Chapter 20-Ballard of Fallen Angels

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Morning had come too quickly, even to Naruto's mind when he awoke at dawn, and the rising of sun into the sky that came with it. As expected, the women in his life held onto him, clinging to his body with their fears of losing their lover shadowing each face, and Naruto knew that he was going to break each heart from each woman should he fail to stop Genesis. The very thought of failing, no failing them, hurting them, breaking their hearts, and making them suffer generated something within the blonde he thought would never rise again within his very being.

He was wrong.

'Its time. If I am to use all my power to fight Genesis, I must move now, and get ready for the inevitable fight to the death,' thought Naruto, as he somehow managed to remove his body from those that held to him, and had to ignore the various whimpers that followed with some of them calling out his name.

It caused him to move a half second slower and the what was nearly killed him.

After a shower away from the girls' hearing, Naruto was soon dressed, and headed down the stairs to head out the door with an apple in hand. It wasn't much, but the blonde knew its nutrients were the only thing required for his body to get through the day, and time was not on his side to have a full healthy breakfast.

"Are you going to leave without saying goodbye to your own Mother?" said Kushina in her robes by the door leading into the kitchen, her arms crossed around her waist, and the signs of crying showing for some time.

"Saying goodbye would be implying I won't be returning," said Naruto, as he turned to look at her, and it hurt him inside that his Mother looked like she did now.

"So you believe you can win?" said Kushina, as she saw her looking so similar to Minato in terms of that day decades ago, and felt what little hope she had sparked within herself dying just as quickly.

"I don't know. Genesis is very powerful. He will be the most powerful foe I have ever fought since Sephiroth when I first started my training to be a SOLDIER. I have gotten stronger since coming back here to the Elemental Countries, but I don't know the extent of Genesis's own power, and not even Cloud does since the two never crossed paths. The outcome of this fight to the death is unknown to me," said Naruto, as he was thinking like he use to when under the command of Sephiroth, but his eyes showed warmth that was only seen by his Mother, and the girls upstairs no doubt slowly stirring awake at the feeling of not having him there in bed with them.

"Can you at least promise me you will come back? Promise me that you will come back to your family alive?" said Kushina, as she knew that any promise Naruto made with her was like a binding contract, and would give the boy an more incentive to win.

"I want to promise you I will return Mother. I want to promise that with everything I am, but...I don't think this is one promise I can make, and keep despite what my heart wishes me to do," said Naruto, as he saw his Mother showing signs of crying again, and it was once more making him feel like his heart was hurting.

Was it so wrong not to make the promise?

"I don't want to lose you Naruto. I just got you back. It just seems like just yesterday that I was freed from my prison and we became a true family. Even after that, I have missed so much time in seeing you grow up, and become the man you are now. I don't want you to become a memory after today," said Kushina, as she couldn't hold back the tears now, and saw her son covering his eyes with his hood.

"No matter what happens after today I will...never, become a memory," said Naruto, as he didn't know why he said that, but it seemed right, and for a image of Sephiroth appeared in his mind nodding his head in approval.

Without another word, Naruto left his Mother in the kitchen with Zabuza next to her,. and nuzzling his face against Kushina's leg to show his support.

(Konoha North Gate Entrance/Exit)

Naruto was almost out of the gate when he sensed two people behind him and knew who they were.

Cloud and Tifa Strife.

"We're coming too," said Cloud, as he was ready for a fight with his trusty blade, and Tifa in her own combat attire.

"No. This path before me is mine and mine alone Cloud Strife. Only in the event that I fall must you walk it. As for you Tifa, the life you carry within your body should be what matters most now, and not make the same attempt like your husband," said Naruto, as he saw Tifa look uneasy, and saw her put a hand over the slowly growing child within her body.

"You're walking to your death! You don't even know if Genesis can be stopped! None of us have ever faced him before!" said Cloud, as he saw Naruto smile at him, and it was still weird to see such a thing on the blonde's face.

