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"Clary! My precious love who making me a sandwich!" Jace shouted. Clary ducked her head underneath the cabinets to look at Jace who smiled childishly up at her.

"Yes?" She asked. "I can't grab my crutches." He complained. Clary sighed. "What did you do? They were right beside you." Clary said, walking over to pick them up. "I kicked them." Jace explained.

Clary stopped and looked at her boyfriend with high amusement written on her face. "Why would you do that?" She asked. Jace frowned menacingly at the metal sticks made for walking. "Because they wouldn't come." Jace said through clenched teeth.

Clary chuckled. "They aren't dogs Jace. You're medicine kicking in?" She asked. Jace's medicine made him a little more than loopy lately and he was chockfull of sarcasm and cute things to tell her.

"They might as well be. And no, it's not. Or maybe it is. I'm not sure. Now move your scrawny ass aside and let the cripple through." Jace said, shoving her aside with his crutch. Clary glared at him and walked angrily back into the kitchen.

His medicine, unfortunately, didn't take away the rudeness.

The bathroom door swung shut hard and Alec was suddenly in the living room, like a dog that heard someone call, "BACON!"

"Where'd Jace go?" Alec said, his eyes wide. Clary jerked her chin towards the bathroom, leaning back and getting ready for the show.

Alec opened the bathroom door with a bang. "What the hell do you think your doing mister." Alec asked, staring into the bathroom. Clary covered her mouth, laughing quietly.

"Peeing! What the hell do you think YOUR doing?" Jace said in horror. "You know you aren't supposed to be alone for any period of time." Alec scolded. "What part of peeing did you not understand!" Jace shouted. Alec didn't move

"Get the hell out!" Jace screeched, his voice jumping an octave. Clary burst out giggling, burring her face in shoulder.

"It's because I'm gay isn't?" Alec said, leaning against the door. Jace sighed loudly in exasperation. "No it's because you are a man in general. NOW GET THE HELL OUT!" Jace said.

"Don't be sexist." Clary shouted back. "I'm not! I wouldn't let you stand there either!" Jace retorted. Clary rolled her eyes.

"You're almost done anyways. I don't see the big deal." Alec said. "Dude! Stop staring in that direction!" Jace screeched again. Clary walked over, placing his sandwich on the table and sat, watching in amusement.

Alec rolled his eyes and shut the door halfway. "He is such a baby." Alec whispered. Clary laughed. Jace swung the door open, glaring heavily at Alec. "Next time you do that, I'm changing my aim."

Clary's face twisted in disgust. "That's gross Jace." She said. Jace hobbled over on his crutches, plopping on the couch beside Clary. "You would say the same if you had your best friend barging in every time you went pee." Jace said, picking up his sandwich.

"You've never lived with Isabelle when she has a date, have you?" Clary asked, watching Jace with amusement. Jace's face slowly turned towards her, his golden eyes wide with a mixed emotion of horror and shock.

"What the hell is wrong with that family?" Alec chuckled and sat down too, patting Jace shoulder. "Just eat your sandwich and stop asking questions." Jace shrugged taking another bite.

He looked up at Clary with a giant, squirrel-like smile. He swallowed hard, the puffy cheeks disappearing. "It's ham." He said pleasantly. Clary nodded sharply. Jace kissed her lightly on the lips before attacking his sandwich.

Alec was watching Jace with a fine intensity. Jace's head turned painfully slow towards Alec, his eyebrow cocked. "Just because you don't heaven on bread doesn't mean you can stare at it." Jace said.

"I'm making sure you don't choke." Alec said sternly. Jace threw his good arm up in the air. "I am not going to suddenly keel over Alexander. I can eat and pee in peace!" Jace said in aggravation. Alec gave him a cool look.

"You don't know that."

Jace groaned again and shoved the rest of the sandwich into his mouth. "See? No choking." Jace said with his mouth full. Clary slapped the bottom of his chin.

"Chew with your mouth closed. That's disgusting." She said. Jace turned towards her, giving her a stern look. "Don't look at me like that!" She said.

