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Game won by Atobe 7-6.

Keigo eyed Ryoma across the net, panting heavily. If anything, the brat had gotten better since the last time he played him. He ran a hand through his sweat soaked hair. 'Should have made a bet to have the brat shaved his head before we played,' he thought.


For July, the heat was somewhat bearable that day and if they were not working, the people were out enjoying it; going swimming, hiking, jogging, doing various things that they love to do outdoors while the weather was nice.

One of these people is Atobe Keigo, fourteen going on fifteen that year, and heir to Atobe Corporation. He was strolling along outside of one of the prestigious clubs that his parents and himself, of course, were members of when someone bumped into him.

Irritated, he turned around and demanded, "Who dares bumps into Ore-Sa...," He paused and stared ,incredulous. "Echizen?"

Golden eyes turned up at Keigo and a smirk formed at the corners of Ryoma's lips. "Monkey King"

Another person that likes to be outdoor is Echizen Ryoma,age twelve; Also a member of the club. His Baka-Oyaji got him a membership here, even though he didn't really want it, saying there were some really strong tennis players here that he can go up against. However, he has not found any worthy player to play a match against. All were mediocre as far as he can see, watching them play. They were all easy wins for him. His baka oyaji probably just wanted to be able to come here and drool over girls in their tennis skirts. And now he has bumped into the Keigo Atobe , A.K. A , as dubbed by him, Monkey King. A more egotistical self absorbed person that he has ever met.

Scowling down at Ryoma, Keigo snarled. " Do NOT call Ore-Sama by that atrocious name, Brat."

Ryoma shrugged a shoulder. "Whatever. Hmm, something seems different..." He looked Keigo over and noticed that Keigo have a tennis bag slung over his right shoulder. He blinked, " You're carrying your own bag. Where's the big guy that's usually with you?"

"Kabaji? He did not come with Ore-Sama to New York. He is staying with his sister in Tokyo." He will admit to himself that not having Kabaji with him does feel a bit off , as Kabaji is usually trailing behind him, ready to please.

"Ho? So the Monkey King will have to fend for himself, eh? Are you sure you can manage on your own without him?" Ryoma's mocking tone made Keigo want to reach out his hand and place it around that tiny neck and shake. Hard.

Ryoma eyed Atobe. He had not seen the Monkey King since the Nationals, when Atobe had helped get his memories back.

"Play me," he challenged Keigo.

Interest sparkled in Keigo's eyes and his lips quirked up. "Be prepared to lose, Echizen and be awed by Ore-Sama's magnificence."

"As I remembered it, it was you who lost his hair, Monkey King." Ryoma mocked.

He tossed his head back and glared down. "This time Ore-Sama will be the victor, Echizen."

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