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"Noah! You get back here right now young man!"

I watched as the brown curly head of my four-year-old son turned to regard me with a mischievous expression. He took the most after me—which meant evil and scheming yet cute at the same time. Corrie was more like Nick; quiet, sweet and polite. She was usually the one who kept Noah in line. Right now she was telling him off for running away from me in the grocery store. I couldn't help but find it funny.

"Mom, can we get this?" Noah asked with big pleading eyes, holding up a box of Cookie Crisp.

"Too much sugar."

"How about this?"

"Too much money."


"No!" Man I sounded like my mother. But who knew she was actually right all those times?

Noah pouted for a while, reminding me of Nick so much that I nearly gave in. Nearly. Later I caught him trying to stuff the Cookie Crisp in the cart and was glad I didn't. Needless to say he had a reason to be pouty now. Corrie just shook her head-full of shiny dark brown hair disapprovingly.

"Alex? Is that you?"

I looked up in surprise to see Dean Moriarty standing there. Five years had changed him, but he still had that boyish look I knew all too well.

I reached out and pulled Noah and Corrie close. "Dean? What are you doing here?" I asked guardedly.

"Just picking up some stuff. It's been ages, Alex," Dean said. He glanced down at my kids, who were staring at him curiously. "Are these yours?"


"That Nick Lucas must be a pretty busy guy."

"You know what, Dean? I really need to be going now," I said sharply. I picked Corrie up, put her in the cart, and started off with Noah's hand clamped tightly in mine.

"Wait, Alex. I didn't mean it like that." Dean ran his hand nervously through his hair. "I wanted to apologize for what I did to you all those years ago. I was pretty stupid back then."

I stopped and raised an eyebrow. "Was?"

"Yeah. I didn't realize it until after I left you that second time. I got in a car crash that landed me in the hospital for a whole month. Gave me time to think."

"Oh." I felt a little bad about the wreck thing, even if he had deserved it. "So how are things going now?" I asked.

"Pretty good," Dean said with a genuine smile.

"Dean, I'm ready to check out." A young woman appeared from one of the aisles and threaded her arm through Dean's. She was very pretty, with short, wavy blond hair and big blue eyes, but I noticed something was different about her right away. Something about the way her eyes didn't focus on me: she was blind.

"Alex, I'd like you to meet my fiancée, Sarah," Dean introduced.

"Nice to meet you, Alex," Sarah said sweetly, proffering a hand. I shook it apprehensively, wondering what it was like not being able to see the person you were talking to.

"You too," I said. I was impressed how much Dean had changed since last I'd seen him. "Congratulations, both of you. I'm sure you'll be very happy together." I said, smiling.

"Thanks. Anyway, we should be going now. Sarah's parents are coming over tonight and we' re cooking for them," Dean said.

"Or rather I'm cooking for them. Dean's just going to help out a little. He tends to burn everything he touches," Sarah said with a laugh.

Dean grinned guiltily. "See you around, Alex," he said before wrapping an arm around Sarah and walking off.

"Mom, who was that?" Corrie asked, watching him disappear around the corner.

"A very old friend," I responded, distracted for a moment until Noah took the opportunity to break into a box of animal crackers. "Noah Jordan Lucas! Just wait till your father hears about this you are going to be in sooo much trouble..."