"Perhaps. Perhaps not. I may not be as strong as Genesis as I would like to believe I am, but even if that is the case, I know there are two thing in my arsenal of weapons he does not have, and could give me the edge to win," said Naruto, as he began walking out of the Leaf, and knew no more time could be wasted.

"And what would that be?" said Cloud to the back of Naruto.

"Simple. The weapons I speak of, are my drive, and my will to fight for those precious to me. That just may be all the edge I need to win," said Naruto before he walked out of Cloud's line of sight.

"Naruto's not coming he," said Tifa, as she liked Naruto like a little brother, and to see him just walk to his impending death was frightening.

"I don't know. It's going to be close," said Cloud, as they turned head home, and do the only thing they could do.


(Valley of the End-High Noon-Cue Song: Ballard of Fallen Angels)

Naruto found his way to the Valley at the End right on time to see Genesis there standing on the opposite side of the massive carving that had been made from the previous battle here. Genesis looked like he did when they spoke in the dream world, as he had that book in one hand, and deadly Rapier blade in the other with a smile on his face.

"You're right on time. As I knew you would be of course. How is your family? I trust you told them goodbye knowing that you will never see them again," said Genesis before he put his book away.

"In the words of my redhead lover who was a former foul mouth...go fuck yourself up the ass!" said Naruto, as he never really approved of foul language, but this case did seem to be appropriate, and knew Tayuya would be proud of him for it.

"It would seem you have grown much in our time apart in the last three years then even I thought possible," said Genesis, as he brought out his one wing, and saw Naruto did too.

"Shut up and fight," said Naruto with Muramasa now in hand knowing that holding back would be foolish when it came to his foe.

"As you wish," said Genesis, as he slowly took to the air, and Naruto did the same until they were high up above the old battlefield below them.

Seconds later, a sonic boom was heard by all of the Elemental Countries, as the two one winged Angels battled ruthlessly against the other. Each time their blades clashed, a sonic boom could be heard, with the force behind it made the ground shake, trees bend, and vast waves of water rising up to the heavens. The statues below of the previous warriors of this area cracked, shook with the ground they were standing on, and it seemed from a third person's point of view (if one was there) that history was repeating itself.

(Konoha-Hokage Tower)

Senju Tsunade couldn't' remember the last time her office was fully packed with so many people, each down looking at the orb in front of the female Hokage, and seeing the battle between the two ruthless one wing Angels. Every so often comments would be made by those in the room, either by Tsunade herself, a Clan Head, or one of Naruto's lovers with Tayuya being the most vocal while calling out for Naruto to kick Genesis in the nuts. Tifa held onto Cloud, as they watched Naruto deadlock with Genesis for the umpteenth time, and then leap away before clashing again with the shockwave from the sonic boom being heard from outside.

"Look at Naruto go!" said Konohamaru, as his Grandfather wanted him to see this, and wished he could fight like that.

"The gaki is fighting like he's possessed," said Jiraiya, which earned him a hit to the head by Kushina, and giving the Sannin a big lump for it as proof.

"Shut up you pervert!" said Tsunade, as Jiraiya shouldn't mention anything like Naruto being possessed since word had gotten out about this fight somehow, and many were now speculating if the blonde had unleashed the Kyuubi from within his body to fight this foe.

"His foe is no pushover. This Genesis seems to be just as strong as Naruto-sama," said Neji, as he was witnessing this articulate dance of death being performed with both of the warriors, and in some twisted way seemed to look like some kind of ritual to honor the Shinigami.

"No shit," said Tayuya, as she saw sparks fly with both warriors spinning with their own swords doing the same against the others, and were once more deadlocked.

"Why aren't they using any of their spells?" said Kakashi with a frown at the battle they were all watching.

"This a fight to the death with swords. Two swordsmen fighting it out with everything they have using the knowledge they have obtained from their respected Masters," said Kushina, as she watched with horror at the sight of Genesis stabbing her son's face with the blade nicking Naruto's cheek, and Naruto doing the same.

(With Naruto and Genesis)

"Impressive. You're doing much better then I originally hoped," said Genesis, as he not fought someone this good since Sephiroth, and it was nice to finally feel that thrill again when it came to fighting a worthy opponent.

