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Severus Snape dodged a jelly-legs hex, ducked under a tripping jinx and shot a powerful stupefy at the pale, raven-haired youth before him. The boy jabbed his wand and produced a shimmering blue-white shield charm, protecting himself. Severus sent a reducto at the bookshelf nearby the brat, blasting Potter with debris and effectively shattering his shield charm. Then, before the young man could retaliate, cast an impedimenta jinx, hitting Potter. It sufficiently slowed down him down to the slowest pace of movement, he attempted to aim at Severus with an incarcerous* hex, the word was slowed down and he stumbled over the incantation. A bright, lemon yellow beam shot from Harry's wand, light splintering from the direct beam and shooting all over the hall. Severus attempted to dodge, furious and wary of the unknown, unofficial and accidental rogue magic, and was very nearly successful, but the nomadic spell swerved with him and hit him just a little left of his gut, causing extreme pain in his abdomen , especially his stomach and left ribs.

Severus, clutching his side, leant over and began breathing shallowly, spluttering up blood and fell to the floor with intense pain. Blood was blossoming through his robes and draining towards the floor. With one thought on his ever-advanced mind, he just managed to croak that thought out before falling unconscious.

"Harry… help."


Harry's mind was flying. His professor was unconscious on the floor of the Room Of Requirement, bleeding continuously from deep gashes all over his back and lower torso. A rib was protruding through his skin and shirt, and there was the possibility that another had punctured his lung. Snape was barely breathing, and beginning to turn a bruised blue on his throat and face. His Robes were soaked in red and the pool of blood around him was ever-growing. But that was not what shocked Harry most. What was most confusing to him (not that the other events were not terrible or expected) was that Snape had called him by his given name. Snape had called him Harry. Not only that, he had asked Harry for help. The Potions Master Harry knew would never, ever ask the Savior of the wizarding world for help. Snape could not be in good shape.

"Oh, well done, Potter!" A voice that sounded freakily like Snape chastened him in his mind. "You're meant to be the Savior, the Golden Man! And it took you THIS LONG to figure out your Duel Mentor is in deep trouble?! He's lying in a pool of blood!"

At that moment, Harry felt the impedimenta jinx lift from his body. And Harry knew that could only mean one thing. He looked over at his idol.


His Professor was dying.


Harry jumped into action, grabbing for his wand and quickly sending a jaguar patronus to The Headmaster, Remus, and Poppy. After each large silver cat had left at a run, he ran over to Snape's Side. Quickly running a basic diagnostic charm, he saw the extent of the damage was even worse than he thought, and that was saying something. He speedily scooped up the professor, and ran from the room, headed for the infirmary. A grotesque path of blood followed them.

That stain would not be moving anytime soon.


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