This was written for Boogum's Sentence, Post #371 for the OSS challenge thread in The DG Forum.

He was the snake in the grass – in this case, the devil behind the glass – but she couldn't deny that his temptation was exciting. She knew that he was an arrogant jerk. She knew that he was just like his father; charming and charismatic but it was just smoke and mirrors, she knew what they were really like. She knew that he would do whatever ;and in this case whoever; to get to what he wanted. She just didn't want to know.

He seemed nice enough. He would hold her tightly to his chest in the dead of night and whisper sweet words into her ears as the wind howled outside the window. He would walk with her in the corridors and steal innocent kisses when they had to part. To every other student he seemed like the perfect gentlemen. To everyone else he would appear to have turned over a new leaf, but Ginny new better. Ginny new that he was only using her so that he could mend his wounded reputation.

Every time she would try to pull away from him and his lies, he would reel her back in with his addictive personality and his liquid silver eyes. She knew this game and she could play it well enough, but he was a master. He knew all the tricks of the trade and she wouldn't put it past him to use them all to his advantage.

Even though she knew it would all end badly she just couldn't make herself leave. She was drawn to him like a moth to a flame. And he just loved his control over her.