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"HAOU! Look out!!" Jehu yelled as he ran from a huge mob of possibly rabid fangirls.

The two toned brunette looked behind him and raised a brow. What had that moron gotten himself into this time?

Jehu nearly collided with him when he got closer. He grabbed Haou's hand and pulled him away from their spot out in the open in their school's quad area.

They hid away in a random empty classroom and Jehu pressed his back against the door as he breathed heavily.

Haou rolled his eyes. "What happened this time?" He didn't exactly like being pulled along as if on a leash.

"They were after me again! They don't leave me alone! They stole my socks!" Jehu freaked. It was common nowadays for him to get chased by a mob of girls.

Haou stared at him and raised a brow. "They stole your socks?"

"While I was still wearing them! Look! I even still have my shoes on!" Jehu pointed at his black and purple vans.

"Well then that's your fault for being an idiot and getting yourself chased by the fangirls." Haou rolled his eyes, pushing Jehu out of the way and made to open the door.

"No!" Jehu took his hand and went back to his position against the door. "They'll kill me someday!"

"Oh come on, why are you afraid of them? They're just girls."

"Rabid girls! Rabid obsessed girls! I don't get a moment of peace around here anymore!"

"That's your problem. Just tell them to go away." Haou stared at him like he was an idiot.

"Like I haven't already done that! What do you think I am, an idiot??"

Haou stared at him.

Jehu rolled his eyes. "You know what I meant."

Haou crossed his arms over his chest. "Fangirls aren't such a big deal. I have them too and they don't give me hell."

"That's because you scare them away with your glares before they can do much damage." Jehu stated. "It's the reason I have more fangirls than you. I'm hot and approachable. Unlike you."

Haou narrowed his eyes. He flung the door open. "Hey girls! Jehu's in here!"

Jehu slammed the door shut before the mob of girls could figure out where that voice came from.

"Are you crazy?! Do you want me to get killed?!"

"At the moment, yes."

"You know, if I didn't love you so much, I would totally hate you." Jehu deadpanned.

"I hate you," Haou offered simply.

"You don't mean that." Jehu smirked.

"Wanna bet?"

"No, no I don't. Anyway, I think the coast is clear, we should get out of here before they find out where we are."

Haou had to laugh. "I can't believe you're so scared of fangirls. I thought you weren't scared of anything?" He looked smug.

"They could kill me and they're everywhere! Of course I'd be scared! And it's not like you don't fear anything," Jehu replied, slowly opening the door and looking around before stepping out of the classroom, Haou behind him.

"I don't fear anything."

"Really now?" Jehu raised a brow.

Haou stared at him. "Of course not. I'm above the uselessness it is to fear something." Haou walked on ahead. "I'll catch you later, if you're still alive later."

"Huh?" Jehu looked confused.

Haou smirked. "Hey girls! Jehu's over here!"

Jehu paled when he saw the mob of fangirls appear from out of no where at both ends of the hallway. "I hate you, Haou."

The brunette simply laughed at him as he made his way to his class. "Have fun, Jehu."


Jehu stopped running when he reached the boys locker room. He was completely out of breath so he sat down at one of the benches there. He had literally been running away from the mob of hellish fangirls for the entire day. They didn't even bother to stop chasing him for classes! He didn't mind skipping out on his classes but he did mind the state he was now in.

His black and blue shirt was ripped in many places and was stretched out from the girls pulling it so much. His black skinny jeans were ripped a lot too, more so than they originally were. They were now a little loose around his waist because one of the girls had managed to steal his belt—while he was still wearing it! He will never figure out how they do that.

His brand new vans were now wrecked from all the running. Jehu frowned. They were fifty bucks!

One of the girls even got his gold necklace with a cross charm on it. Damn them! At least they hadn't gotten his earrings, that would've hurt like hell!

He checked his pockets for his cell and found it gone. Holy shit. Did the fangirls take it?! Well of course they did, it's not like his cell magically disappeared.

He was actually surprised they didn't get his clothes and that he still had his boxers on…

"Shit! They took my wallet!!"

Forget the fangirls, he thought about the real problem.


His boyfriend was harsh as hell, sending those girls after him!

He was the one that caused all this!

But he had said that he didn't fear anything…

Jehu found himself smirking.

"Well then, let's see if he really doesn't fear anything…" He began plotting his revenge on his evil boyfriend. Evil was a harsh word. Sadistic was more like it, he himself would be considered the evil one of the two.

He left the locker room, using the exit opposite where he could hear his fan girls at.

"Yes, this will be fun…" he chuckled evilly.

What? He was the evil one after all.

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