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Warning: Very slight spoilers for "The Cinderella in the Cardboard"

Our Own Little Guy

Brennan was totally exhausted. All she wanted to do was sleep for 14 hours straight but she was too keyed up with anticipation to go to sleep. A slight shiver went through her body as a light breeze blew through her window reminding her of how crisp the air was on this cool March night. She stared out her window, looking across downtown Washington D.C. at night and marveling at all the lights on the monuments around the city, getting lost in how she came to this moment.

Parker, thankfully, did not suffer any additional spinal damage from his injury. She smiled as she recalled that he had become the 'cool kid' at school when his classmates saw his bright blue cast, all wanting to sign it. And although he was disappointed that he had to sit out his hockey games for the next 8 weeks, he soon became the active, happy boy she had come to know and love.

That was 2 years ago and a lot had changed since then, one of those things being her and Booth's relationship. Ever since the night of Parker's injury, they had become inseparable. And on their seven-month anniversary, she did indeed seduce her boyfriend like she planned and felt she could write a dissertation proving that the laws of physics could really be broken.

Booth was also lost in his thoughts about the past couple of years, recent events making him introspective about how far he and Brennan had come. He thought back to how nervous he was about asking her to marry him a short year ago. It was a couple of weeks after that case with the crazy bride and the dating site and even though he was convinced she would turn him down, he still felt the need to ask. It was a warm April evening when he proposed to her. He took her up to the roof of their building, which he had decorated with white Christmas lights and candles, setting the mood just right. She gasped when he uncovered her eyes and she took in the sight, the roof framed by the lights from downtown Washington D.C. When he got down on one knee, he didn't even get the chance to ask the question when Brennan pulled him back up by the collar of his shirt and kissed him senseless, wordlessly giving him her answer to his unspoken proposal. Two months later, on June 23, a Justice of Peace married them in a private ceremony that took place in the gardens of the Jeffersonian. Booth laughed silently to himself as he remembered. Brennan never seemed able to do things the old fashioned way.

"Mr. Booth?" was the question that interrupted his thoughts and brought him back to the present. He turned to look at the woman who asked the question and gave her a smile. "He's all ready now. Would you like to take him back to your wife?" the nurse asked him. Booth nodded his head eagerly and followed her to the door of the small nursery in the hospital where they had been checking out his newborn son. Booth thought back, thinking that the only old fashioned thing Brennan ever did was getting pregnant on their honeymoon, an unplanned but happy surprise. It had been a long nine months for both of them as they got used to their marriage and also getting ready for their new addition.

The nurse came out of the room with a small bundle in her arms that was covered in a soft blue blanket. "Here you go, Mr. Booth. He is completely healthy. You can take him back to your wife's room and a doctor should be by in a couple of hours to discharge the both of them. Congratulations on a beautiful baby boy," she said as she handed him the bundle with a smile.

Booth carefully cradled his precious cargo to his chest, mumbling his thanks to the nurse without taking his eyes off his little son, who was staring at him as well. He had his mother's bright blue eyes and Booth hoped they would stay that way. He peeked under the blue cap his son was wearing to see the thick batch of his brown hair, the same color as his own. His son gave him a wide yawn and Booth couldn't stop smiling at the boy. As he started to walk down the hallway to Brennan's room, he started talking to his son. "Hello, little man. It's me, Daddy. Your mom and I are so excited that you are finally here. We both love you so much." The boy looked at his father the entire time Booth talked, mesmerized by his voice.

Brennan was pulled away from gazing out the window when she heard a disturbance at her door, her exhaustion melting away when she saw her husband elbowing his way in the room as he held their son.

"And here's your mommy, little man. She is the most beautiful woman in the whole world and she loves you so much. You are our own little guy," Booth said as he continued the running dialogue with their son. Brennan smiled at him and held her arms out, anxious to hold him. When they took him about an hour ago from her arms to check him out, they had felt empty. She was already so in love with her son and couldn't wait for the opportunity to see him again. She scooted over on the bed slightly as Booth approached, making room for him on the hospital bed, wincing as her abdominal muscles protested slightly. Booth sat down next to her and gently transferred their son from his arms to her own as she cradled the small boy in her arms. Booth wrapped his right arm around her and leaned back against the pillows, his left hand coming up to stroke their son's hand, Booth's finger being grabbed in a fist by the newborn.

As Booth and Brennan looked at each other, they were both reminded of the time when Brennan came over to his apartment late at night with a screaming Andy over two years ago and Booth had taught her to hold the boy the very same way she was holding their son now. They had come so far together since that night, Andy helping them come together and realize their love for each other. Booth gave her a soft smile and leaned down to give her a soft, tender kiss on the lips. When he pulled away, they both spent a moment looking at their newborn son, completely content and happy in this moment. Brennan leaned down and placed a small kiss on his forehead as she whispered, "Welcome to your family, Jacob Andrew Booth."

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