"Really? I could say the same thing about you. I can see why Sephiroth had such a hard time defeating someone of your caliber in battle," said Naruto, as he felt the blade on his cheek slightly stained with his blood feeling cool against the slowly healing wound, and saw the same blood on his blade with Genesis's blood.

"Did you know he was first chosen to come here to fight you? That the Guardian of the Life Stream had visited Sephiroth and gave him the offer of coming to this world with the explicit purpose of fighting you like we are doing now?" said Genesis, as he saw Naruto's eyes flash slightly, but not enough to move against the blonde, and throw the boy off his game.

"Really? Do you know what Sephiroth said in terms of an answer?" said Naruto though he had a pretty good idea what the answer was since Genesis was here in his place.

"He said no to the offer. Mostly because he thought you were unworthy of even crossing blades with him since you would have lost!" said Genesis, which was a lie of course, but his enemy didn't know that, and would be fun to mess with Naruto's head.

"You're a poor liar. That doesn't sound like the Sephiroth I know and to say otherwise would be a lie," said Naruto, as he saw Genesis frown, and both of them pulled their swords away quickly with deep wounds on their shoulders with blood spilling around them.

And they went at it again.

(Hokage's Office)

"He's hurt!" said Hinata, as she saw the blood, and so did everyone else.

"Don't worry Hinata. Naruto-kun can take it," said Kurenai, as she saw the Hyuuga girl nod, but the worry was there, and the Genjutsu Mistress didn't blame her.

Not with the sword fighting getting more intense with each second passing and more blood being spilled during the battle. With each sword slash, arch, stab, and any other sword terms used to describe the two swordsmen fighting it was no surprise that blood would be spilled. The injuries they inflicted on each other were not quick ones meant to be ignored while in combat, but long precise blows that struck to through several key moves before the critical one hit its mark, and dug deep into the body.

"It reminds me of Naruto's training with Sephiroth from what I witnessed between the two. Fighting to survive, to endure, and continue on," said Cloud, as he winced at the sight of Genesis's Rapier blade taking a large chunk of Naruto's side clean off, and the quick scream that came Shizune.

For a moment, Genesis didn't move at the sight of an injured Naruto, as the blonde slowly righted himself, and saw the injury healing itself. Naruto slowly turned to face his foes, his eyes cold with unmistakable fury, and then did something that shocked them all.

Naruto motioned for Genesis to come at him and then flipped the said man off for good measure.

"Yeah! Teach that son of a bitch a lesson!" said Tayuya, as she saw Genesis look angry at the move, and Naruto now smiling a cruel smile.

'At least we know who he learned it from,' thought everyone in the room with a sweat drop running down their heads.

Another clash of swords, a sonic boom, and the intense shockwave created by said sonic boom brought their attention away from the redhead to the orb showing a vicious battle of biblical proportions continuing before their very eyes. This fight was something that was mythical in its entirety, which was told to the next generation before passing it down to the next with the story getting crazier with each telling, and the legend of the battle growing to God like status.

"How long do you think he can keep this up?" said Asuma, as it was clear Genesis was getting his attacks to connect with Naruto if only on a small fraction of a percentage more then Naruto did with Genesis.

"Yosh! Naruto-kun's spirit will not dwindle no matter how many hits he takes!" said Gai in his usual boasting mood with Lee about to hug him before both being hit in the head by Tayuya and her flute.

"Shut the Hell up! We're watching my man kick the shit out this fucker!" said Tayuya, as she continued to beat the two with her flute, and the two begging for mercy since some of her hits struck certain...places!

"Your man?" said Temari with a warning in her voice, iron fan out ready to swing it, and Haku got her senbon needles out.

"Um...did I say my man? Because what I meant was...ah fuck it! Yeah I said he was my man because Naruto is! You want to fight about it? Bring it on!" said Tayuya knowing she was outnumbered, and was going to go down swinging.

"Do it later! Fight it out later!" said Tsunade, as she glared at them, and then looked at the orb before wincing at the deep gash on Naruto's left shoulder.

