Italics are the lyrics to "Save You" by Kelly Clarkson.

There were times I'd wonder

Could I have eased your pain?

Doctors and nurses gathered around the gurney as Trish was rolled into the hospital. A breathing mask was placed over her nose and mouth so she could breathe. Her chest moving up and down slowly was the only proof that she was still alive. Trish had been unconscious since she was placed on the stretcher at Candice's home. There was no certainty that she would make it as she was pushed to the emergency room but the doctors knew they had to act fast and pump her stomach before it was too late.

Randy hadn't moved an inch after he hung up and his gun was still pointed at Adam. Consequences would be extreme if he shot him right now and took his life away. The thought crossed his mind several times but like every time it came up he pushed it to the back of his head. It didn't matter to him anymore if he would lose his job, say goodbye to the outside world to live in a jail cell, or say goodbye to the person he wanted to call his wife and mother of his future children. All that mattered was him taking away the person that was causing Trish so much pain. He could picture her tear stained face in his mind and it only angered him even more.

"You are a sick son of a bitch!" Randy snarled before he smacked Adam across the face with his gun.

He looked down at the bruised, blooded, battered face of Adam Copeland and bent down to study the damage he had done even more.

"Does it hurt? Huh Adam? Are you in pain?" Randy asked.

Adam just nodded slowly as he lied on the ground.

"Good. Now you know how it feels but it still doesn't match up to all the fucking pain you put Trish through." Randy said, his tone of voice getting higher as he raised his gun up to Adam's head.

At that moment Chris burst through the hotel room door and ran to the balcony. His eyes widened at the sight then slowly went over to Randy.

"Chris get out of here." Randy said.

"No. Randy calm down and let's go. You don't want to do this." Chris said.

"You don't know what I want so just fucking go." Randy said harshly.

"Randy you think you murdering him is going to help anyone?" Chris asked.

"Trish." Randy muttered.

"That's not going to help her, it's only going to hurt her." Chris said.

Randy looked over at Chris with a cold stare.

"How so?" Randy asked.

"You think she wants you in jail? If you murder him you're going to jail for the rest of your life." Chris said.

"At least she won't get hurt by this piece of scum anymore." Randy said.

"She's going to get worse Randy. She's already hanging on by a thread at this very moment, you want her to give up? You want her to slowly kill herself if she hasn't already done so?" Chris asked.

Randy's ears perked up when he heard what Chris said.

"Wha…what did you just say?" Randy asked as his cold facial expression turned into a concerned one.

"Trish is in the hospital…she swallowed a bunch of pills. I don't know if she's okay or not." Chris said.

"Where was she when this happened?" Randy asked.

"Um…Candice's I think." Chris said.

Randy dropped his head and stared at the gun in his hand.

"All this time I thought it was him causing her pain…" Randy paused before he stood up and walked to the steel bar on the balcony.

"He is Randy but..."

"Stop." Randy interrupted. "I visited Trish today. She was scared to death when she saw me and now she's in the hospital."

"Randy you can't possibly think you're the cause of this. Trish has been through a lot. It's everything mixed into one, it not just you visiting her." Chris said.

"But it's a reason." Randy said.

"Stop thinking like that Randy." Chris said.

"You didn't hear what Trish said when I was there. She would be better off without me." Randy muttered, putting the gun up to his head.

Her beautiful brown eyes opened and her vision was blurry as she woke up. She tried to take a deep breathe in through her mouth but freaked out when she couldn't. There was a tube down her throat from when she had her stomach pumped. Loud beeping could be heard and Trish could hear her friend Candice shouting for help. When the nurses arrived they instructed her to start coughing as they pulled the tube out of her. Trish took deep breathes and a sip of water when the tube was finally out then lied back against her pillows. She took a look around the room as the nurses checked on her and she could see Candice sitting beside her bed in a chair. Tears were pouring out of her friends eyes. She could tell they were a mixture of sadness for the fact she attempted suicide and happiness for the fact that she was alive. Her head turned away from her friend then lied down onto the pillows as a few tears escaped from her own eyes.

"Oh Trish why would you do this? Why would you try to kill yourself?" Candice asked.

"I didn't want to deal with all this pain anymore. I just wanted to get away from it all." Trish said.

"It's not going to go away quickly Trish but with help from your friends and family, a counselor maybe, you'll get better. You don't have to kill yourself!" Candice cried.

"You don't understand Candice." Trish said.

"You're right, maybe I don't, I just wish I could help you." Candice muttered before she looked down.

I wish I could save you

I wish I could say to you

I'm not going nowhere

I wish I could say to you

It's gonna be alright

Chris' eyes widened as he stared at Randy. He stepped closer to Randy hoping he would have a chance to grab the gun or talk Randy into not doing what he was thinking about doing to himself.

"Randy don't. This isn't your fault! You've got to believe me, Trish needs you." Chris said.

Randy just swallowed and looked down, tears starting to form in his eyes, his finger on the trigger waiting to pull.