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Hikari and Hikaru: That's us!
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Chapter 8 - Hikari and Hikaru Kaioh (Sailor Aqua and Sailor Marine)

The sounds of the ocean waves greeted the Sailor Senshis and cats to the planet of sea and sand.
"Look at all the water on this planet!" Usagi commented.
They landed on the large island, though it may be the only piece of land around. Trees and shrubs surrounded a magnificent palace stationed in the center of the island. There were other smaller buildings scattered around the land, but that wasn't important at the moment.
"I think Neptune may have even more oceans than Earth," Ami said, bringing out her mini laptop computer.
Mizuki came up and pushed the cover down.
"This is the planet Neptune we're standing on," she reminded, "Compared to Earth, oceans cover 99.586432 percent of the planet."
All the older Senshis stared at the Chibi Uranus. Himeko put her arm over Mizuki's shoulders and said,
"That's our Mizuki! She's always into complicated calculations and science stuff."
"Too often though her explanations are incomprehensible," Azumi admitted, "To the point in which even I can't figure what she's saying."
"H-How is that possible?" Mako stammered.
"I just studied like there was no tomorrow," Mizuki answered.
A breeze blew by and a crow's caw caw echoed the group.
"If only Minako could be like you," Artemis wished quietly, though Sailor Venus still managed to hear him and grabbed him by the neck.
"WHAT DID YOU SAY?" she demanded.
"Calm down, Minako!" Ami said.
"Too bad Mama can't be more like you," Chibiusa nonchalantly mentioned.
"Mama?" Mizuki repeated.
"CHIBIUSA!" Usagi yelled, chasing after her future daughter.
Meanwhile everyone else just stood aside and sweatdropped. Michiru couldn't contain her patience for one more second and sent a blast of water on everyone whether they were messing around or not.
A tsunami-sized wave surged onshore, soaking everyone and everything in its path. Sailor Neptune turned and walked away to head to the palace afterwards. Haruka spit some water from her mouth and turned to Setsuna.
"Remind me never to get on her bad side."
"Ditto." the Time Senshi replied, giving her a thumbs up.

As the Sailor Senshis and the cats approached the palace, they spotted a maid tending to a flower garden behind the gates. Her deep aqua blue wavy hair was pulled into a ponytail as her cerulean eyes focused on giving the best care to the delicate plants.
"Who's that?" Luna wondered.
"The flowers are so pretty!" Diana commented.
"Mai-san!" Mizuki called.
The maid looked up and smiled at the visitors. She brushed the dirt off her skirt and greeted them at the gates.
"Ah, Mizuki-sama! Long time no see!" she said.
"Too long," Mizuki replied, "Everyone, this is Mai. She was hired to help maintain the palace on this island."
"Greetings, Sailor Senshi," Mai bowed, "Welcome to the Kingdom of Neptune."
Her eyes soon fell on Sailor Neptune as she gasped.
"H-hai?" Michiru asked.
"You're alive! We all thought you perished in the Millennium War years ago!" Mai said.
"Oh I..."
"She didn't survive that battle," Mizuki said.
"Sailor Neptune was reborn on Earth along with the rest of the older Senshis after the war thanks to the Silver Crystal," Azumi explained.
"I'm sorry, but I'm afraid I don't remember living or even growing up here." Michiru apologized.
Mai shook her head and reassured,
"Don't worry about it! None of that matters as long as you're okay."
"Mai, we're looking for Hikari and Hikaru. Could you lead us to them?" Mizuki asked.
"I'm sorry, but you just missed them," Mai replied.
"What?" Ruri said.
"Where did they go?" Hotaru wondered.
"They returned about an hour ago only to take off again 15 minutes later," Mai explained, "I believe they should be back home right now."
"Back home?" Haruka repeated.
"Isn't that their home?" Mako asked, nodding to the mansion.
"Oh no! This building was built for interplanetary purposes as well as for visitors who come to tour the planet," Mai responded, "We Neptunians dwell below the sea in the city of Oceanus."
"Eh?!" Minako said, "Does that mean what I think it means?"

