Bella Swan has had a somewhat traumatic childhood which was brought about by being the daughter of the FBI director for the state of Washington. Though the years she has put her life back together be engaging in activities involving children. She is now a teacher in one of the prestigious private schools in Maryland which caters to both normal and special needs children.

Edward Cullen is a doctor specializing in pediatric oncology. He too loves children and helps in one of the community centers in Baltimore, Maryland that is funded in part by his mother's foundation. He has had several failed relationships and has chosen to let time take its course in this part of his life.

What will happen when his eye is caught by a beautiful brunette?

What role will the children, who have been a big part of each of their lives, play in getting them together?

Let's join the couple and other characters in this story of living life and finding love.

*** Rated M for lemons in future chapters.

Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight or it's characters. I also do not own any of the well known brands and places that i will be using in the story.

Disclaimer applies to all chapters that will be published.