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All characters are (c) Rick Riordan

They were met with another surprise in the middle of breakfast. His mother and her boyfriend had arrived a day early and, judging by the way she had rushed in and yelled "I hope we're not interrupting anything," she had expected to find them making out in the living room. Not that she had anything against the idea, but the Fates seemed to have other ideas for them. Something always came up just as they were about to kiss. She was getting pretty tired of it.

She was determined to be as stubborn as possible and not have any fun at all until they had a moment alone together, without any interruptions. She finished washing the dishes and headed back into her room, pulling her suitcase out from the closet. Quickly she changed into a bathing suit and slipped out the back door. Even in the early morning the sun was hot and the sand burned her bare feet. She hopped over the sand, trying to take the biggest leaps possible and rushed into the water.

The water was icy cold and e hard waves pounded against her body but it felt wonderful. She stood for a moment, letting the waves crash against her until she was completely soaked. She turned her back to the waves and let herself fall into the crests. She loved the feeling of being swept off her feet and carried through the water. She now understood why he loved this place, even before he knew about his father. She let herself fall back into the waves one last time.

But instead of floating in towards the sandy shore to a place where she could stand up, she found herself being lifted above the waves. She screamed until a familiar voice brought her back down to earth. He had been the one to lift her up and now he held her on his shoulders. She couldn't have been light but he made no movement to put her down, he just kept holding her and laughing lightly.

And suddenly the reality of the situation hit her like another wave. She was sitting on his shoulders, with her bare legs on his bare shoulders. Her stomach was against the back of his head and if she slouched too much her chest would be resting on his head. Her breath got a little shallower and she became aware of every water droplet that slid down her face. She swore she heard each and every drop fall onto his chest.

His chest, she thought to herself. She bent over, her arm reaching down until it grazed the bare skin of his chest, until the tips of her fingers danced along the soft ropes of muscle that were coiled just beneath his skin. She spread her fingers, laying her hand flat over his heart and felt the steady pulse that beat against her palm. She moved her hand; brushing her fingers over his chest and feeling the muscles ripple under her touch.

He could feel her breath, hot and moist, on his neck. She bent down and touched his chest and his body almost jerked in response. His heart started to hammer in his chest, an almost painful sensation that became all the stronger when she reached down further and her soft chest brushed against the side of his head. Oh Gods, he thought, her skin is so soft. He desperately wanted to caress her face, but he figured it would be best to start small. He found her foot and began tracing little shapes on it with his fingers. Slowly he worked in way up to her ankle, then up her calf and over her knee.

He paused with one hand on her knee, unsure if he could go any further. His mind raced with a thousand different arguments about what could happen next. But in the end it was her who made the decision for him. One of her hands had snaked its way down to his stomach and the other was on his cheek. Slowly she bent his head and he felt the soft brush of her lips against his neck. He brought his hand higher up on her leg, caressing her thighs. He ran his hand over the top of her thighs, brushing droplets from her skin. And then he brushed the underside of her thighs with a single finger, he heard her gasp in response. Her thighs were warm and soft and he felt drawn to them. He had never noticed how beautiful her legs were.

She gasped his name as his entire hand slipped under her thigh. Her eyes sought his and thankfully he understood.

He pried his lids open, not even realized he had closed them, and found her grey eyes alight with passion and need. Instantly he knew what she wanted him to do. He lowed himself back into the water and she slipped off his back and into the waves. For the first time he noticed his friends and his mother standing on the beach. As soon as she was back in the water they rushed into the surf, charging towards them.

Quickly he pulled the water up out of the ocean, creating a staircase of sorts and he grabbed her hand, pulling her up the steps and willing the water to support them. As soon as they were past a step it would disappear, dropping back into the ocean with a faint splash. He pulled her up into the air and after that all he saw were her eyes, grey and stormy, so beautiful.

She edged in closer, once again closing the space between their bodies. Her hands slid up his chest, over his neck, over coils of muscles that twitched at her touch, and onto his cheeks.

As her body meshed against his own he took one hand and cupped her chin, tilting her face up towards his own. Then with the other he brushed away golden strands of hair that had fallen in her face. Scarcely realizing he had done it he had created a barrier around them. A shining blue orb of water that closed off all the noise the others were making in the water. This was their moment and nothing was going to stop that.

For the brief moment before their lips touched her breath beat against his face, coming in short, hot gasps. He inhaled it gratefully, her scent was the most beautiful thing he had ever smelled, a mix of cedar wood and cinnamon.

She drank in his scent, a salty mix of sea air and fresh rain. She knew he was trying to keep his breathing steady and to her it posed a challenge. A challenge she was eager to accept. She couldn't wait a moment longer, she shot up, lunging for his lips at the same time that he plunged down to meet hers. They met with a fiery passion and she could feel the water rippling around them. The walls threatening to collapse atop them and send them tumbling into the water below. She pressed harder against his lips and clung to him in case that should happen. Secretly she wanted that to happen, she wanted to make him loose control.

She must be trying to make me go crazy, he mused. Well it was working; he was only seconds away from loosing all control. And as when she let out a soft, delicious moan he lost it completely.

He couldn't really see what was going on above them; the sun was glinting brightly off of their bubble and making it difficult to see. But what they could see was a very passionate kiss. Some of the other couples around were starting to follow their lead. One by one, girls fell into boys' arms and lips were joined. He was about to do the same when suddenly a giant wall of water shot out of the ocean.

It shot straight for their bubble and for a moment he was sure it was going to burst or that the wall of water would drown them. Instead when the wave hit the bubble it shattered into a million tiny droplets, like a glass ball hitting the floor. The water kept rising up against the bubble, tilting it and swirling around it until he was pressed against the back wall and she was leaning against him, their bodies curving into each other.

Then suddenly their bubble shattered. But instead of a long drop into the cool, hard surface of the water, they were gently lowered to the ground, as if they were floating on a cloud. He landed in the sand and he put his hands out behind his body to brace himself. She put her hands on her chest and pushed herself away from him, just a little bit, he noted. They were both breathing heavily.

"Not bad, seaweed brain," she said between breaths. "Not bad at all."