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Ryoma tried to smile, but soon, even Shishido and Choutaro were welcoming him back, everyone was surrounding him. His stomach churned; his ears were ringing so loudly, Ryoma felt like he was listening to everyone speaking from underwater, their sounds muffled. Soon his visions started to fade, slowly and then black...

Keigo paced the halls of the hospital, with everyone else sitting down; all worried. When he had stepped off the plane and saw the fallen Ryoma, pale, his heart had leapt to his throat. Oishi had called emergency and soon -though it felt like hours to Keigo – they were at the hospital and Ryoma was immediately taken in. His mind raced.

What could be wrong? For the past six years, things have been great for them. Ryoma had slowly, though it has taken years to finally be able to sleep without nightmares plaguing him at night. He no longer needed to see a therapist and have become one of the top national tennis player out there. He hoped it really was just from fatigue and not something else. Keigo paced faster.

"You think Echizen's going to be alright?" Choutarou whispered and Shishido nodded, reassuring him. "Yeah, that cocky's brat is tough."

"Well, you were with them on the plane, Tezuka. Any ideas?" Oishi looked at Tezuka. Tezuka's lips parted and everyone leaned forward, eager to hear.

"He wasn't feeling very well since before we left New York."

"Maybe he caught something when he was in the Caribbeans?" Oishi worried, his imagination running wild. Ryoma contracted some incurable influenza or some rare terminal disease.

"Maybe he's just really tired. I mean, he won the tournament. Then he and Atobe flew out right away to the Caribbeans for a month. Right after the Caribbeans, they flew back to New York and within two days, the three of you flew back here," Yuushi reasoned, earning nods from everyone. That was understandable.

"Saa, perhaps Echizen has morning sickness?" Heads swiveled to stare incredulously at Fuji, who was smiling. Even Tezuka was a bit angry.

"Fuji," he whispered harshly. "This is not the times for jokes."

"That's right, Fuji-ko."

"Echizen's in there fighting for his life. How can you joke around and be happy like this?" Oishi glared.

"Yeah, he's your friend. Don't joke about something like this." Shishido nodded. Fuji shrugged and kept on smiling. A ' you'll see' kind of smile. Yuushi's gaze narrowed. Did Fuji know something?

"Ahem, Atobe-sama?" Keigo stopped pacing and nodded to the doctor, the two of them walking further away from the group. They watched the doctor talking with Keigo. They can't hear what was said, but they saw Keigo jerked up, then he was rushing down the hall and entering the room near the end. Oh gods. Whatever it was must be bad for Keigo to react that way.

Tezuka clenched his fists, walking to the doctor. "Sensei, is Echizen Ryoma going to be alright?"

"I'm sorry, I cannot provide patient information." Tezuka shook his head. "I understand. But will he be alright?"

The doctor smiled. "Oh. As long as we monitor him and his progress, it will be fine."

"Ahh, did you hear that? His progress, the doctor said. Something is wrong!" Oishi exclaimed, grabbing his head in worry.

"What is wrong?"

"Where's Ryoma?"

Nanjiroh and Kazuki, along with Ryoga and Kirihara, quickly strode toward them. All four were out of breath, as if they'd ran all the way there. Which they probably did, at least from the parking lot.

"We're not really sure. The doctor just came to get Atobe and he just went into the room." Yuushi pointed to the doctor and Nanjiroh turned to the doctor he missed seeing, in his haste to know about Ryoma's condition.

"How's my son? What's going on?" The doctor looked frazzled as Nanjiroh got up close to his face. He put his hands out before him. "He's fine. Atobe-Sama just went in to see him."

"Eh? You told us that as long as you watch him, it'll be fine!" Oishi pointed an accusing finger at the doctor. "Yes that is true as cases like these are rare -urgh." The doctor gulped as now Nanjiroh and Ryoga really did get up close to his face, their fists bunching up his white coat.

"What. The. Hell. Is. Going. On. With. My. SON/BROTHER?" They growled out. Hearing the "rare" case had them distressing over what it can be.

"Nanjiroh, Ryoga, let the doctor go," Kazuki told them, but they turned identical glares at him and Kazuki shrugged helplessly at the doctor. "Better tell them."

"Okay, okay. Let me go. As you are family, Echizen-san. Your son is fine. I've read his file and he was in this condition six years ago. Quite fascinating too. I would love to be the OB-"

Lights binged in three heads. "I'm gonna be a GRANDFATHER/UNCLE!" Nanjiroh, Ryoga and Kazuki shouted, earning admonishing looks from the nurses and other passerby. A few doors to the rooms were open and heads poked out. The former Seigaku and Hyoutei face-faulted, with the exception of Fuji.

"Ano, Jiroh-san, Echizen's a boy, you know. Your son," Momoshiro awkwardly told them. "He can't..um, you know.. be preg..umm .. have children." A few others behind him nodded their heads, but Yuushi leaned over to whispered to Fuji. "You knew, didn't you?" Fuji's smile widened. "Fufu. Did I now?"

