Spirrrit! Heelp me!" Shinigami-sama's cheerful voice said, full of pity. Spirit ran into the mirror room to see Shinigami hovering over something he could not see.
"Wh—what Shinigami-sama? What do you need?"
"Come here," he said, urgently. Spirit trotted over, still huffing from the run to the room. He looked at what Shinigami was intently looking at to see… wait—what?
Spirit didn't believe what he saw. There was a tiny table-looking thing with a small baby boy who was looking up and Shinigami intently.
"Sh—Shinigami-sama? Where did the Kid come from?"
Shinigami replied simply
"Help! I cant do this!" weakly as he fiddled with the child's diaper. Spirit looked at the child and saw his eyes—which were an amber-golden-topazy color—and his hair, which strangely was fully grown at such a young age, and strangely had three light white stripes in his hair. Spirit giggled and said
"That's what you called me in for? To teach you how to do a child's diaper?"
"Well—this child is mine—so I'll need to know how to work it."
. A light frown was on his face, not a frown of anger, but a frown of frustration and worry.
"I don't want a stinky baby in here all the time—I won't be able to concentrate on my work."
"Well," Spirit began—trying not to laugh. Shinigami obviously wasn't used to babies.
"I've had to change little Maka's diaper for weeks now, so I would say I'm pretty much a professional. See here, first you take the dirty diaper off—" Spirit said, taking a random object to represent Death's Kid.
"Then—you take a baby wipe and wipe the mess off the baby's bum—" he said, doing so
"Then, finally, you put the new diaper on." Spirit grabbed some name brand diaper—pampers, I believe—and swiftly put the diaper on the pillow he had grabbed. He smiled, and with amusement dripping from his tongue he said
"Now—you try."
"OK~" Shinigami said, "I think I get it now." After a while of fiddling around trying to get the diaper off—which was a task because of such large hands—he did most of the instructions correctly—all but one. He managed to put the diaper on. . . backwards. Spirit grabbed the bridge of his nose between his thumb and forefinger and walked over to stand beside Shinigami.
"It's a… good start…" Spirit said. Shinigami was practically emitting proud-ness and Spirit couldn't help but laugh.
"The diaper's on backwards, Shinigami." Shinigami slumped as Spirit continued to laugh his head off.
"Shinigami CHOP!"
Spirit now lay on the floor, spouting blood from his freshly dented head.
The kid was watching his 'father's' hand intently. Shinigami playfully wiggled the non-bloodied hand in front of the child's face giggling
"That's how you're going to deal with annoying people, hmm~!" Spirit coughed as Death's Son grabbed the finger and stuck it in his mouth.