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'Never look back Dean' The words echoed in his head over and over again, the image of her retreating back still clearly visible. He didn't know what to do, he wanted to get Chloe out of there, safe her from her father, but those words…what had she meant by them? Did she really think it would be better for him to not come back for her, or was she just trying to put on a brave face? But first things first, he had to get James somewhere safe. He pulled the little boy currently sitting on his lap a little closer to his chest and planted a kiss on the back of his head before ruffling his hair.

'Daddy' James whined, his hand reaching up to swat Dean's hand away.

Sam turned around in the front seat and smiled.

'What?! You don't like me doing this?' Dean smirked, ruffling James' hair again. 'Uncle Sam loves it when I do it' He added, reaching over to the front seat and before Sam could do anything about it he messed his hair up.

'DEAN!' Sam let out, hands covering his head trying to protect his hairdo from his big brother.

'Oh I'm sorry princess, did I mess with your hair? Is your perfect hairdo now ruined? Do you need dad to stop so you can fix it again?' Dean teased, he knew exactly how to get on his little brother's nerves.

'Dean, I look like an idiot' Sam stated, looking at himself in the mirror, trying to brush the strays of hair back where they belonged with his fingers, not really succeeding because some stubborn hairs kept sticking out.

'No change there, bro' James had observed his father and uncle with wide eyes and now started giggling.

'Oh you think this is funny do you?' Sam said to him, faking anger. He tried to mess with James' hair as well, but couldn't quite reach, so he sat on his knees and tried again, nearly falling over the chair, tumbling into the backseat. John had to reach for his legs to stop that from happening, Dean pushed him back, laughing loudly.

'Great stunt Sammy'

'Sam, please sit on your buttocks' John scolded Sam as if he was a little boy, a smile playing on his lips. Sam shot him an annoyed look, but did turn back around again without starting another argument, much to Dean's relief.

'Where we going?' Sam wondered after a while. Dean saw their father cocking his eyebrows in the rearview mirror. Dean shrugged, he had absolutely no idea where they were going either, as long as their father would take them far away from Moorcroft. He hadn't had time to explain to either his father or brother what had happened. He came home and told Sam to start packing their stuff together, whilst he went in search of their father. He knew both of them wanted to know badly what was going on, but both of them had kept their mouths shut up till know, doing what Dean told them to do, trusting his judgment for now.

John's eyes turned back to the road and Dean noticed their speed picking up a little more. His father seemed to understand that he wanted to get out of there quickly.

'We are going to stop somewhere for the night, see if there's anything fun for you to do and if not, we'll move on tomorrow' John explained and Dean figured he did that for James' sake. The bigger question of course would be whether or not there was a hunt nearby, but the kid didn't need to know that.

'We could go to the zoo, or a playground or something, you'd like that buddy?' Dean asked, James nodded happily.

'We'll have to see if there's anything like that around, but I promise you that we'll go do something fun alright?' Another happy nod.

'Can I come to?' Sam piped up from the front seat.

'What do you think buddy, can uncle Sam come?' Dean asked James, pretending to think really hard about it, James mimicked his movements, crossing his arms, putting his chin on his fist and frowning. Sam turned around in his seat again and pouted at the two of them

'Pretty pretty please!' He tried. Dean bend down and whispered in James' ear

'We better let him come or his face might stay that way' James laughed, climbed of Dean's lap and threw himself at Sam, who reached out and caught him before he could fall.

'Boys, please. Could everyone just remain seated now, I'd rather not end up on the side of the road' John pleaded.

'Yes sir, sorry sir' Both Sam and Dean said.

'Looks like you're going to have to stay with me' Sam said to his nephew.

'You come too' James stated, snuggling to Sam's chest. Not long after that he was sound asleep.

'Never look back Dean' Dean's eyes flew open and he shot up, glancing around the room confused.

'Okay Dean?' Sam asked from the other bed, sounding still very much asleep.

'Yeah Sam, go back to sleep' Dean replied, letting his head fall back down on the pillow. Everything in the room was as it was supposed to be. James sleeping tightly with him in the bed, Sammy in the bed next to theirs, his breath evening out already, the salt lines weren't disturbed for as far as he could see and the only thing that was keeping him from sleeping was the nightmare that kept playing in his head. He had seen Chloe walk away and then something happened to her, he couldn't remember what exactly, but he knew something was seriously wrong and it bothered him even though he knew it was supposed to be just a dream.

He had made up his mind though, he was going back for Chloe. No matter what she had said, he couldn't turn his back on her. First thing tomorrow morning he would ask his father for the car keys and go back to Moorcroft. That decided, Dean closed his eyes and eventually fell asleep.

'Dad, can I uh…borrow the car keys?' Dean asked his father. He had managed to get him alone for a while, being up earlier than both Sam and James, which was a miracle in itself.

'What?' John asked, checking if he hadn't misheard

'Can I borrow the car keys?' Dean asked again, sounding a little more confident now.

'What do you need to car keys for?' Dean considered a smartass come back, something like "to drive the car" but he decided against it.

'I'm going back for Chloe' Dean stated, he had explained briefly what had happened when he met Chloe to his brother and father, but hadn't gone into details. 'I can't leave her there, James is safe here with you and Sam, so I'm going back' John nodded

'I'm coming with you' he said

'But dad…' Dean objected, he hadn't planned on his father coming along '…who will look after James?'

