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Chapter 40



I was sitting by the tram stop at the Maryland Zoo rubbing my tummy when an excited three year old started to pull on my coat. "I want ephelant mommy!" Eli said. While Tony, his twin said as he pulled on my purse "Dog mama! Me want the dog."

Ah yes, Edward and I have three year old twin boys and today I decided to take them to the zoo with their cousins. We were going to meet up with Alice and her children, Lyle and Annie, and Rose will also be joining us with Joshua. Bree and Riley were at school today.

"Mommy!" my mini Edwards whined. Yes, my boys looked exactly like Edward down to the bronze hair and the green eyes. At first glance you won't even think they were mine.

"Just a minute boys. Were supposed to meet Aunt Alice and Rose here. Then we'll ride the tram together to get to the main zoo," I told them.

"With Joshua?" Eli asked before Tony said "And Lyle?" Joshua was now five but loved to play with my boys. Lyle, Alice's eldest who was their age, completed the bunch and the four of them have just become inseparable.

About a week before I found out that I was pregnant with the twins, Alice and Jasper announced that they were expecting. Alice and I went through our pregnancies together with the coaching of Rose and our mothers. We went through everything together down to the vomiting and heavy eating.

When we found out that we were having twins, Edward was ecstatic. He doted on me more than he usually did and made sure I was always comfortable. We decided to name our boys after him and our fathers. Eli was born first and his full name is Edward Carlisle while Tony was named Anthony Charles.

Three years later, here we are again. I'm currently at thirty-eight weeks and this time the sonogram indicated that we were having a girl. Edward said he hopes she would look like me but somewhere in the back of my mind, I was doubtful of that. I think my daughter will still have his hair. I'll just have to find a way to tame it when she gets older.

"Joshua!" Eli shouted pulling me out of my reminiscing.

"Hi Bella," Rose said and plopped down beside me. "Gosh, look at my ankles! They're already swelling, and I'm wearing support stockings!" Yes, Rose was pregnant for the third time but their fourth child as well. It was funny that a week after me and Edward said that we were expecting again, she announced that she was expecting as well. By sonogram, she was also supposed to have a girl.

"Lyle!" Tony shouted and Alice strutted towards us while pushing Annie on the stroller.

"Sorry were late. Annie made poo poo. Shall we?" Alice asked and we made our way to the trams.

When we got off the tram, the kids ran towards the African Journey Entrance. "Boys, wait for us!" I yelled. Alice left Annie with me and ran after them since her stamina matched theirs. She held them for us as we made our way to the entrance.

After the kids had their fill of the animals, we headed to the restaurant for lunch. The kids had chicken strips and fries while we adults had a salad and sandwich. When the kids were all cleaned up from lunch we stood up and made our way to the Wilderness part of the park.

While we were by the otters and red fox, a stabbing pain ran from my back straight to my lower abdomen. "Ouch!"

"Are you okay Bella?" Alice asked.

"Uh, yeah. Their just Braxton-Hicks contractions."

"How long have you been having them?"

"About three days or so. We had Kate check me out but my cervix was still closed then."

"Well, I think you better sit down. I'll take the boys and you can watch Annie." I agreed and she went to take the boys around. Annie was sleeping so it wasn't much work. It took them about an hour to go around the area and by about 2:00, we were on the tram and headed back to the entrance.

Alice and Rose helped me get the kids into the car seat before loading theirs up as well. Rose went first, then me and Alice pulled up the rear. Midway to our house, I felt the stabbing pain again which was quickly followed by another.

I pulled over on the side of the road and did my deep breathing exercises. "Mommy, are you okay?" Eli asked.

"Maybe we should call daddy," Tony suggested as Alice came up to my window.

"What is it Bella?" Alice asked.

"Uh, I felt it again," I said.

"Can you make it to the hospital?"

"I think so."

"Okay, we better make it fast." Alice said and ran back to her car.

I fished my phone out of my bag and gave it to the boys. Eli took hold of it. "If anything happens I want you to call daddy alright? Just press one then the green button."

"Okay mommy," they answered in unison. I really didn't have much choice so I just pulled back on the freeway and headed straight for Hopkins.


I had just finished my meeting and was walking back to my office when I heard two little voices calling for their father. "Daddy! Daddy!" I turned around and found my mini me's running towards me and finally crashing into my legs.

I bent down and gave them both a tight hug. "Hello, my sons. What are you doing here?"

"It's mommy, daddy," Eli said.

"What's wrong with mommy?"

"She said something was painful," Tony replied.

"Who's with you?" I asked.

"I am," Rose came waddling towards me with Joshua at her side.

"What happened to Bella, Rose?"

"She's been having pains. It got worse while we were on our way home that she had to pull over so Alice suggested that we come over. She's in L & D and Kate is checking her out."

I took my boys by the hand and headed over to labor and delivery. "Shelly, I'll be in labor and delivery," I notified her as I walked past.

"Is it time?" she asked.

"I think so."

"Alright, keep me updated."

We quickly made our way up to labor and delivery and the nurse on duty suddenly smiled when she saw me. "Good afternoon, Dr. Cullen. I didn't know you had a delivery. Oh, and who are these little cuties?" she asked smiling flirtatiously.

"My sons. What room is my wife in?" I replied sternly.

"Oh, Mrs. Cullen is in four-one-six."

"Thank you." I pulled on my sons and walked towards Bella's room. I was fuming at the relentless females that kept throwing themselves at me. I was married with children for crying out loud!

