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"What are you doing this weekend?" Alec asked, sitting beside Jace on the couch, handing him his beer. Alec was Jace's best friend since fifth grade when he saved him from a bunch of future football players. Most guys would have shot off like a rocket when Jace found out Alec was gay but he could really care less. Alec was Alec, no matter what he liked.

After college they bought an apartment together, which they almost never left. Well, Alec almost never left.

"More like who." Magnus snickered. Magnus was Alec's boyfriend of four months. While Alec was "whatever's clean and fits" kind of guy Magnus was "whatever has every color in the rainbow" kind of guy. You could tell he was gay from a hundred miles away. High spiky, glittery black and blue hair, more eye liner that a raccoon and clothes skittles could be jealous of. But he was sarcastic and loved Alec so Jace was ok with him too.

"You're very funny." Jace rolled his eyes, enjoying the sound of the beer fizzing. "I've got no dates…yet." He said, winking and taking a sip of his beer. "You must have gone through the alphabet four times, at least." Magnus said, drinking his wine.

See? Gay. But that's ok.

"Five. Maybe." Jace held up his palm. "Have you ever thought of trying? Like actually checking?" Alec said without taking his eyes off the TV, flipping through the endless amount of channels. "I couldn't keep track." Jace snorted.

Magnus suddenly snapped his fingers. "That's what you should do! A book! Try and date one girl from each letter in fifty days." Magnus smiled wickedly, resembling the Cheshire cat.

Jace raised a single eyebrow. "Is that a dare?" He asked slowly in that drawled out voice that annoyed Alec to no end. "Oh God don't dare Jace! Never dare Jace!" Alec cried, his head falling into his hands.

"He'll do it! And he'll do it hardcore! Once we dared him Senior year to go through and toilet paper every class room and put shaving cream up to his ankles down all the halls and He. Did. It." Alec said, shaking his head sadly.

Jace just grinned.

"School was closed for a week. It was awesome. I even put bubble gum over all the cameras and wore a ski mask. I was never caught." He said proudly.

"Then this will be easy. He's Jace the Great. He can score any woman, any time." Magnus said in a sarcastic voice. "Deal." Jace said, sticking his hand out. "Wait…we must lay the rules out." Magnus held up a sparkly nail.

"Rules? Oh god, I hate rules…they're so…restricting." Jace said. Alec rolled his eyes, still scrolling through channels. Magnus reached over and grabbed a note pad and pen, scribbling down in his very feminine handwriting a contract. Jace watched carefully.

"Give me." He said once Magnus was done, scanning quickly.

"You must date one girl with the first name starting with each letter of the alphabet. A through Z in fifty days of less. You fail to do this…I get to give you a makeover." Magnus grinned wickedly. Jace's eyes widened as he slowly drew his eyes from the paper to meet Magnus's cat like eyes.

"Don't lose. Anyways, if you win…then I'll pay for your beer for an entire year." Magnus said. Jace grinned. This was like stealing candy from a baby. Easy as pie. He could do this with no effort whatsoever. And then he'd get free beer!

"Done." Jace scribbled his name. "And they can't all be preps." Magnus said, pointing to the fine print. Jace frowned. "That going to be a problem, pretty boy?" Magnus mocked. Jace glared up at him. "Hell no." He handed the paper back to the flamboyant man, grinning wickedly.

"You're both morons." Alec muttered from his channel surfing. Jace just grinned wider.

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