Many years had passed since Marcus lost the desire for his undead life. His power constantly reminded him of what had happened. He still swore that he would achieve the worst sort of revenge possible to the ones who had done that to his love. He never found out Aro had been behind it all.

All the bonds he had seen over the years had been weak, things that would never last. Things that fell apart. Not since looking at his brothers with their mates for the first time had he seen a bond so unbreakable.

Until an extremely disturbed vampire and an unseemly human walked in to his sights. His arm had been around her, and she had her arm hanging on his back. He would whisper things she should or should not do when in the presence of the higher members of the Volturi, and he cared for her so much.

It was not just the way he looked at her with love, respect, and fear, but how he could be so close to her was also outstanding. That was the sight that the members saw, along with Aro and Caius. They saw nothing more.

Marcus did. He looked at them with keen interest. Not even Aro and his mate and Caius and his mate had this kind of bond. Then when they wanted to kill Edward, the human, his love, and said to kill her. Yes, Marcus knew that this love could not be ruined by anything. Not even death, for then one would surely join the other.

He made his way to his brother and extended his hand. Aro took it without question. Marcus' thoughts told Aro all he needed to know about this unlikely pairing.

"Marcus sees relationships. He's surprised by the intensity of ours," Edward had explained to the two who wouldn't know.

"It takes quite a bit to surprise Marcus, I can assure you."

As I said, really short. Now, I don't know if I've already explained this, but I tried to keep it old fashioned, ish, and i hope it worked. I know there wasn't too much to anyone's relationships, but I have this theory that everyone in Twilight, all those relationships, can't really be explained through words.

I also know that these are fictional characters, but still. Stephenie Meyer created them with backgrounds, and I put my idea of their backgrounds out there, and I feel their bonds were greater than words can describe. So if it seems rushed that's why. Also, I hate Aro for what he did, and Marcus will always be my home boy, but I also love Aro because he's always so happy and outgoing, even when he's ordering a death warrent for someone. It makes me giggle.

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