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If I Was Picasso

If I was Picasso do you know what I would do? I would paint a picture. No. I would paint hundreds of pictures. If I was Van Gogh I would fill three hundred canvases with his face. His hair. His eyes. Him. If I was Da Vinci I would lay him out naked on his bed and make him stay that way for hours while I sketched out all the fine lines and contours of his strong yet still soft frame. I would spends hours drawing yet admiring every inch of him. If I was Dali I would wander into my other frame of mind. I would ignore reality and paint a picture of us. Together yet separated by the confines of straight jackets. If I was Warhol I would take his picture. Six times. I would change the effects on the camera so each one came out different and yet still incredibly him.

If I was Monet I would I draw him in a very uncharacteristic setting with me standing off in the distance. I would draw him oh so perfect. If I was Rembrandt I would paint a picture so beautiful even the Gods would admire its beauty. It would be of him and it would show his perfection through his faults. If I was an artist I would stare at him all night and all day. I would capture every little detail, memorize it and pour it out onto a blank canvas along with my heart and my soul. I would do this three hundred times. I would make millions off of his beautiful features and his perfection but none of that would matter to me.

Because even if I was Picasso or Van Gogh. Da Vinci or Dali. Warhol or Monet. Or even Rembrandt money and fame would mean nothing to me if he is not mine. Even if I had artistic talent without him my very soul is nothing. But as it is…

"Tyson, stop spacing off!"

"Oh! Sorry, Kai."

I am not an artist.


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