Tezuka heard and turned to look at his boyfriend. His face remained neutral, but Fuji can see that his eyes promised retribution. Now isn't that a good thing? Fuji serenely smiled back.

"Ie, data shows that it is possible," Inui commented, scribbling furiously in his note book. "Probability of men becoming pregnant is extremely low, but it is possible and have been known and recorded to happen."

"Eh? Really?" Kikumaru exclaimed and Inui nodded absently, still writing in his notebook, all the while murmuring to himself. "However the possibilities of carrying the child to full terms.. is much lower."

There was a bit of silence when Inui said that, all looking at the doctor, who nodded. "Yes, as I said, we just need to make sure to monitor him very closely."

"Okay, so you guys know," Shishido said, nodding to Kazuki, Nanjiroh and Ryoga. "Why would you jump to that unless you already know, right?"

"Aiko," Yuushi said softly and all looked at him. "The name of the café. Aiko must have been the name of their child. Am I right, Echizen-san?"

"Whaaaa? No way, you mean, the place was named Aiko because of that?" Gakuto exclaimed and everyone looked thoughtful as Kazuki nodded his head.

"So where's –" Gakuto wanted to know where the baby was now, but a harsh tone stopped him.

"Gakuto!" Most everyone and the red-head himself jumped as his name was harshly barked out and turned to stare at Tezuka. Rarely does he ever raise his voice and tone. Tezuka cleared his throat and pushed his glasses up on the bridge of his nose. "That's enough questions on that," he ordered. His tone and gaze brooking no arguments. Gakuto gulped, nodding his head frantically.

Inui snapped his notebook shut, already guessing, knowing what happened to Aiko. He swallowed and reached beneath his glasses to rubbed his tired eyes. If he felt any wetness, he gave no indication. He looked down when Kaidoh gave his hand a squeeze and gave a slight smile back.

"Thank you Tezuka-kun," Nanjiroh smiled sadly and everyone there that knew what happened to Ryoma six years ago became sad as they remembered what both their friends and their family had gone through.

Keigo rushed into the room, his heart thumping so fast it felt like bursting. He was happy, excited, nervous, scared. Completely utterly frightened. Ryoma was awake, sitting on the bed, his face holding a faraway look of wonder and nervousness.

"Ryoma," Keigo whispered, walking to stand beside the bed and took one of Ryoma's hand in his and raised it up for a kiss. "How are you feeling?" He watched Ryoma swallowed and looked at him, his beautiful golden eyes shining more brightly than ever. "Yeah, I'm fine," he said, then he smiled. Such a wide and happy smile, Keigo thought, his own bursting forth. "We're fine."

"That's good," Keigo nodded, his other hand, the one not clutching at Ryoma's hand in a death grip, reached up to play with Ryoma's hair. Or tried to, it was shaking so badly.

"Sorry I scared you, Kei," Ryoma leaned in and nuzzled his face into Keigo's chest. "Aiko would have been five," Ryoma said and Keigo squeezed Ryoma's hand reassuringly. There was a quick succession of rap on the door, then it was slowly opened and Kazuki peeked in. Keigo could hear Nanjiroh behind his father, trying to come in and shared a look before Ryoma gave a resigned nod.

With that Kazuki opened the door wider, allowing Nanjiroh to burst in, going straight to Ryoma. "Yo Seishounen, you alright?" His father hugged him, then started to do a happy dance right there, much to his embarrassment.

"Baka Oyaji! Stop it," Ryoma groaned, but he was glad his two fathers and Keigo were there. When he had woken to see nurses and a doctor above him, he had been terrified. His mind going a mile a minute as to what might have happened. Did the plane crash? Where was Keigo? Before he remembered that he had already gotten off the plane and had was speaking with his senpai-tachi. Even so, he had wanted to get out until the doctor assured him that everyone was in the waiting room waiting for him. He glared at the doctor, telling him he wanted to see Keigo Atobe immediately.

The nurses assured him they will while they performed more tests and then told him the news. He was pregnant .. about a month along from what they can tell. A month, Ryoma thought. That was when he and Keigo were vacationing in the Caribbeans. It must have been that time on the beach, or that time in the jacuzzi in their room, or maybe when they role played as passenger(Keigo)rand steward(him) on the plane on their way back to New York he recalled, his face burning bright red at the memories. It could have been any number of times. They were careful, but somewhere they had slipped up. Even so, Ryoma couldn't be happier.

"How are you doing, Ryoma?" Ryoma looked at his Kazuki-tousan. "Just fine," he said and suspected that he would be saying that quite a lot.

"I'm gonna be a grandfather.. hoo-hee, grandfather," his father was still doing a victory dance in front of him and he gave Kazuki a pleading look, who nodded in return and went to his father.

"Jiroh, come on, the other's want to see him too," Kazuki tugged a reluctant Nanjiroh out of the room, only to be immediately replaced by his brother and Kirihara, who was looking at him like he had grown an extra head.. several extra heads. Ryoga, like Nanjiroh immediately bounded over to give him a hug.

