Okay, so I decided to try something different. The reputation Dean has with the ladies sort of resembles the reputation of my cousin. We keep saying we wouldn't be surprised if someone would show up on his doorstep one day saying, I'm your kid. Which gave me the idea for this story. I'm probably not this first to write something like this, but this is my take on Dean being a teenage father.

Disclaimer: obviously I do not own Supernatural, or any of the characters that appear in that show. The characters you do not recognize belong to my imagination and all spelling errors are mine too.

Dean is 19, which makes Sam 15.


It was just not his day. First he got into a major argument with his father. He wasn't supposed to be up and around just yet after the injuries he sustained during the last hunt, the ones that had kept them here in this town for way too long. Yet this morning he showed up downstairs announcing he was going to the library to research the next hunt. He had tried to reason with his father, persuade him to let Dean do the research for him, but he wouldn't, claimed he was going to lose his mind if he stayed in bed one more day. Dean was to keep his nose out of his father's business. And then he stormed out, slamming the door shut.

Not 10 minutes later his little brother proved he took after their father, even if he couldn't see it himself. The kid was obviously sick, no doubt picked up something from when they had to go to the hospital to visit their dad because he was stuck there for a whole week. Dean wanted him to stay in bed, catch up on some sleep or something. When Dean was Sam's age he would've taken every opportunity to stay at home. His father wouldn't let him drop out until he was at least 16 and until then he wasn't to skip school because it would draw unwanted attention. But Sam insisted he was fine and desperately wanted to go to school, something about perfect attendance. Dean didn't understand why he bothered, they'd be out of here soon enough and then he'd have to start all over again, nobody would care he had perfect attendance at this school.

And yet he had just dropped off his stubborn little brother, telling him to take it easy, and with strict instruction to call him if he needed to be picked up. He didn't have a fver, which was the only reason Dean had succumbed to Sam's pleading. Or so he tried to convince himself, of course the puppy dog eyes had nothing to do with it. And even if he had refused to bring his brother to school, he was sure Sam would've found a way to sneak out and get there anyway. Besides, Dean didn't think he could've stand a whole day of his little brother's whining.

So now he was home alone, bored out of his mind, waiting for his father to return so that he could apologize. Not that he thought he was wrong, but sometimes you just had to swallow your pride to keep the peace.

Just as Dean was about to go for a run to at least have something to do, somebody knocked on the door quietly. It couldn't be his father, even if he had forgotten his key, he wouldn't just knock, pounding was more his style. Add to that the absence of yelling at him to get his ass over to the door and let his father in and John was ruled out. Maybe Sammy though, but it better not be him. Sam knew better than to ignore his brother when he told him to call if he needed to be picked up. He knew how Dean's big brother senses worked and normally tried to avoid triggering them.

But as Dean couldn't think of anyone else who would show up on their doorstep, it seemed as though ignoring him was exactly what Sam had done.
'Seriously Sam, I told you to…' Dean started as he swung the door open to reveal one of his former girlfriends staring at her shoes embarrassed. Dean tried to put a name to the face, knowing it would make a better impression if he did.

It was her perfume that gave her away. She smelled just like his mother did in whatever memory he had left of her. There was only one girlfriend that used that perfume, and that was Chloe. Taking in the smell and enjoying the memories it brought back, Dean didn't even notice the other, little, human being hiding behind Chloe's legs until he softly let out a 'mommy?' and Chloe turned to pick him up.

'Dean' She said while stroking the little boy's back soothingly.
'Chloe' He replied, staring at the little boy in her arms, she was way too young to be his mother.
'Can we maybe come in?' Chloe asked. Of course, where were his manners? He hadn't even noticed he was still standing in the doorway, blocking the entrance.
'Sure' He said moving aside, making room for Chloe to enter and follow him to the living room. At the question if he could get them something to drink she shook her head.
'So, how did you find me?' Dean wondered, with all the moving around they did that couldn't have been easy.
'I uh…tracked your brother's school records. That seems to be the only thing about your family that can be traced.' She answered. She must have been pretty desperate if she traced Sam's school records. He wondered why she so desperately needed to get in touch with him, but figured she wouldn't just tell him. So Dean kneeled down in front of the little boy. He generally had a way with kids and he figured Chloe would talk more easily if her boy was at ease.

