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Well, we did the Leaf ninja, and Akatsuki. Now it's time for... HEBI! Warning, may be some spoilers. And a note to Sasuke: Brace yourself. You know that Suka and I don't tolerate you anymore. -_-"

"You wanted to see us, Tsunade?"

There were two girls standing before the Hokage's desk. One of them had long dark chocolate brown hair tied back into a ponytail and big brown eyes. She had on a green jacket, and her headband was tied around her left leg. This particular girl had be acting as the "joy of Tsunade's day" for the past three years.

The other girl was hardly seen in the village ever since she volunteered to be ambassador. The nineteen year old had long black hair, and pale eyes. (All thanks to her Hyuga contact lens!) She was wearing black and white Hyuga robes, and her headband was around her neck. Suka has always been the "hyperactive girl of the Leaf village" from the moment she arrived.

"Yes, I received word that Sasuke has killed Orochimaru."

Suka and Bri took a quick glance at each other. "So it finally happened..." Bri said gloomily. "Snakey choked..."

Suka bumped Bri on the head. "Give him some respect!"

"Oh, I'm sorry. Lord Snakeymaru finally died."

"Yes, and I heard that Sasuke is gathering a team-" Tsunade started, but Bri cut her off.

"Oh no. I know where this is going. You want us to stalk Duck-Butt Uchiha," said the brown-haired girl.

"Lady Tsunade, you can force us to do a lot of things," Suka said.

"Make us spy on Akatsuki."

"Steal Izumo and Kotetsu's jobs."

"Even force Suka to act her age."


"But you cannot get us to spy on Sasuke Uchiha."

"But you two have a talent of sticking yourselves in impossibly stupid situations. And besides, only you two know where Sasuke is."

Bri muttered under her breath, "Curse our knowledge of the manga..."

"Wait... if we spy on Sasuke..." Suka thought out loud. "Then we also get to be with..."

"Suigetsu!!!" Bri finished.

"Who?" Tsunade asked.

"Never mind. We're doing this, Tsunade! We are so doing this!!!"


Sasuke was walking on his way to one of the hideouts when he noticed a familiar face grinning at him.

"Bri Nara..."

"Long time no see... Sasuke."

Sasuke faintly remembered Bri being much more cheerful than she was now. And he remembered that she didn't have such an icy look in her eye.

"Why are you here?" he asked.

"Suka and I heard about how you killed Orochimaru. We want to be part of your Itachi hunting team."

"I already picked the members."

"Come on, what's two more people going to do?"


"I thought so. Let's go get Suigetsu. Suka, Sasuke."

Suka appeared and glared at Sasuke before following Bri.