a moment seeing that he wasnt going to move. "Fine than you can stay but sit down, eat some popcorn and shut up, i want to wach the

movie !" oh no, why did she have to make things worse ? "Kimberly anne gyyn get your butt up out of than chair now befor i drag you out of

this place myself !" jared's word's were soppose to scare me but they didnt,I mean he was alway's jokeing around and alway's makeing me

laugh and now he decides to be this scary big bad wolf ?! Jade and i couldnt help ourselfs by laughing "YOU THINK THIS IS FUNNY !?" he screamed

i blushed the whole crowd must have been looking at us. "jared please.. " i tried to reason with him but now i was truly scared of him. " kim

get up now i'm not going to repete myself again !" jade sighed " Oh my gosh you really do act like your her father who do you think you are !? you

dont own her !?" she said loudly to jared. jared chuckled "hmp.. really we'll see about that . " i could bearly him him. jade however could hear

everything "Wow abusive much ! are you sure he dosn't beat you kim ?" I narrowed my eyes at her "No jade he dose not he's just mad that's

all. " I grabed my purse and brushed the popcorn of my coat . "bie jade. " i wispered jared grabed my arm and led me out the door. My arm was

going to be bruised tonight. I struggled stupidly to break out of his grisp but more i stuggled the tighter his arm felt around me. He praticly

threw me against the passenger door. I climbed in and wiped away the tears that were streaming down my face. jared started the car and

looked over too me he smiled without humor "oh you think your crying now, just wait untill we get to my house . "jared's words made me shiver

and not because of the cold. i sniffed my nose was becoming runny i wiped it on my sleve " I'm not alowed over your house on school nights"

i prayed he didnt relize it was a friday. "Nice try kim it's a friday." he paused for a moment. "Do you know how stupid you are ? I have told you

a hundred time's that you are not allowed into seattle while that leech is feeding there ! And what do you do... you disobey me and go there

because what ? you were bored you would risk your life to go see a movie because i tell you not to, you should have learned by now not to

upset me !" I flinched back at his word's he was right, i was shouldnt have gone to seatlle "jared i'm really sorry i know that your hurt becuz

i didnt listen to you but... " i paused i didnt know what to say " No kim, i dont belive your sorry. " he stopped the car, i didnt realize we were at his

house . "But after tonight i will... get out the car. " he orderd. I got out and closed the door he grabbed the other arm and draged me into his

house. He opened the door with his key and locked it "where's your mother ?" i asked glancing around his place. "Out. " he replayed coldly

"so we're alone ?" my voice was shakeing "Yes." he strode past me into his bedroom. "stay!" he pointed tho the couch like i was a fucking dog.

i sat down and started picking off my nailpolish to pass the time. "KIM! " he yelled from his room, "GET IN MY ROOM NOW !" i jumped up from

the couch and walked the short distance slowly to his room ,i half expected him to bring out a gun and shoot me. "yes.. jared ?" i glanced around

his room.. no gun. "stand next to me . " He said calmy, I sighed as if i was holding my breath for a long time. i walked over to him he was sitting in

his computer chair looking completly relaxed. He took his hands in mine and rubed then together. " you know what you did was wrong kim.."

i nodded my head playing along "and you are going too suffer the conseqeunes for doing it, "i gulped. So fast i didnt relize i was there, he moved

Me onto his lap.... please, NO NO NO NO NO NO, DO NOT DO WHAT I THINK YOU ARE "jared what ?" " Be quiet kim.... i am going to spank you."

Tears slid down my cheeks as he removed my jeans... and then my underwear this was the most humiliating think ever ! I bit my lip to prevent

the screaming that was sure to come i looked up my shoulder and i saw his hand raised in the air.i pulled my head down and sqwinted my eye's

shut waiting for the blow . SMACK ! his hand came down on my right cheek and i screamed dispite my effort i begged him to stop 'please

jared "SMACK this was harder than the first one his hand continued rythmicly as i sat there crying over his lap i started to kick me legs and

put my hand in his way to block him , but everytime i did the spankings only got harder my ass was burning i was sure it was bleeding or at

least a bright red . I gave up trying to fight there was no way he would release me soon. i continuied crying and sobbing untill FINNALLY he

slowed his hand to a stop. "jared i " my half formed sentence came out as a muffled sob. "Shh.. kim i know.." he rubbed circles on my backside

trying to sooth the pain it didnt help much. He repositiond himself so i was looking at him on his lap he looked me in the eye "Kim, i know

your sorry about not listening to me.. but from now on you have to obey me when i tell you to do something ! Do you think i enjoyed

hurting you seeing you crying across my lap ?" he paused but didnt alow me to answer "I did not. i love you so much kim and i dont want any

harm to come to you if you had told me you wanted to see that movie then i would have taken you , with me being there to protect you, not

two little girls all alone in that big city. Vampires arn't the only dangerouse thing out there." He kissed my forhead, then my cheeks and lastly

on the full lips "Kim i love you i hope you will understand why i had to punish you and you will forgive me. " he looked on the floor at my

clothes. "i'll uh leave you to get dressed... " he slid me out of his lap and onto his bed and closed the door behind him. I picked up my underwear

and slid them on carefully. It burned like hell there was no way i would sleep tonight i put my jeans on and walked across his room to the mirror.

I looked at myself, my eyes were bloodshot red and puffy and my hair was a tangled mess. Their was nothing I could do about my eyes so I picked

up jared's comb and brushed it through my hair. When i looked almost decent I opend the door and slid out. There I spotted jared sitting on the

couch with his hands covering his face. I walked over to him and sat on my knee's beside him "Hey... " i said softly he didnt reply i tugged at his

hand it didn't budge "Jaared why are you the one wallowing in self pity i'm the one who just got beaten the crap out of. " he winced Still the silent

treatment , i sighed and slid into his lap "Jaared.. I know that you know that i'm sorry about not obeying you.. and after my.. punisment was

over i realized something.. " He looked up at me for once "Whats that ?" he asked surprised "That i'm the one who should be asking for your

forgivness not the other way around. " He puased for a moment "Yea i guess your right about that.. and their's something else you should know. "

"What ?" I said confused he kissed the top of my hair inhailing the scent " I love you . " he said .My heart skiped a beat. I twisted my head so I

was near his chin "I know. ' I leaned forward and kissed his lips. I looked up into his bright brown eyes and I knew i was forgiven.