(With Naruto and Genesis)

'He's much more powerful then I expected him to be Kyuubi. Any suggestions?' thought Naruto, as he looked at Genesis looking pretty bloody right now from his injuries, but it did little to stop the opposing winged warrior from coming at him, and returning the favor for every drop of blood spilled.

Eventually someone was going to have to surrender to others strength.

"Nothing short of pushing yourself to the brink of death," said Kyuubi, as it had been analyzing Genesis's moves for weaknesses, but found none so far, and knew even Naruto couldn't take much more of this.

Then again...the same could be said for Genesis.

'It seems nothing less then decapitation will be enough to kill him,' thought Naruto, as he saw how Genesis was still ready to go, and was being most difficult to kill.

"Then do it. You know the price that awaits should you fail to kill him. You will lose your Mother, your comrades, your lovers, and...all your children they now carry," said Kyuubi, as he sensed them in the morning, and so did Naruto last night.

Naruto...was going to be a Father!

Unfortunately, the moment of revelation had ended, as Genesis crashed his full weight into Naruto, and landed a deep diagonal slash that cut through the blonde's flesh with the force behind it sending him down to the ground like a rock.

(Hokage Tower-At the Moment)

"Holy shit!" said Anko and Tayuya at the same time at seeing their shared lover take the hit.

'Rise up Naruto-kun. Please rise! Rise up with all the strength I know you have within you to protect all those precious to your!' thought Haku, as she saw debris all around where Naruto fell.

A vast sound of breath leaving bodies could be heard throughout the room in terms of relief, as they saw Naruto slowly rise from where he had fallen, but an intake of breath soon followed when they saw the Namikaze not flying up to meet Genesis in combat once more, and feared that he was unable to continue fighting in the air.

Genesis suspected the same thing before coming straight down on Naruto with all the power behind his trusty sword and all the skill needed to slice the Namikaze in two. They watched with breathes held, as Genesis's sword made contact with Naruto, the ground around the two warriors all the way to Konoha, shaking the ground violently with such incredible intensity, and thus prevented the Hokage's orb now currently showing a thick dirt cloud from revealing what had happened to Naruto.

(With Naruto and Genesis)

Genesis's smile at the apparent victory he thought was his had left him, as Naruto moved at the last minute, and blocked the attack meant to slice the Namikaze in two. The act had kicked up a lot of debris, which did little to effect him, and Naruto for that matter since both did not need their eyes to know where the other was.

"You are foolish Naruto. You cannot defeat me no matter how hard you try. It would be better for everyone in this world if you just...became a memory!" said Genesis, as he tried to put more pressure on Naruto, but the blonde wouldn't budge, and the Namikaze was now looking at him with a fury the former SOLDIER had never seen before.

"I will...never, become a memory!" said Naruto, as he pushed Genesis back, and rushed forward with incredible fury that the opposition barely had a chance to defend against.

'He's gotten even faster!' thought Genesis, as he ignored the key slash to his left that went up his shoulder, or the follow up spin that took a piece of his side clean off from the force behind the impact of Naruto's Muramasa.

Unfortunately, what Genesis found out at the last moment was these two moves were a means to an end with a finisher that got Naruto within lethal striking range, and thrust Muramasa right into his foe's neck. Genesis for his part, fell to his knees, blood from his body now showered Naruto, the blonde's sword, and the ground around them.

"You once told me that the world needs a new hero. I say it doesn't. I say the hero of this world is perfect and doesn't need a replacement. You know why? Because I am that hero and I have too much to lose by not protecting it!" said Naruto, as he pulled his sword out of Genesis's neck, and then with another slivery flash of his blade had taken the man's head clean off his body.

Mere seconds later, the body of the fallen Genesis exploded in a wave of energy that was Mana running through the man's system, and bathed Naruto in its power. When it was over, all that was left was Naruto, Genesis's Rapier, and strangely enough...the book the man loved to read titled Loveless on the ground while being threatened by the water now slowly moving to consume it. After Naruto put away his own sword, he picked up both items off the ground, looking at Loveless for a second, and then pocketed the book while putting the Rapier on his shoulder before taking the slow walk back to Konoha where the love of the ones he held dear were waiting for him.

