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Haou woke up in Jehu's bed.

Sunlight from the window came into the room, telling Haou that he had been out most if not all of the night.

The door opened and his boyfriend calmly walked in.

"Haou, you're awake," Jehu said softly. He went over to him and sat on his bed, hugging him. "What happened last night? You were passed out in front of the open door. When I got to you, I thought someone had hurt you, but no one was there."

Normally, Haou would shy away from the touch or kick Jehu away, but this time he stayed put.

Haou blinked. "I don't know… I don't know what happened…"

That was a lie.

Right before passing out, he remembered he saw himself outside the door, golden eyes glowing, holding a knife to his throat. A thin streak of blood slowly ran down the blade in his hands.

But that wasn't possible. It couldn't be.

But he didn't want Jehu to know that something was going on. He didn't want him to worry…

Jehu kissed him. "Haou…"

Haou jumped a bit at hearing his name spoken like that.

Spoken like how it's been whispered in the air around him when no one else was there.

Jehu looked confused. "What's wrong?"

Haou closed his eyes.

"Are you afraid of something? Tell me, Haou, what's going on?"

Haou leaned into the embrace and sighed softly. He told Jehu about some of the things that had happened, leaving out the sight he saw last night.

Jehu stayed silent.

Haou bit his lip. What if Jehu thought he was insane or something? "…Jehu?"

Jehu grinned. "Gotcha."

Haou's golden eyes widened. They narrowed dangerously. "It really was you?!"


It wasn't.

But Jehu would rather have Haou think it was him and be mad at him, than be scared of something on this scale, something that Jehu wouldn't be able to protect him from.


Haou shoved him away harshly. The only thing keeping him from killing the bluenette was that he didn't want to have to clean up all the blood afterwards. "You asshole!! I thought I was going insane!"

Jehu smiled. "I love you Haou, I really do, but I just wanted to see if you really were as fearless as you said you were. I'm sorry."

He decided to drop the revenge plan he had on Haou. If something like this was going on, Jehu was hell bent on figuring out who or what was behind it. Besides, the point of his revenge was to see if Haou could get scared. He now saw he could and had to say that he didn't like seeing him like that. He preferred him the way he always was, stoic, cold, sarcastic.

Haou may be a jackass sometimes, but he was his jackass, and he loved him for it.

He kept quiet about his plan, knowing Haou would kill him for either lying to him, trying to scare him in the first place, trying to help him with this or all three.

Haou glared at Jehu. "I hate you."

Jehu walked back over to him. "I love you too."

He tried to kiss him but Haou pushed him back.

The two toned brunette got off the bed and walked out of the room. He slammed the door shut behind him.

Jehu sighed. He calmly opened the door again. He would rather have his fangirls chase him right into Hell and back out a million times over than have Haou go through this. At least for now, Haou wouldn't be scared of whatever was going on.

But wait, this meant no sex for at least a week…

"Haou!" Jehu called out. "Wait! I'm sorry!"

"Save it! You won't get sex for a whole year!!" Haou yelled back, putting on his now clean shoes and opening the front door.

He left.

"HAOU!" Jehu whined, running down the stairs and following Haou out of his house.

The brunette started running. Jehu was at his heels in no time.

One of the good things of running for his life on a regular basis was that he became a fast runner.

"Damn those fangirls…" Haou mumbled right before Jehu caught him and hugged him from behind.

They stopped running but didn't notice they had ended up at a park.

Jehu held him close. "Forgive me?"

"No." Haou tried to get away but Jehu wouldn't let go.

"What if I tell you what I'm afraid of? Would we be even then?"

Haou stopped struggling. "I already know what you're afraid of. Your damn fangirls from hell scare you every day."

Jehu chuckled and shook his head. "No, they're just the hell I go through every day. I do have one fear."

"Oh? And what would that be?"

"I'm afraid of losing you."

Haou was thankful that Jehu was behind him and couldn't see his slight blush. "You dumbass. That's so lame."

Jehu shrugged. "Maybe. But it's the truth."

Haou turned around and felt Jehu's lips capture his own.

The dream, calling out for him, Haou was afraid to lose Jehu too; he was the only thing he had.

He wouldn't admit it, but he loved Jehu too.

They pulled apart and Jehu smirked. "Does that mean I'm forgiven?"

Haou rolled his eyes. "…Yes."

"Does this mean we can have sex?"

"Don't push it."

Unbeknownst to the two, a pair of dark eyes were watching them from the shadows.

"You can try to run from this, Haou, but you won't be able to. I know what your fears are. I know what will make your heart stop…" A voice spoke, unheard by the two being watched. "The torture I'll put you through will make you wish you hadn't done what you did to me. I will get you… Even if I have to go through him first…"

The dark eyes watched Haou and Jehu leave the park, going back to Jehu's house.

"Who's scared now, Haou?"


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