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Chapter 29- Happy Ending

~Ten Years Later~

Life had gone on for everyone, and they were all happy.

Ryou, Malik, and Marik had ended up having kids of their own. They had twin boys, one Marik and one Malik's, named Travis and Michael. Angel was now twelve. The twins were seven.

Tea and Duke had gotten married and now had three kids. Rachel, the oldest, was eight. Zach was six, and he was the only boy. Their third was named Christine, and she was two.

Tristan and Joey still were together, and they had a six-year-old son named Jeremy.

Bakura had ended up getting married to a guy in America, and the two were still together. That was all that the group knew about him.

Atemu and Heba were happy as well. Atemu was running the branch of his father's company in Domino, and Heba still ran the Game Shop. In addition to Kathryn and Hayden were now eleven. Atemu and Heba had had one more child, a boy hey named Henry who was five.

Yugi, Yami, and Seto were still going strong in their relationship. Emma, Seth, and Matthew were almost ten years old now. They were a handful for the three, but they loved them. They also had another two children who were also twins. The boy was named Jason, and he was Yami, looking like a duplicate of his father with amethyst eyes. The girl, who was Seto's, was named Elizabeth, and she had Yugi's hair colors, and Seto's eyes. The two were four.

KaibaCorp was still a great company, and it still took a great deal of Seto's time, but he always made sure that he had time for his family.

After completing the children's book series, Yugi had taken a break from writing in order to concentrate one his family.

Yami was still working at KaibaCorp along with Seto.

Mokuba and Serenity had been married for three years, and they had a two-year-old son named Samuel, Sam for short, and a nine-month-old daughter named Isabella.

Yugi was sitting in the living room on his laptop. He had recently decided to take back up the idea of writing the book about his, Yami, and Seto's lives back in ancient Egypt.

Of course, he had asked the two before he did it.

Yugi sat in the living room typing on the laptop for a while before he heard a loud crash.

Yugi set the laptop aside after saving his work. "Elizabeth! Jason!" Yugi called up the stairs.

"Yes." came two small, guilty sounding voices.

"What did you do?" Yugi asked as he walked up the stairs.

"Nothing." Jason said.

Yugi walked up and found that the table in the hall with vases and pictures was turned over with everything broken. "Come here now!" Yugi said sternly.

Slowly, two small children came out and looked at Yugi guilty.

"What have I told you about this?" Yugi asked.

"Not to play around the table." Elizabeth said.

"Why?" Yugi asked.

"Because we might knock something over ad break it." Jason answered.

"And you were playing around it, weren't you?" Yugi asked.

"No." Elizabeth said.

"Elizabeth Ann Kaiba! Do not lie to me." Yugi said.

"We weren't." Jason protested.

Yugi reached down and picked up a toy truck and a doll. "Really?" Yugi asked.

Both kids looked even more guilty.

"I have told you repeatedly not to lie to me. That's worse than anything else." Yugi said.

"Yes, Papa." Elizabeth said.

"I want you both to go to your rooms. You're going to have a timeout for a while." Yugi said.

Both nodded before scampering off to their rooms.

Yugi shook his head. 'Honestly. They should know not to lie.' Yugi thought before walking into the playroom and putting the toys up. He decided to leave them in time out for half an hour. He then started cleaning up the mess. 'We'll need to get new frames for these pictures.' Yugi thought.

After cleaning up what he could, Yugi headed back downstairs and found Yami home. "Yami, what are you doing home?" Yugi asked.

"Nothing to do, so I came on home. Why'd you leave the laptop out?" Yami asked, motioning to the laptop on the living room table.

"I was working on the book when I heard a crash." Yugi answered.

"I'm assuming that you've had to do some disciplining." Yami said.

"Yes. They knocked over the table upstairs and broke some things. They are in a timeout right now." Yugi answered.

"Oh. Then I won't see them for a bit." Yami said.

Yugi walked back into the living room.

"How long are they in timeout?" Yami asked.

"Half an hour. It's only been ten minutes." Yugi answered.

"Do you need time to work on the book?" Yami asked.

"No. I have time before the next chapter is due." Yugi answered.

"How much more do you have?" Yami asked.

"Not much. I have a few more chapters." Yugi answered.

Yami smirked. "You realize that Seto and I are going to want to read that book before it's published." Yami said.

Yugi rolled his eyes. "I have already told you two that you'll get an advanced copy of the book, Yami. Stop bugging me about it." Yugi said.

"All right." Yami agreed. He decided to leave Yugi alone and let him do some work.

When the timeout for the twins was over, Yugi headed upstairs and got the twin from their rooms. "Are you going to lie to me again?" Yugi asked with his arms crossed.

"No, Papa." Elizabeth and Jason said.

"Are you going to disobey me again?" Yugi asked.

"No." both answered.

"All right. You can go. Just remember that you need to listen to me, and don't lie to me." Yugi said.

