Hi! Okay now this is my summer-y idea for a little romatic scene. And if you've noticed this title is continuing in a series of titles that I have no adaquate explanation for. It's some sort of directional motion (under, through, into, within, etc) and some sort of . . . elementary/natural/physical . . . event . . . (stars, fire, waves, sun, etc) You get the idea.

Anywho! This is being split up into three chapters because when I was writing I was having so much fun writing an interupting kiss that I just had to do it a few times. Anywho again, thanks to everyone who will read this or has faved my other stories in this series! You guys and gals rock!

All characters are (c) Rick Riordan

She had been waiting so long for this moment, and now it was here. They finally stopped caring about everything else. Even if they weren't alone, they were together, and that was all that really mattered. They were finally together and nothing would stop them.

They had arrived late in the afternoon the day before. They had stopped for take-out on the way down to the rented family cabin near the beach. And now they sat in the dining room eating in a comfortable silence, they didn't say anything but they didn't need to. Though they wanted to get closer they kept a respectable distance. They were both tired from the trip down, and they would have two whole days alone before his mother and her boyfriend came.

They sat out on the front porch and watched the sunset dip low over the horizon, watching the reflection of the sun in the calm waters of the ocean. When at last the light had run out and they both felt the soft hand of sleep resting on them, they headed back inside. Unsure about the sleeping arrangements they stood awkwardly for a moment. And then they had decided to put two mattresses on the floor of one of the larger guest bedrooms. Though they were in the same room the mattresses didn't touch so they could still be near each other without anything being too awkward.

She had blushed at the look in his eyes when she emerged from the bathroom in her pajamas. She was wearing just a simple purple striped tank top and soft matching shorts. But he looked at her as though she was a Goddess in disguise. Sometimes she felt as though she could walk up to him in anything, even just a burlap sack, and he would look at her as though it were a ball gown made of only the finest silks.

In the morning she awoke to the sweet smell of breakfast. The table was already set and he stood over the stove frying up a stack of his specialty: blue chocolate chip pancakes, her favorite. He served her breakfast and kissed the top of her head, which instantly sent a thrill through her body. Lately it seemed as though even the slightest touch got her heart racing and sent delicious shivers down her spine.

After breakfast they went out to the beach, they had played in the sand a little, built castles and just acted like the teenagers they still were. With all the things that happened around them sometimes it was hard to forget who they really were, but when she was together with him, she always knew exactly who she was. She was his. And that was perfect.

Finally the sun became too much for them. She saw beads of sweat glistening on his bare chest and felt some slide down her back. In one fluid motion she had slipped out of the sheer cover-up she had been wearing and began to wade into the water. She knew he was keeping it calm because as she walked out, the water was almost completely still. Occasionally a little wave would lick at her skin, traveling up her leg and brushing at her thigh before receding back into the ocean. When she was up to her waist the waves licked at her stomach, and she sighed blissfully, enjoying the cool water. She turned back towards shore and beckoned him to follow her out.

He rose carefully and walked down the shore, by the time he reached the water he was jogging, and as soon as he hit the water he began to run. Then suddenly he dove beneath the surface in a very graceful movement. He emerged again a yard or two in front of her. And now it was his turn to beckon her closer.

She smiled brightly and began to jog towards him, but just as she got close she stumbled. Her arms flew out in front of her and she sucked in a breath, preparing for the shock of cold water that would hit her face. But she shock never came. Instead when she opened her eyes she discovered that he had caught her. His arms were under hers and his hands were pressed against her back. Slowly she placed her hands on his arms, feeling the strength that rested in his biceps. Only an inch or two separated their bodies and she began to close it as he lifted her higher.

He pulled her so that she was almost upright, but still low enough so that she had to look up to see his face. She meshed her body against his, her soft chest brushing against his bare skin. Their stomachs touched and she moved her hands up, off his arms. One settled on his cheek, the other she draped over his shoulder so that it dangled at the small of his back. He held one hand on her hip and gently, ever so gently, gripped her chin with the other. She looked up into his eyes and saw the little beads of water that lingered on his eyelashes. As a bead of water dropped onto her cheek she saw his lips open ever so slightly and she felt hers do the same.

She leaned up, pressing her body against him more now, her toes stretching her up, edging her closer and closer to those two perfect lips. Her heart was pounding in her chest, banging against her ribs; she didn't know how much longer she could keep waiting. She smelled his breath on her face, hot and salty, and she finally couldn't resist any longer. She forced herself closer so that their lips were only a second away from contact.

Her heart hammered and her pulse skyrocketed and her whole body tightened in anticipation. But suddenly a voice called out from behind them. Then another and more until all they could hear were splashing and voices. Instantly they pulled apart and she whirled around, judging the distance from their location to the cabin where she had left her bronze hunting knife. But with a flood of relief she realized there were no monsters. Just friends from camp who had tracked them down. She frowned at them as they approached; they had ruined the moment and shattered the mood.

She had folded her arms over her chest and stepped away from him, but now he stepped closer to her and wrapped his arm around her waist, his hand once again settling on her hip in a silent promise that they would pick up where they left off. Their friends waded closer in the water; his best friend rode on a small raft because his goat legs made it hard to swim.

They spent the day together, playing in the ocean and in the sand. Although at first she was determined to be stubborn and stay annoyed with everyone, she didn't last long. One pleading look and hopeful smile from him and suddenly she was running around with the rest of them.