"God, did my parents inhabit your bodies while I was unconscious?" Jace mumbled. Magnus chose to walk into the room then, smirking obnoxiously.

"If that's the case than you have been making out heatedly with your mother and I have been enjoying your father." Magnus said. Jace's face twisted in disgust and he began gagging.

"Ok, I take it back! I take it back! Clary! Water!" he called. Clary chuckled and handed over her bottle of water. Jace chugged it sighing in relief.

"Thank you." He said, leaning back. "And now I retire to the bedroom." Jace said, standing back up. He swayed a little bit but caught his balance easily. Jace smacked Alec's shin hard.

"Ouch!" Alec cried, lifting his legs up to inspect the damage. Jace smirked. "Keep the bathroom door shut." Alec growled at him. Magnus walked over and patted his boyfriend's head reassuringly.

Clary popped up before Magnus could "comfort" Alec, following her own boyfriend into his bedroom. Jace sat on the bed, yanking his shirt awkwardly off. His chest was still bandaged, keeping his ribs in place. It made Clary frown; disappointed that she couldn't see what was under the gauze.

Jace caught her staring and chuckled. "It'll be off soon enough. Then you can stare as much as you'd like." He said. Clary blushed but retorted anyways. "You'll be glad when I can stare too." Jace cocked an eyebrow at her curiously.

Clary giggled and waltzed over to her bag, well tried to anyways. Jace caught her with his good arm, swinging her onto the bed. She landed with oomph, her hair spilling around her like a fire. Jace rolled over easily, leaning on his cast over her.

"Now, now Clary dear you don't think you can just say something like that and expect me to let you walk away." Jace whispered softly, brushing a strand of hair out of her face.

"Yes I can. At the moment I can walk faster than you can run." Clary smirked as if her heart was pounding out of her chest. Jace's breath was fanning over her face and his face was so close…

Jace chuckled leaning closer. His lips just barely brushed hers, leaving them tingling. "I can tease too." He whispered. A grin spread across Clary's face. "I don't like to be teased though." She said.

Jace grinned too, lightly dragging his lips across her jaw line. He stopped beside her ear. "Your body disagrees." Clary shuddered happily, lifting her arms to wrap around his neck gently. She twirled a piece of his hair around her finger.

"Oh just kiss me already." Clary said in exasperation. Jace brought his lips to hers in acceptance, kissing her hungrily. She smiled in delight, clinging her fingers through his hair tightly.

Jace let his tongue flick across her bottom lip, asking for permission. Clary happily obliged, parting her lips. Jace tasted like mayo and ham still but Clary didn't care.

Jace's arm slid beneath Clary's upper back, propping her up against a pillow. His hand slowly crawled up her back, his fingers twisting her hair around his finger. Clary broke away, panting.

"One day these kisses of yours are going to kill me." Clary said. Jace grinning, he too breathless. "Yes, yes, boost my ego. It's been feeling a little low lately." He joked.

Clary frowned and pushed him off. "Go to sleep Jace." She said. Jace chuckled and wrapped an arm around her small waist. "You sleep too then." He mumbled in her ear.

Clary happily obliged, her eyes fluttering closed. Jace began singing softly, his chest vibrating against his chest.

"Just a small town girl…Living in a lonely world…" Clary's eyes opened, staring into the darkness in confusion.

"She took the midnight train going anywhere…Just a city boy! Born and raised in South Detroit! He took the midnight train going anywhere!"

Clary snorted, rolling her body awkwardly over. "What the hell are you doing?" She whispered. "Shh. I'm singing you to sleep." He said before continuing to sing. Clary stared at him in disbelief.

"You're singing Journey to put me to sleep?" Clary asked. Jace nodded, keeping the song going. "You're ridiculous." Clary rolled her eyes, turning back over. Jace began using her stomach as if it were his guitar, running his fingers up and down her stomach.

Clary grabbed his hand. "I am not a guitar." She said slowly. Jace laughed, nuzzling his face into her hair. "Of course it is. Just use your imagination."

"Don't stop believing Clary."