"Yes, Papa." both said.

"Good." Yugi said.

At that moment, Yami walked out.

"Daddy!" the two exclaimed, running to Yami.

Yami smiled and leaned down to hug them. "Hey, kids." Yami said.

'Always like this. I'm the bad guy, and Yami and Seto get to play the good parent.' Yugi thought.

"You two have been giving your papa a hard time." Yami said.

"We're sorry." Jason said.

"You know better." Yami said.

"We know." Elizabeth said.

"Well, you two mind your father." Yugi said before heading for the stairs.

"Where are you going?" Yami asked.

"To work." Yugi answered.

"Should we leave Papa alone?" Elizabeth asked.

"I'd say so. For a little while, at least." Yami answered.

Yugi was able to finish the chapter on his book. He saved his chapter before he turned off the laptop. 'I know that my publisher will be happy that I have this chapter done early.' Yugi thought.

A moment later, Elizabeth poked her head into the living room. "Are you done, Papa?" Elizabeth asked.

"Yes, Elizabeth. I am." Yugi answered.

"Can you come play with us?" Elizabeth asked.

"I suppose so." Yugi agreed. He went upstairs and put the laptop on his room before joining Yami, Jason, and Elizabeth in the playroom.

That was where Seto found them all when he got home two hours. He had gotten off work early and had picked Emma, Seth, and Matthew up form school.

"What's going on here?" Seto asked.

"Dad!" Elizabeth and Jason said, running to him.

"Hey, kids." Seto said.

"How was school?" Yugi asked.

"It was fine." Matthew said.

"It was great! I got the lead part in the school play of Cinderella!" Emma said excitedly.

"That's great, Emma." Yami said, smiling.

"You'll come and watch me, right?" Emma asked.

"We wouldn't miss it for anything." Seto said.

"What about you, Seth?" Yugi asked.

"It was great. I got a hundred on the math test we had!" Seth answered.

"Chip off the old block." Seto said, smiling.

'He has Seto's smarts. I have to admit that.' Yugi thought.

After a while, the group headed downstairs for dinner.

That night, Yugi, Yami, and Seto all went to bed once they knew that the kids were in bed.

"So, any trouble today?" Seto asked.

"A little." Yugi said.

"The table in the hallway." Seto said.

"Exactly." Yugi said.

"Well, we went though that a lot with the other three." Seto said.

"I know." Yugi said.

"Were you able to finish that chapter of the book?" Yami asked.

"Yes. I did finish it. I have three chapters left before it's done." Yugi said.

"And I'm certain that the publisher will be thrilled with that. I have talked to him, and he said that the book is excellent from his standpoint. He hasn't let me read any of it, though." Seto said.

"That's because I asked him not to." Yugi replied.

"So, you're who I have to blame." Seto said.

Yugi looked up and smiled. "Yes. I am." Yugi answered.

"Well, I'll be glad when the book is finished just because we'll be able to finally read it." Yami said.

"No kidding." Seto agreed.

Yugi laughed. "It's not that bad." Yugi said.

"You've been writing that book for almost seven months. It's been murder on us not to know how it's been written." Yami said.

"Well, several things were changed." Yugi said.

"We know, Yugi. It'll be interesting to see how you wrote it, though." Yami said.

"You'll see when it's done." Yugi replied.

"Well, since we won't get any answers out of him tonight, why not get something else?" Seto asked, smirking.

"Agreed." Yami said.

Before Yugi could react, the two jumped him.

~Four Weeks Later~

Yugi, Yami, and Seto were at the elementary school with Jason, Elizabeth, Seth, and Matthew watching the school's version of Cinderella that Emma was starring in.

When the play ended, the group got up and clapped along with everyone else.

"Emma was great." Elizabeth said.

"Yes, she was." Yugi agreed.

"Hey, guys!"

The group looked to see Mokuba and Serenity were there.

"What are you doing here?" Yami asked.

"We got here at the last minute. We were able to come after all." Serenity answered.

"Emma will love that." Yugi said.

"Where are Isabella and Samuel?' Seto asked.

"Joey and Tristan are watching them for us." Mokuba said.

"Come on. I'm sure that Emma wants to see us." Yugi said.

The group headed back to where Emma was backstage.

"Papa!" Emma said, running to Yugi.

"Hey, Emma. You were great." Yugi said.

"Thanks." Emma said. She looked at Yami and said, "Thanks for helping me practice, Daddy."

"Anytime." Yami replied.

Emma then saw that Mokuba and Serenity were there. "You made it!" Emma said, hugging them both.

"We sure did. You didn't think that we were going to miss your performance, did you?" Mokuba asked.

"You were wonderful, Emma." Serenity added.

"Let's get going. I'm taking everyone out for ice cream in honor of Emma's performance." Seto said. It was his ritual to do that whenever one of the kids did something great. He did it when Seth won the spelling bee and when Matthew made the baseball team.

