A few hours after Tobi knocked out everyone...

"Tobi, un! Get over here NOW, un!"

Deidara was chasing Tobi all around the Akatsuki base for over an hour. He was incredibly mad at Tobi for hitting him with a tree branch when he wanted to kill Sasuke. Tobi was just running around yelling out the same excuse.

"Bri-chan made me do it!"

"You idiot, un! You've been saying that since I woke up, un!"

"But Sempai-"

"No, un! Now come here, un!"

Then Leader walked into the living room where Deidara was trying to pin Tobi to the coffee table. The masked man reached out his hand. "H-Help Tobi, Leader-sama!"

"Deidara," the Leader said in a flat tone. "I heard from Tobi about what happened."

The blonde glared at his partner.

"You won't be allowed to leave the base for a while. I won't have you do anything reckless."

Deidara pulled out some clay and tried to stuff it into Tobi's mask. "This is your fault, un!"

"H-Help Tobi! Tobi was just trying to be a good boy!"