"Only you, my dear," she said lovingly in his ear, drawing a smile on his face that only she could ever manage to create. No one in his life, before or after his friend changed him indefinitely, could ever manage to create one of those smiles upon his soft, yet rigid features.

She found him beautiful, no matter what other's may have thought of him. His nose was slightly deformed, but his red eyes were gentle and fierce at the same time. His lips were just the perfect size for her, and his white, almost translucent skin contrasted perfectly with his raven black hair. She had heard humans speaking of how different and unusual he looked, and she only found herself smiling internally, loving how he was hers, and only hers.

"As with you, my love," he replied, just as lovingly, looking into his mate's freshly red eyes. Her seemingly always-present smile always brought joy to his heart like nothing else could. He was positive that were she to ever die, he would to, if not physically, then mentally or emotionally.

They stayed as they were for hours. Their unspoken words were apparent to anyone in the outside word. The love and adoration they had for each other was almost palpable. Then again, with Didyme's gift, that was hardly saying anything.

Though she made others love her unconditionally, she herself had never fallen in love before Marcus. He made her the happiest she had ever felt. And she did the same for him. But for her, it was such a surreal thing. She knew love, it was the one thing she was positive of her entire life. She knew how other people reacted to it, and she knew she could have used that information in this relationship, but she didn't need to. She was herself, entirely and absolutely.

He was always worrying about how to act. He didn't know if what he was doing would make her happy, or if he was doing something wrong. She constantly told him not to worry, that it made her feel uneasy. Their relationship was something so rich, and so unique that one couldn't deny it.

If one was uneasy or unsure about something, the other was just as much so. They cared for each other so equally, and looking at them together, no one, even the most unknown people, could say they didn't love each other. Every moment they were together, and when they were apart, they could barely stand it.

Marcus was on the council of the newly formed group Aro, Didyme's sister, had formed, along with another vampire named Caius. They were planning, or rather discussing the planning of a hopefully one day large group of fellow vampires that would rule, so to speak, their world of secret sangui-vores.

They would ensure the unspoken rule that those of their kind didn't show their own existence to humans, and if that ever happened, if the vampire race was exposed, they would exterminate the violators of that rule. They would have other rules and laws to abide by of course, but they were only discussing the former at this time.

They would also ensure that their gifts would not go to waste. Aro especially wanted this to turn into an empire, as such, he knew that nothing could get in his way of this "royal hierarchy." He knew that he would need everyone he trusted, even his sister, though he despised her.

When he had created her he had hoped for some ultimate power to come from her, but instead she was blessed with the gift to make others love her. He didn't need people to love her, he needed people to love him, else ways his plan wouldn't, no, no, couldn't work.

But he was hoping for a way to make the victims of her power love him. Many would have classified him as selfish, unruly, or even power hungry. To an outsiders view, this was completely true, but to him, he was just doing what he thought was best for his kind.

Over the years, Aro tried to make his plan work. And over the years, he failed. He witnessed her fall in love with his friend, and he knew he could do nothing to stop it. He watched helplessly as they proclaimed their love for each other in the most sacred of ways. He watched hopelessly as they feel deeper and more irrevocably in love with each other. And he hated every moment of it.

She had always used her talent to have intercourse with her prey before finishing them for her dinner, lunch, or breakfast, which ever it was that day. Aro had been proud of her for this; he had loved her for that. It was then that he swore to never let her use her power for anything else but feeding, and for his own deeds.

He decided to let her go on her own for a while, like a father would do to his only son when he got married. He had enough faith that she would over-use her gift, see all men, even vampires, as only objects, and never fall in love. All that changed when she got home.

He was meeting with Caius and Marcus about his proposed idea, and she walked in just as they were finishing up. He looked up, a light smile coming to his face, and he stood up, opening his arms. She hurried over, snagging a look at the man on her brother's right.

Aro could feel his sister exulting her power, but only towards Caius, the weaker of the two. He knew this, but how could his sister know this? She had only just arrived. Was there more to her power that she was not informing him of? Or could he just be paranoid? He didn't know the honest answer, but he treated her just the same. He told her to wait in the other room until he was done. She did so with a last sweeping glance to the man at Aro's right.

Caius was looking at Aro in awe, it seemed. It was as if he had never seen a woman before in his life. Aro chuckled to himself quietly.

"Do not dwell on your new-found feelings for her, my friend. It is her power, as mine is with thoughts, as Marcus' is with relationships. She is a seducer first and foremost, and she is my sister," Aro said, that small, devious smile never leaving his face. Marcus was silent, and shied away from Aro's touch, but Aro thought nothing of it.

Caius nodded, and they continued with their meeting.

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