"I'm not so sure about this," Sailor Venus muttered.
Mai had guided them to a transport vehicle that would take them straight to the underwater kingdom.
"Yeah. What if we drown?" Megumi agreed.
"Mai-san said there'd be oxygen in there so no worries," Mako said.
"You're not scared of the water, are you, Minako-chan?" Rei taunted.
"No way! Why would I be scared of something like that?" Venus denied.
"Then come on!" Rei said, dragging her blonde friend aboard the vehicle.
"This is amazing technology!" Ami awed.
"Is everyone onboard?" Haruka asked.
"Yes!" everyone cheered.
"Safe journey, Sailor Senshis," Mai spoke as the transparent carrier submerged into the water.
The trip to Oceanus was pleasant. Everyone was amazed by the beauty of the sea below the surface. The kingdom itself was even more magnificent than the palace they saw earlier. It emitted a calming light blue glow that stretched all over the city. As they stepped off the vehicle, they awed at the elegant decorations that colored the kingdom's interior as well as the sparkling white marble floor. Sea green banners accented with aqua green and aqua blue features hung from the ceiling along the side of the wall.
"This place is amazing!" Chibiusa said.
"Demo how is possible that we can breathe normally here? Isn't this place underwater?" Ami wondered.
Everyone looked at Minako and Megumi whose faces were looking red as their cheeks popped out.
"Mina..." Artemis sighed.
"Really, Megumi-chan?" Ruri added.
Heels clicked clacked against the floor as a voice spoke,
"Sailor Senshis?"
They all looked up to see another Sailor Senshi wearing a violet Eternal Sailor Fuku decorated with a yellow ribbon over her chest walk in. A light purple ribbon hung on the back of her skirt. Her lavender hair was pulled back into a tall ponytail with a violet hair band. Deep purple eyes widened when they fell upon Sailor Pluto. Her gloved hand tightened around her spear.
"Setsuna-oneesan?" she asked.
"Y-yeah," Setsuna stammered.
"Sayomi-chan!" Himeko gasped.
"Sayomi-chan?" Usagi repeated.
"Looks like I'm not the only one who came by to visit the twins," Sayomi sighed, approaching to the group.
"You actually left your kingdom to visit the twins?" Mizuki asked.
"That's what I said," Sayomi replied, "Is there a problem with that?"
"N-no way!" Mizuki exclaimed, putting up her hands up, "Demo you never stepped off Pluto after the Millennium War."
"Excuse me," Michiru interrupted, "But do you know where my sisters are?"
"Hikari and Hikaru? I'm supposed to meet them here."
The lavender-haired senshi then noticed the two red-faced blondes in the back of the group and wondered,
"Why are you holding your breaths when there's a special air bubble enclosing the kingdom?"
Minako and Megumi let out a deep breath and yelled,
"You could've said that sooner!"
Two giggles echoed from down the hallway as two mermaids swum in. Both mermaids had long straight hairs and peach skin. The mermaid on the left had aqua green hair and blue eyes. Her mermaid bra and tail matched the color of her hair. Her identical twin had aqua blue hair and green eyes with matching aqua blue mermaid bra and tail.
"I guess Mai forgot to mention that feature to you," the aqua green mermaid said.
"Wow!" Minako squealed breaking away from the others to get a closer look, "Real mermaids!"
"That was fast," Luna uttered.
"So cool!" Megumi shouted, joining her sister's side.
"Long time no see, Megumi-chan!" the aqua blue mermaid greeted.
The aqua green mermaid pushed past Sailor Venus and introduced,
"Welcome to the kingdom of Oceanus. Watashi ra Kaiou Hikari."
"And I'm Kaiou Hikaru." the aqua blue mermaid added.
"Mou! It's like you two were expecting visitors all along!" Sayomi accused.
"Really?" Hikari wondered.
"We were just exercising our formal greetings." Hikaru replied.
The twins brought out their Eternal brooches and transformed into their respective aqua green and aqua blue Eternal Sailor Fukus.
"Sailor Aqua!" Hikari said.
"And Sailor Marine!" Hikaru included.
"At your service!" they echoed.
"Aqua?" Usagi blinked.
"Marine?" Chibiusa repeated.
"Aren't you supposed to be Sailor Chibi Neptune?" Artemis questioned.
"Yeah, demo since we share the same titles as Princesses of Neptune, we wanted a better Senshi name that could pair us together," Hikari explained.
"So instead of Sailor Chibi Neptune and Sailor Watershine, we decided on Aqua and Marine," Hikaru continued.
"As in the gemstone Aquamarine?" Setsuna asked.
The twins nodded and became tackled by Sailor Neptune. They smiled and returned the hug.
"Welcome home, Onee-san," they said.
After a brief reunion, the three sisters joined their friends and boarded the vehicle to head back to the surface.
"Are we going to check out your kingdom now, Sayomi-chan?" Chibiusa asked.
"I don't know," Sailor Chibi Pluto replied, "Should we?"
"Yes!" The Inner Senshis answered.
"And after that, we can all head over to Rei's house and party!" Usagi declared.
"Who said you could celebrate at my place?" Rei protested.
"Why not? We can hang streamers and then while you're chatting, I'll take the Chibi Senshis to your secret mangas and then..."
As the Senshi of Fire chased after Sailor Moon, everyone else could only look on and hope the carrier wouldn't malfunction along the way.

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