The group then left the school.

~One Month Later~

Yugi walked into the bedroom to find that Yami and Seto were laying on the bed.

"Hey, Yugi. What's going on?" Yami asked.

"Well, I thought that you would like this." Yugi said, tossing a book onto the bed.

Seto picked it up and read the title. "An Egyptian Love Story. Written my Yugi Mutou." Seto said.

"This is the book?" Yami asked.

Yugi nodded. "I got it done a month ahead of schedule." Yugi answered.

"Great! Now we can read it." Seto said.

"When is it out in stores?" Yami asked.

"It'll be a month and a half to two months before it comes out in stores, so you have the only advanced copy." Yugi answered.

"Great. Can't wait to read it." Yami said.

"Now, you can stop giving me grief over it." Yugi said.

"Sure. Whatever." Seto said, opening the book.

"Well, while you read, I'm heading downstairs." Yugi said.

"Sure." Yami said, inching to read it, too.

"Here." Yugi said, giving Yami as second copy. "So you don't kill each other over it." Yugi said.

"Great." Yami said, opening his own copy and starting to read.

Yugi rolled his eyes. He had a feeling that he wouldn't hear a lot from his lovers until they finished the book, so he headed downstairs.

After two days, Seto and Yami had finished the book.

"Wow. Yugi was pretty accurate with the book." Yami said.

"Well, he did live through it, so it's no surprise that it was so close." Seto said.

"The only difference was that he actually gave us a happy ending." Yami said.

Seto smiled. "I liked the ending. I noticed that he left Atemu and Heba alive as well, and you weren't pharaoh." Seto said.

"I don't care. I loved it anyway." Yami said.

Seto chuckled. "I think Yugi did very well." Seto said.

"So do I." Yami agreed.

Yugi opened the door and walked into the room. "What are you two doing?" Yugi asked, seeing them both sitting on the bed.

"We finished the book." Seto said.

"And?" Yugi asked.

'It was great." Yami said.

"I agree. I think that you might have a bestseller on your hands." Seto said.

"Be serious." Yugi said.

"I am. I really think that you might have a bestseller on your hands, Yugi." Seto said.

"Really?" Yugi asked.

"I'm not as good at knowing these things as Seto, but I think that it could be a bestseller. It's well written, has great detail, and is a great love story." Yami said.

"I think you can't say it's a great love story since it is our love story." Yugi said. He thought a moment before he added, "One of our love stories."

"True, but it is a great one. I think we do have a great seller on our hands." Seto said.

"Well, if you think so." Yugi said.

It became obvious very fast that Yugi's book was going to be a bestseller. There had been a million copies sold in only a week. Critics praised the book.

"Told you." Seto said.

"I didn't expect this." Yugi said as he looked over what the publisher had sent them as far as sales and critiques of the book.

"It just proves that you are a great writer." Yami said.

"Indeed." Seto said.

"Are we going to celebrate?" Emma asked.

"Yes. We are. We're going out for dinner tonight." Seto said.

The entire family got together and went out.

~Twelve Years Later~

Another twelve years had passed, and everything was great.

Emma, Seth, and Matthew were now twenty-two and in college.

Emma was hoping to become an actress as she had found a great love of it from her days in school.

Seth was going into business so that he could take over KaibaCorp when Seto stepped down.

Matthew had gone to college and was on the college baseball team as he went for a degree in law.

Jason and Elizabeth were sixteen, and they were giving Yugi, Seto, and Yami all the grief of teenagers.

Yugi had wrote several more books, all of which became best sellers.

Seto and Yami were still in KaibaCorp, working.

"Hey. How was your day?" Yami asked as he kissed Yugi on the cheek.

"Fine, although I got a call from the principal today." Yugi said.

"Who did what?" Seto asked.

"Well, it appears that Jason was in a fight again." Yugi said.

"I'll kill him." Yami said.

"I'm not too angry because he beat up the guy who was harassing Isabella." Yugi said.

"Understandable, but he shouldn't have resorted to violence." Seto said.

Yugi looked up. "This coming from the man who would have loved to have killed Bakura?" Yugi asked.

Seto shrugged. "I've dealt with it." Yugi said.

"Okay. You always handle it." Yami said.

"I know." Yugi said.

"Any new book ideas?" Seto asked.

"No. I think that I'm going to take a break from writing." Yugi answered.

"Good. That means you'll have more time for us." Yami said.

"Yeah. That's all you two think about." Yugi said.

"Exactly." Seto and Yami said.

Yugi shook his head. He didn't know why he loved these two at times, but he knew that he did.

That night, after several rather vigorous rounds of lovemaking, all three lay in bed, wrapped in each other's arms.

They may have had a rough start to their relationship after Bakura, but they were all glad that they were together now, and they had been together for almost twenty-five years now.

They had what was an everlasting love, a love that had lasted several ages.

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