First Professor Layton fan fiction…obviously. I don't have everything completely worked out so some chapters may seem better than others. As usual, I didn't spell check or re-read the story. I know that seems odd—for those who are confused about it, it's quite simple. I love writing and I can only write if I have inspiration, otherwise no matter how hard I try, I can't write anything, thus prompts and things tend to not work well for me. However, as much as I adore writing, I also feel I am the worst writer in history and if I were to look over my work, you wouldn't be reading this as it'd be deleted instantly. So, I shall stop boring you and get on with the story before I change my mind as this idea has been nagging me for days now since I beat the second game.

IMPORTANT: THE FOLLOWING CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR THE THIRD GAME (as will some of the story). PLEASE BE AWARE IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE SPOILED. Similarly, the story may change with things from the first game and/or movie, though; I will probably try not to mention that area much until I find out more about each.

So now, as a quick spoiler-contained note, I do consider Luke and Flora close in age. Why? Because Flora doesn't seem completely grown and Luke seems like one of those boys who may have started out a bit short in the growth area and caught up later. As his age has been officially canonized at around 13 at the time of the third game (After all, his "older self" happens to be 23 and it takes place 10 years later), which leads for him to be either 11 or 12 (Whether there's a year or six months inbetween the games or possibly one or the other) in the first game (and obviously 12 or so in the second). As we don't know birthdays, for all we know, he could've been on his way to 14. I'm not going into that though, so we shall just leave it there and head onto the disclaimer.

Disclaimer: I do NOT own Professor Layton or any of the characters. It all belongs to Level-5 and whatnot. I just own the story as I wrote it myself. That is all.

Dear Diary,

Today is an absolutely wonderful day, indeed! He's returning home! I mean…well, I guess this technically never was his home, but I'm sure it felt that way, right? I sure missed him. Despite numerous postcards that I and the Professor would send off, it just wasn't the same as hearing his voice each day.

Flora turned over on her bed and held the book close to her, thinking about the last time she really heard him.

"Mornin', Flora! What did the Professor make for breakfast?"

"Don't you think I made breakfast?"

"If you made breakfast, we wouldn't be eating."

Of course, after thinking back to that, the smile turned into a small frown as she shook her head. Despite his tendency to be somewhat rude, her glee couldn't be hidden at all, and she knew he had grown up…at least somewhat. With that thought, she quickly continued to write.

I mean, sometimes he'd call, but it was quite costly… And even then, seeing him and his expressions really made everything. It's hard to just have one aspect of something you've grown so used to. Thanks to him and the Professor, I really became accustomed to living here in London.

Despite all the pictures though, I'm sure when he walks through the door, it'll be so much more…more…

Flora paused, thinking for a second to try and find the correct word, only to shake her head and continue.

.there really is no word to convey what I'm feeling inside. I think any word is quite an understatement. But yes, our adventures haven't been the same and I definitely can't fill the shoes of the Professor's number one apprentice! Nevertheless, the Professor has taken very good care of me and having that father figure back in my life means quite a lot!

But, really, can you blame me? It's been five years, diary since we last saw him! Since I last saw him. After all, I didn't even see him off…and now that I think about it, I really should have rather than just saying good bye beforehand. However, I don't feel overly horrible about it…after all, I know how strong a bond they had and it was only right not to disturb that. At the very least, I had something to keep me company all these years.

Flora took a quick glance over towards a teddy bear on her desk and continued.

I just hope he won't have to go back anytime soon! I'd hate for him to only be here for a short time… The Professor and I were sure to prepare some tea and cake for his return though!

"Flora!" A voice called from the main room. A smile quickly spread upon her face as she wrote some last words.

I believe he's here, Diary! This is truly a wondrous occasion! Thank you for listening!

Love, Flora

And with that note, she placed the book on her bed and headed out the door.

Yep. Short. Not on purpose, actually—it was meant to be quite longer, but I decided it was best to split this and the rest of this "chapter" into the prologue and chapter 1…so don't worry, Chapter 1 is being written out from my head as we speak and you should see it soon.