'Sam will look after James' John simply answered, getting his shoes on

'And who will look after him?' Dean snorted. That was going to be great, Sam babysitting James, and not just an hour or so with him and their father within walking distance.

'Dean, he's fifteen, you can trust him with your kid' John defended Sam, Dean looked at him surprised, he never thought he would hear those words out of his father's mouth.

'Don't look at me like that. Now go wake your brother up, I'll start the car. If we leave now we can be back before dark' John instructed, Dean nodded, accepting that he wasn't going to change his father's mind. He followed his father out the door and went back to the room he shared with Sam and James.

When he opened the door Sam was already sitting up, hand under the pillow probably reaching for the knife Dean knew to be there. Once Sam recognized his older brother his hand came back up empty.

'It's only me, don't go throwing any knifes at me' Dean joked, all the while glad that his brother wouldn't let anyone come into their room that didn't belong there. Sam smiled, pulled the covers back and swung his legs from the bed.

'I'm going back to Moorcroft, with dad' Dean said, Sam dropped his duffel and looked at him shocked.

'You're going to do what?' He asked in disbelief.

'I'm going to get Chloe, you look after James for me, will you? If we leave now, dad says we can be back before dark. If we don't make that, just get him to bed. There's some money on the nightstand, go get some food for the two of you. Other than that, please don't leave the room. You know how to lay the saltlines, be sure to check them' Dean instructed

'Dean, I'm fifteen' Sam whined.

'So I'm told. But seriously Sam, I trust you. Please look after my boy'

'I will Dean, I promise' Sam answered, looking very serious.

'Good, see you tonight' Dean said, walked to his bed where James was still softly snoring and kissed him on the forehead.

'Goodbye buddy, daddy loves you. I'll bring your mommy back to you' He whispered, not loud enough for Sam to hear what he was saying. Then he got up and walked out the door where his father was waiting in the car.

The drive back to Moorcroft seemed to take much longer than it had the day before, even though his father was stepping on it. His father had tried making small talk, but when Dean didn't respond half the time he gave up on that and cranked the music up a little. Every now and then his thoughts drifted to the motel room where his brother and son were. He wondered what they were doing, what Sam had told James about where they were and what they were doing.

Dean grew more and more anxious the closer they got to their destination. The pit in his stomach just wasn't settling. Something felt off and with his nightmare from the day before still in the back of his mind he got restless.

It was some time after noon when they reached the first houses of the town they had left the day before in such a hurry.

'You have any idea where she lives?' John asked, Dean hadn't thought about that. He shook his head, he had absolutely no idea where she lived or where to start looking for her.

'Might just go the grocery store I saw her in yesterday and ask around a little bit. In a town this size someone is bound to know where to find her' Dean suggested. His father didn't say anything, but parked the car right outside the grocery store.

'You coming in with me?' Dean asked, when his father didn't follow him out of the car. John shook his head.

'You go, I'll wait here and see if I can spot her on the streets somewhere' His father answered. Dean shrugged and walked into the grocery store.

He was about to approach someone when he overheard two older ladies talking.

'You heard about that fire yesterday? Such a tragedy' One of them said, that got Dean's interest and he edged closer trying to catch more of what they were saying, without them noticing him eavesdropping.

'I know, poor Ben, they say that girl of his did it, can you believe someone would do that to their own father? It's a good thing her son was out of town. And I already thought him disappearing was a little suspicious. Such a waste, she always seemed like a decent girl' The other woman answered.

'But I suppose with a reckless girl that gets pregnant at such a young age, you never know what to expect.' The first woman sneered. Dean's eyes grew wide when he made the link.

'Excuse me' He said, walking over to the two elderly ladies. 'I couldn't help but overhear you. That girl you were talking about, any change her name's Chloe, she has a really cute three year old, named James' He really hoped they would say no, but of course they didn't.

'Yes, Chloe, that's what she's called' One of the ladies nodded. Dean sighed.

'Can you tell me what happened?' He asked

'She a friend of yours?' Dean nodded.

'Such a waste. There was a fire in their house, seems like that girl started it. It's unbelievable, why would you do that to your own father?' The woman wondered again.

'Please tell me she made it out' Dean pleaded, fearing the answer

'No boy, I'm sorry but neither she nor her daddy made it out alive' Dean had to swallow back the lump in his throat and fought against the tears. He was too late.

'Where did it happen?'He asked, voice sounding raspy from the tears held back. He felt the need to go there, see it for himself.

'Oh, just a block from here, you can't miss it really' The lady that had done most of the explaining shrugged.

'I'm really sorry boy' She called after Dean as he walked out of the grocery store. He didn't turn around, didn't answer her. He walked straight on, towards the alley where he had last seen her. He passed the car with his father still in it, without noticing. Seconds later footsteps sounded behind him and his father's voice was calling his name, but he was too far gone to really notice it.

He kept walking, through the alley and into the street behind it. He didn't stop walking until he was standing in front of the house. Or better, what was left of it, which wasn't much to say the least. There was a gaping hole in the middle of the street, the ceilings had collapsed and all that was still standing where the walls that were supposed to support the whole structure. Everything still smelled of the fire.

Standing in front of this mess that once had been the house of the mother of his child, his son's home too, he couldn't keep the tears at bay. He cried silently, his father came up beside him and put his arm round his shoulder.

'She's gone dad, I was too late' Dean whispered before breaking down to sobs. His father rubbed his back and held him close.

'Don't worry Dean, everything will be okay eventually'


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