K I know I'm not yet done with lost memories but well I wanted to add this as well haha as the summary said Toushiro's in a love spell that can go on and off but this is the first chapter so well no romance yet just wait for the second chapterand you'll know who he falls inlove with. but it's obvious already isn't it ^^ haha well here ya go


Love struck

"Hhhmm my experiment has been completed. Hihihi I wonder who I could test it on?" the 12th squad captain thought out loud while chuckling evilly. He was holding a liquid like substance that had the colour of purple in it and had an intoxicating aroma that may attract anyone who smells it.

As usual after finishing an experiment in his laboratory Mayuri would want to test it out on a subject or as he call them his 'guinea pig'. He was just about to find someone outside his laboratory who can be his test subject when Toushiro dropped by the lab of the 12th squad captain.

"Hey the chief captain is calling for you." said the white haired shinigami looking seirous and emotionless as always. Thinking how troublesome it may be to find a guinea pig he has asked the little taichou.

"Hey Hitsugaya-taichou what do you think. Do you wanna try this?" said the 12th squad captain to the child prodigy while holding up the purplish liquid that was in his hand.

"Tch I don't want to be your guinea pig Mayuri. Find someone else." the little captain said turning away to leave the room. Hoping he could escape from the room. 'Damit why did I have to be here at this time.' He thought to himself obviously worried that he might be made a guinea pig by the evil captain.

As he recalled last time his other test subjects has ended up going crazy or embarrassing themselves and he obviously didn't want that and tried to escape.

But before Toushiro could even leave, Mayuri has already put the strange liquid into an injection and injected the liquid inside Toushiro's body making him feel dizzy and out of breath.

"What the hell......" Toushiro shouted, but before he finished he felt himself slowly drifting into an unconscious mind collapsing at the floor.

Some of the 12 squad subordinates heard the crash when Toushiro fell and hurried into the room. "What happened taichou?" a woman from the 12th squad asked with a worried tone. "Oh our little shinigami has just fallen asleep. May you take him to his room?" Mayuri said heading back to his computer.

"hai taichou." said the squadrants to their taichou leaving the laboratory. 'Let us see the effects now shall we' the 12th squad taichou thought planting an evil grin upon his face.


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