(Hokage's Office-At the Moment)

The group in room looked on in stun silence at the fact Naruto was victorious before they quickly yelling, cheering, and sighing in relief (not all in that order) in knowing a major threat to them much less the Elemental Countries was defeated. Soon though Tsunade called for silence and ordered Cloud along with Jiraiya to meet up with Naruto to help escort him home since they all knew the blonde must be secretly exhausted inside.

Cloud and Jiraiya were out the door mere seconds after the order was given.

"I think I just aged a good decade," said Kushina, as she slumped back into her chair, and let out a tired sigh of relief knowing her son came out of this alive.

"Speak for yourself," said Tsunade, as she knew all about aging from stress, and didn't need hers accelerating from this.

"At least Naruto-kun is safe. That is what matters," said Itachi, as he saw everyone nod, and smile at that simple fact.

A simple, but important fact.

(Konoha-Hours Later)

Naruto, Cloud, and Jiraiya walked into the gates to the Leaf with the youngest man of the three still covered in blood that was either his or that of his enemy. His injuries had been healed of course thanks to Kyuubi, but the blood still covered the young Namikaze's body like a badge of honor, and some of his clothing was torn where the Rapier blade had cut through him into his flesh.

"Naruto I'm sorry," said Cloud suddenly making the younger spiky blonde stop and look at older one with a side glance.

"For what?" said Naruto, as he saw Cloud look away, and then look back at him.

"For trying to kill you three years ago. For thinking you would become like Sephiroth in being an enemy to the world rather then its savior," said Cloud before running his hand through his hair.

"You need not apologize for your past actions Cloud Strife. Your fears were not far off three years ago after I found out about my Mother being held against her will. I was very tempted to unleash my rage on the Leaf in the same manner you described Sephiroth did in Nibelheim. However, I didn't do that for various, and several reasons that clearly make me different from my teacher. First, my Mother was alive after it was over, and made loved me regardless of what I had become. Second, all those responsible for my Mother's imprisonment were destroyed in gruesome, and horrifying ways that no tongue in any language this world had to offer can describe. Third, just because I was ruthlessly trained by Sephiroth to be like him, doesn't mean I am him, and will unleash my fury in the same manner. Unlike my teacher, I have control over my sanity, and can think rationally even during times of intense rage," said Naruto, as he continued walking with both men now looking at him in understanding, and still a bit of fear.

Naruto barely got one foot through the door of the Hokage's Office before he was tackled by all his lovers hugging him, kissing him, and a few threatening him to never put them through that again. Naruto countered with hugs, kisses, and told them that they could take it out on Jiraiya or Kakashi since they would be available for it the instant they felt the urge to hurt someone.

Kakashi and Jiraiya didn't like that one bit and even less when the girls all agreed to it since they loved Naruto too much to hurt him.

As to the task at hand, Naruto had to give an official report on the matter with Genesis, which everyone knew about here in the Leaf, and in the other Shinobi village due to each Kage having their own all seeing orb. Still, it was procedure, and Naruto wasn't one for breaking them regardless of that fact. When his report was over, Tsunade told him to go to the hospital with Shizune so she could give him a once over for injuries, and waited until the young Namikaze left before a frown appeared on the female Hokage's face at the chakra signatures heading her way.

The Civilian and Shinobi Council were heading here to talk about Naruto.


'I've had enough of their stupidity! I've had enough of them bitching about Naruto and how they want a leash wrapped around his neck because of Kyuubi being sealed inside of him!' thought Tsunade, as she kept her elbows on her desk, and hands now laced together in front of her face.

She was going to do last some minute internal government cleaning.

(Epilogue-Two Years Later)

Naruto sat patiently at the Hokage's Desk finishing up the last of his paperwork assigned for a Hokage, which was pretty slim when compared to his predecessors years ago, and knew they would be so angry with him if they saw how little he had to do compared to them. After he left with Shizune to the hospital, Tsunade had effectively cleaned house with the current braches of government surrounding the position of Hokage, and removed the people of those positions from office.

