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Let me tell you a story. A story of how Allen Walker became a human.

We would have to start off from the very beginning. The introduction and blah blah blah.

First, mermaids exist. Ignore what your science teachers have said. They are WRONG. Just because you cannot see them, that does not mean that they don't exist. That's one point for the mermaids. They know we exist, but we don't know they exist.

Second, mermaids hate humans. I'm sorry, but that's the truth. They hate humans for polluting the waters, destroying the coral reefs, driving certain species to the point of extinction (actually they have already made some species extinct), just to name a few. And mermaids don't do all talk and no action. No they don't. Why do you think there are so many sea related disasters? My advice: DON'T go too far out into the sea alone. Mermaids take all opportunities to get their revenge.

Third, just like we have presidents and all, mermaids still have their kings and princes and princesses. The king of the mermaids commands the entire seas and oceans. That's 75% of the Earth for you. This guy is more powerful than all the presidents in the world combined. His name is Mana Walker.

Mana Walker had a son and six daughters. As you can see, Allen Walker is Mana Walker's one and only son, heir to the throne. I though it was pretty obvious, judging from the fact that they have the same surname. Moving on, he was THE heartthrob of the underwater kingdom. Many mermaids (both guys and girls) have fought to take a glance of his face (and fainted of nosebleed). Not only was he good-looking, he had a great personality to the boot too. Honest, kind, charming, he swept the entire kingdom off their tails. Naturally, Mana Walker loved his son very much indeed.

So what happens if Allen Walker, loved by all mermaids, happened to dream of becoming a human?

One word.



Allen Walker had few friends. Even though he was popular, he didn't spend much time with other mermaids to become close friends with them due to his important status. He had only his sisters and a fish for friends.

His sisters, starting from the oldest, Aliade, Arian, Ameta, Arun, Aiate, and Aemi, were all equally beautiful and stunning. They all had extremely different personalities from each other. Aliade was kind and gentle, filling in the role of the mother they never had towards them. Arian was playful and fun-filled. Ameta was slightly anti-social, standing aloof and distant from the rest. Arun was tomboyish and liked to pick fights. Aiate was the most devious of them all, able to come up with 100 different pranks at one go. Aemi was a moody mermaid, and was often depressed. Despite their differences, they all loved Allen, the youngest of them all, dearly in their own unique ways. And Allen loved them back equally as much.

Allen owned a golden fish, Timcanpy. It was like a friend whom no one else but he could communicate with. He also did not know why that was so. No one could understand what the golden fish was saying except for himself. Timcanpy had turned up in Allen's bedroom one day mysteriously 7 years ago. Since then, Allen had kept him as a companion he could voice all his troubles too.

Now was one of those times.

"What should I do, Tim? It's so confusing. I want to be a human, to come in contact with them, but under the law, it's already illegal to just be out of the water in case we get seen. Mermaids are supposed to hate humans, what's wrong with me?" Allen threw himself on his bed, covering his face with a pillow.

The golden fish blinked at him. You suck.

Allen sat up straight, shocked. "Whoa Tim, did you just say that I sucked?"

Do you have a tail?

Allen winced. "Yes, Tim, but what is wrong with you today? You normally... no, change that... you have never insulted me before."

YOU are the problem.


You've been whining about this issue for two whole weeks. Sometimes you even forget to feed me. Today is the third time.


Allen hastily rushes to get Timcanpy's food.

Timcanpy ignored the food, fixing its golden eyes on Allen. The latter paid his utmost attention to his pet.

If you want to become a human, find a way to do so. Don't care about what others think and believe. You are not them, you're special, you don't have to believe in what they believe. So stop complaining.

Allen blinked.

"Tim," he started slowly. "I believe I love you. But how do I become a human?"

Now it was the fish's turn to blink.

I don't know. That's your problem.

And promptly turned its back towards its now depressed owner.


Meanwhile, a fat man knitting a scarf watched the scenario unfold through a crystal ball.

"My, my, Allen Walker, precious to all mermaids, wants to become a human?"

The fat man grinned widely, his mouth stretching so far people would have thought impossible.

"I may be just the one to help you out, my dear little mermaid."


A/N: I got the idea for this story when I way reading a compiled book by Disney on fairytale princesses. Seriously, don't ask me why I was reading it in the first place. I also do not know why. I was reading Snow White and trying to fit in the -men characters, laughing at how Kanda totally suited Grumpy(It was quite ironic cause Kanda would be a DWARF and he likes to insult Allen about his height, lol) when suddenly I was struck by this awesome idea of a Yullen fic in The Little Mermaid context:D