"Chibisuke, how you doing?" Yep, Ryoma thought. He was right. "Fine."

"So I'm gonna be an uncle again, huh?" He smiled at Ryoma, but when his gaze turned to Keigo, it was a glare. The glare saying I know what you did to my baby brother and I don't like it one bit. Keigo's own smug countenance answered back. I know you know what I did to your baby brother and I loved every single minute of it.

Six years and they were on amicable terms…. Okay, so the tolerate each other. Both for Ryoma's sake.

"So is it a boy or a girl, Ryoma?"

"Don't know yet. Not until at 18-22 weeks," Ryoma told him and Ryoga blinked and cocked his head. "Is that so?" Ryoma just nodded. He had read up on this the first time he was pregnant and remembered. He glanced at his brother's boyfriend, who was still staring at him, unblinking. Kind of getting creepy, Ryoma thought. Probably because Kirihara noticed Ryoma staring at him too, he blinked and opened his mouth. Then closed it; opened it again. Ryoma, irritated snapped at him. "What is it?"

"Oi, Chibisuke, don't yell at him! He's just curious, aren't you, Akaya-chan?" Kirihara nodded and blurted out a word. "How?"

"I just can. Would have to ask the doctors more about the technical terms," Ryoma told him and sighed. He was getting really tired and he could feel his eyelids just drooping, wanting to sleep. Keigo nodded at Ryoga. "kay, chibisuke. We're leaving. You get some rest and I'll tell the rest of your friends out there…." Ryoga paused, Ryoma had fallen asleep.

Loosening his tie, Tezuka leaned back against the plush couch. A dip to his right told him Fuji had just sat down as well and was now snuggling into his side. This was their apartment, the one that they had moved into when they decided to start living together two years ago. Well, when he was in Japan anyways. He had gone off to pursue his dream of playing tennis three years ago. And when he was in Japan, he would stay with Fuji rather than at his parents, so they both decided to lease this apartment. It was a nice 2DLK, spacious enough for both their things without being crowded. It was good to be back home, Tezuka thought, his arm tightening around Fuji.

"Tadaima." Fuji whispered, looking up at Tezuka. He haven't seen Tezuka, except on television in the last six months. Right now there is tawny colored a five o'clock shadow along his chiseled jaw that Fuji found super sexy. His fingers started to play with the buttons on Tezuka's shirt.

"Okaeri," Tezuka murmured, very aware of the light touches that Fuji was giving him.

"How did you know about Echizen?"

"Ahh, well. Kevin told us." Fuji have successfully unbutton his shirt, splaying it open, revealing his tanned chest. Soft fingers continued to tease him and Tezuka sucked in a breath when one graze his nipple.


"Well, Yukimura and I may have persuaded him a bit to spill. It was during the opening party for Aiko Cafe."

"Ahh,mmm," Tezuka moaned when skilled soft fingers now traveled down to the waistband of his pants, dipping in.

"It's been so long, Mitsu," Fuji said, leaning up for a kiss and Tezuka obliged him. "Yes, it has."

Ryoma was glad to be released from the hospital the next day. He hated hospitals. Hospitals always reminded him of years past, and though he had worked through his own hell, he still hated the place.

"Ahh, Keigo. Put me down," Ryoma protested being lift up like some invalid and had to be carried into the house.

"Mmm, no," Keigo smiled at him, thinking how cute Ryoma looked, pouting up at him like that. He carried Ryoma to the spacious living room and set him down. Ryoma sat back and then the butler was there, setting down a silver tray, filling a teacup with tea and handed it to him, beaming.

"Ah, thank you," he said. One would think that after years of this, he would be used to it, but it still surprised him when someone waited on him in his own home.

"It is a blend with peppermint, to calm nausea," the butler explained and Ryoma blushed. Seemed everyone knew. Keigo took a cup and handed it to Ryoma before taking one for himself. To him, Ryoma still looked kind of a greenish-pale color. "Should Ore-Sama inform Kikumaru we will not be attending his party?" Ryoma sipped the hot tea and shook his head.

"I'll be fine later. I heard he's worked hard on this. We can go for just a little while." Keigo nodded, but told himself that at the first sign that Ryoma even seemed tired, they were out of there.

"What are we going to tell everyone?"

"Nothing, if you don't want to," Keigo assured. He made sure that Fuji and Yukimura knew that their friends are not to say anything. When he had discussed this with Tezuka and Fuji on the phone yesterday, Fuji had told him that Yukimura knew as well. His next phone call was to Yukimura who reassured him that only he and Kirihara knew on their end and that he had a talk with Kirihara not to say anything.

Keigo hoped so. If anyone does anything that remotely upsets Ryoma, they would face his wrath.

"Uh, Kei."


"You're doing that evil laughter thing again."

"Forgive me, Ryoma," Keigo murmured into Ryoma's silky hair.

"Tch. I don't care. As long as I get to watch," Ryoma smirked back.

Keigo's eyes darkened a hue. Oh, how he loves Ryoma. They were matched up so well.

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