Tsunade made and left quite a mess before leaving for the hospital.

After that happened, Tsunade decided that the Civilian, and Shinobi Council needed to be reorganized with Naruto offering certain ideas to make things easier. Since the Civilian Council should not be needed for Shinobi Affairs, they were excluded from all Shinobi matters entirely, and would be handled only by Shinobi due to what the village was. All Shinobi matters big or small would be handled by the Hokage, Shinobi Council, and the Clan Heads of each clan. Each member of the Civilian Council would also handle their own paperwork, which would be presented to the Hokage to read, and then put away in a pile with his seal on each one indicating the reports had met his or her satisfaction. The same went for the Shinobi Council, which now had Jiraiya, and Asuma with the retired Sandaime taking the position of Clan Head (being less stressful) for the Sarutobi Clan seat until his Grandson could take it from him.

Without the so called "assassination attempts".

As for Naruto becoming Hokage himself, it happened not long after Tsunade discovered she was pregnant with the young Namikaze's child, and thus the woman had the shortest reign as Hokage in history. At first, it was simply meant to be temporary thing until after the pregnancy was over, and the woman could balance her Hokage duties with being a Mother. However, Tsunade spent more time with her son, who was named Sephiroth in honor of Naruto's teacher, then she did in being Hokage, and after much talk with her husband in the matter they felt the temporary position should become more permanent.

Naruto agreed, but due to his own time management skills, he never missed out in being with his children, and made sure all important Hokage duties were settled first before the secondary ones were put on hold so he could take care of them later after family time. As it stood, each of his lovers had been pregnant with mostly one child, but Anko had twins, and Hana currently had triplets though Naruto assumed such a number happened more in terms due with the woman's bloodline limit connection to dogs then anything else. Hinata had also given birth to twins with the boy with hair like his Mother and the girl having spiky blonde hair like her Father with a hint of red inherited from Kushina.

Speaking of the woman, the newly named "Grandma Kushina" named by Anko, which made the Uzumaki woman become angry at, had smothered her Grandchildren with so much love, and affection that her own son missed out on when growing up. In terms of emotions, each child also varied since they each inherited their Father's serious demeanor that sometimes sprung up, but they also inherited their respected Mother's emotions too, and with the energy they got from their Father made life in the Namikaze Estates very busy.

That didn't stop Naruto from pulling his weight when it came to the children, as he had been with them since they were born, sometimes standing guard at their only window in the Master bedroom for nights on end with sword drawn to protect his children while his wives slept peacefully. When one cried, he was there to feed them, change diapers, and the like until Kushina thought it was time the Mothers of said children take over after seeing signs of fatigue in the Namikaze Clan Head in doing so much.

Even Itachi had come over to assist in such duties since he had admit to doing such things at his late Mother's request with some of the Uchiha children and even Sasuke himself when he was a baby.

Speaking of Itachi, the man had left the service of the Leaf, and was now regent of Spring Country formerly known as Snow Country. The man had settled down with the famous Princess/Actress of the country was now running things with his newly attained title while Princess Koyuki took a small leave of absence from acting to help raise their child. Their baby girl, who they named Kazahana Kushina was full of life, and keeping both parents busy when they weren't running the country. They gave Kushina her Mother's last name because Itachi wanted to remove himself from his traitorous clan from his life and his little girl was the key to it.

As for Cloud and Tifa Strife, they had a baby boy, who they named Zack in honor of the spiky blonde's good friend, and even named Naruto the boy's Godfather.

Temari named her red haired son after her red haired little brother Gaara, which of course upset Kankuro since he wanted her to name the kid after him, and got swatted with an iron fan for his troubles. As for the Kazekage himself, he was happy for Temari, and was greatly honored to have his nephew named after him.