'So, what's your name little buddy?' The boy looked up, big green eyes staring up at him.
'James' He softly replied
'That's a great name. My name's Dean, but I like James much better, maybe I should be called James' Dean said teasingly, laughing slightly as the boy shook his head frantically.
'Mine. Me is James, you not James' He replied seriously and giggled at Dean's pouting, placing a little hand on his shoulder as if to provide comfort.
'Ah well, I suppose Dean's cool too right?' James nodded smiling.
'And how old is James?'
'So many fingers' James declared proudly, sticking three fingers in the air.
'Oh wow, you're a big boy, you're almost grown up!'

Chloe watched Dean interact with her son and smiled sadly.
'Dean, his name is James' She started
'Yeah, I got that' Dean answered, not even bothering to look her in the eye.
'James Winchester' Dean's head snapped up to face his former girlfriend.
'What?!' He managed to let out.
'He's yours' Chloe simply stated.

It made sense, he was 15 when he was seeing Chloe, thought she was the one too, until of course his father had finished the hunt and they moved on. With the boy being three years old, including the pregnancy that meant James was created around that time.

'Bu…but, that can't be, we had safe sex, right?' Dean stuttered, unconsciously shaking his head no. No this was not right. The timeframe fit, as did the big green eyes, blond hair and freckles he now noticed on the boy's nose, but it could not be his child. He never did the deed unprotected an children didn't just magically start growing in women's bellies.

'You know as well as I do that that doesn't mean anything, an accident happens before you know it' Chloe retorted. Dean moved to sit on the sofa opposite Chloe, head in hands mumbling something unintelligible.

'Dean, I need you to take care of him' Once again Dean's head snapped up and his eyes grew big. He opened his mouth to say something, closed it again because words didn't seem to come out, he realized he must look like a fish on the dry so he kept his mouth close until he was sure that he had found his voice again.

'You want me to do what? You're just going to march in here telling me that I have a kid that I knew nothing about for three years and announce I have to take care of him? You're unbelievable!' He yelled at Chloe, but stopped when James started sniffing, upset by the yelling.

'It's alright buddy, mummy and daddy are not angry at you' Chloe soothed the toddler, looking at Dean again she started speaking again
'Dean, I'm sorry. I can't anymore. You're going to think I'm the worst mother in the world for this and you'd probably be right, but I just can't' Tears appeared in her eyes as she said it.

'Chloe, how am I supposed to take care of a child? Look around, does this seem like a place a child could grow up in? But then again, it wouldn't be home for much longer because within days we'll pack our bags and move on again. Those are no conditions for a child to grow up in, believe me, I know.' Dean argued. He did not want his son to have the same childhood he and Sam had. He needed a stable home with a mother to take care of him, to sing him to sleep at night and tell him angels were watching over him. He didn't need to live in countless motels, moving from one school to the next, never really fitting in anywhere. He didn't need monsters and demons that could hurt him, or worse.

'Dean please' Chloe pleaded.
'Don't Chloe…just don't' The phone rang and Dean considered letting it ring until he thought of Sam. Maybe he needed to get home and Dean not answering the phone would mean he'd walk home.
'I need to get that. Sit tight, we need to talk about this' He told Chloe, leaving her in the living room while he rushed to the kitchen to answer the phone before it stopped ringing.

'Is this Dean Winchester?' An elderly woman on the other hand of the line asked as soon as Dean had answered.
'Yes it is, who's asking?'
'My name is Mrs. Cooks. I'm the school nurse at your brother's school. Sam collapsed during one of his classes. He's running a fever so maybe you could come to pick him up?' She explained the reason for her phone call.
'Is Sam okay?' Dean questioned as he tied his shoelaces. Chloe was going to have to wait a little while.
'Yeah, I think it's just the flu, it's going around you know. A little sleep and he'll be back to normal soon enough' The nurse told him and Dean sighed a breath of relief.
'I'm on my way. Thanks for calling' Dean said before putting the phone down and walking back into the living room.

'Chloe, I'm going to pick up my little brother from school, he's sick. Chloe?' No reply came and Dean looked around the room for the girl, but all he found was a little boy standing in the middle of the room, tears streaming down his face. The toddler stared pleadingly at him 'Daddy?'
Dean stood there looking at the boy. They should have definitely left this town days ago.


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