Haku had a healthy baby boy, which she named Minato after Naruto's Father, and saw how it made the man she loved shed a tear over that fact. Tarumi Mei AKA the Mizukage of Mist had left her position to be with Naruto and even gave it none other to (much to everyone's surprise) Hoshigaki Kisame. They were skeptical at first, but the shark man was actually doing all right, and had even found a girl with a fetish for men with pointy teeth with her favorite color being blue.

Small world.

"Hokage-sama! Its your wife Konan, she going into labor now, and needs you!" said a Chuunin, who had been told in not so many nice words by Konan to get her husband, and have him be there for the arrival of his newest child.

"Of course. Thank you," said Naruto, as he teleported to the hospital, and was instantly by his wife's side.

Konan had worked hard to get into his heart and earn Naruto's love when he came back from his battle with Genesis while under the watchful eye of his Mother. Konan had told the red haired woman all about why she joined, who she joined it with, and why she had left the organization in the first place. Like Kushina, the former Akatsuki member had seen the ravages of war early on, and hated it with the desire to bring peace to all the Elemental Countries. Konan joined in hopes of using the weapon Pein claimed would be the ultimate deterrent to war in the Elemental Countries would bring forth a new era of peace. Over time, Konan could see Pein had lost his way, and could no longer follow him in the name of love like she had before.

After Naruto returned home, Konan presented him with a bouquet of flowers made out of paper to show how much she appreciated all he had done, and requested to become part of the Leaf. Naruto had Konan speak to Tsunade, who agreed to it provided that Kushina, or Naruto watch her under a probationary period of one year.

By the time one year was over, Konan had practically moved into the Namikaze Estate, and married Naruto a few Months later followed by the woman being pregnant soon after the honeymoon.

Soon a new life would join Naruto's family.

(Konoha Hospital)


'Well at least she's original. The others mostly said rusty kunai,' thought Naruto, as he had been threatened like this before with the others, and each one swearing to mutilate him in some fashion.

So far, Tayuya was in the lead followed by Tsunade, Anko, Yugito, and finally Yakumo though the latter of them threatened to tie him down to have her way with him as payback for getting her pregnant rather then mutilate him. Naruto didn't understand it, but all the same ignored the threats, and held his wives hands while they held his, or some part of him while trying to break it with little success.

Anko tried to use her snakes on him, but Naruto anticipated it, and had hit her wrists with temporary chakra suppression seals that lasted until the pregnancy ended. By that point, Anko was too tired to unleash her snakes on Naruto, and when she finally was ready to do it...only Kakashi was in the room watching her while reading his porn book.

Poor Kakashi.

"Keep pushing Konan! You're almost there," said Tsunade, as she had Kushina watching her, and Shizune's child while they handled giving birth to Konan's soon to be child.

"You're doing great Konan-chan," said Naruto, as he held her hand, and ignored the iron grip she had on it.

"Easy for you say. YOUR NOT PUSHING OUT AN ELEPHANT!" said Konan, as she screamed out, and finally freed herself of the child wanting out of her body.

"It's a boy!" said Tsunade, as she gave the red haired child to Shizune, who now gave the child to Naruto to hold since there was more on the way, and Konan would need the rest of her strength for that one.

"What should we name him?" said Naruto, as he heard his wife scream out, and again try to crush his hand.

"Nagato!" said Konan, as she screamed again, and was forcing the newly named boy's twin out of her.

"Another boy!" said Tsunade, as this one had golden hair like Naruto though the child had his Mother's eyes, and most likely her skills with paper.

"Yahiko. His name will be Yahiko," said Konan, as she wanted to name them both after the people close to her heart in their honor, and keep their spirits alive.

"They would be proud of you," said Naruto, as he knew why she chose those names, and kissed her forehead.

"I know. At least this way, they won't be just a memory, and can live on through our children," said Konan, as she kissed Naruto again, and soon had both twins in her arms.

"For as long as I can draw breath Konan-chan, I promise to make sure that our family will never becomes a memory, and bring about a new age of peace to our world," said Naruto, as he looked at his wives in the room, and saw how happy they were at the moment like the others waiting outside for the good news.

They would never become a memory.

They were happy and at peace.


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