"Hey baby," I said once I entered Bella's room.

"Hi honey. Uh oh, what happened?"

"Huh? What do you mean? Shouldn't I be asking you that?"

"Your eyebrows are about to say hi to each other meaning something happened. Did something happen to daddy?" She turned and asked the boys and they both shrugged.

"The lady at the front desk was smiling funny at Uncle Edward," Joshua replied as he and Rose entered the room.

"Huh?" she said and looked at Rose.

"I think she was trying to flirt with him and even asked who the twins were," Rose replied.

"Hello, they look exactly like me. Isn't it obvious that they are my sons?" I snapped.

"Boys, come to mommy," Bella motioned for them and I helped them sit on the bed. She whispered something to them and looked over at Rose. They did some weird eye communication thing and Rose just smiled back. The boys ran to Rose and she took them and Joshua out of the room.

"Come here honey," she said patting the bed beside her. I sat down and she immediately wrapped her arms around me. "You know Dr. Cullen, you are just too irresistible for your own good. You used to brush off these things. What's changed now?"

Well, she did have a point. What did change now? I thought it over before responding. "Well, for one, I'm wearing a ring and our wedding was published in the magazine. Isn't it obvious that I'm off limits?"

"It maybe for you, but not everyone will accept defeat. They will try..." she stopped and took a deep breath and held it.

"Bella, what's wrong baby?" I asked and she started breathing in and out holding on to her tummy. "Bella?" I asked again and she pointed over to the monitor. I looked over at it and saw that she was having another contraction, and a strong one at that.

I noticed that the tracing showed her contractions being about three minutes apart meaning she was in active labor. "Did Kate check you out?" she nodded. "How many centimeters are you already?"

"She said three and my bag of waters is still intact. I think she plans to rupture it sooooon. OWWW!" she said and started breathing in and out again as she let the contraction die down. I took out my phone and called Kate. She told me she was on her way over.

"Is the pain unbearable Bella?" Kate asked as she walked into the room.

"Yeah, a bit."

"Well, let's check you out and see if we can give you the epidural." Kate put on sterile gloves and some lubricant on her fingers before checking on Bella. "Uh, how long ago did I say that you were three centimeters?"

"Maybe two hours ago," Bella replied.

"And the contractions have been getting stronger since then?"

"Uh, yeah. And I think my water already broke."

"Well, you are now seven centimeters and yes your bag is gone. I'm sorry that I can't give you the epidural at this point because it might halt the labor process. You're doing really well and I don't think you'd want to end up having a C-section."

"Oh, alright."

"But I can give you a little sedation so you can rest between contractions. Would you want that?" Kate asked and Bella looked over at me.

"Do we want that? Will the baby be safe?" she asked.

"You the one in pain baby. I'm just here to give you support and check our baby when it comes out. But the medication will be safe. The dose is very small," I explained.

"Well, okay then," she told Kate.

We went through the next couple of hours with Bella alternating between rest and contractions. She was doing really well and the sedation was working. By about 7:00 in the evening Bella started to become uneasy. "What is it baby?"

"I think it's time Edward," she said. I reached for the phone and asked the desk to contact Kate. She arrived in about five minutes. She again put on gloves and checked on Bella.

"You're fully dilated and the head is coming. We'll start pushing on your next contraction," Kate told her. We positioned her legs high on the stirrups and coached her as the next contraction hit. "You are doing very well Bella. You're already crowning. Come take a look Edward."

I moved and saw the hair of my baby girl and Bella was right. It was still my hair color. This caused me to chuckle. "What are you laughing at?" Bella asked me with narrowed eyes.

I leaned in closer to her and kissed her forehead. "I believe she has my hair," I said and we both laughed together until another contraction hit.

"Alright Bella, one last big push. One, two, three, and push." As Bella pushed I saw Kate maneuver the head of my baby to get it free. When she had completely delivered our baby, she rubbed the back a few times and our baby broke out the most beautiful sound in the world. "It's a girl!" Kate exclaimed.

"Would you like to cut the cord daddy?" Kate asked me handing me the scissors. I did the honors and my baby was brought to the warmer.

"Check on her Edward," Bella urged and even pouted at me. She knew that I would not want to leave her side but our daughter was more important to her at this point. I went over to the warmer where my resident already started the evaluation. She reported her findings for the first minutes and I assessed the fifth minute. My daughter had an APGAR score of 9,9, which was close to perfect.

She was wrapped in a blanket and I took her over to Bella. "Gosh, what is it with your hair?" she laughed.

"I have no idea baby," I said and put our baby in her arms. "Hello sweetheart," I said and kissed the top of my daughters head. Her eyes started to flutter open and we found ourselves staring into big brown eyes. "Hey, she has your eyes!"

"Indeed she does. Can you get our boys?" she asked and I nodded. I walked out of the room and found my boys playing in the waiting area.

"DADDY!" they both shouted.

"Would you like to meet your baby sister?"

"YES!" they both shouted and took each of my hands.

As we entered the room they both ran towards Bella and tried to climb on the bed. "Hey, hold it boys. Don't squish mama and the baby." I helped them up and placed them on either side of Bella. I took out my phone and took a picture of the loves of my life.

"Why don't you join them," Kate called from behind me. I nodded and handed her my phone and stood to the right. "Okay everyone, smile." Kate took several pictures and handed my phone back to me. I kissed all of them, walked over to the couch and literally plopped myself down.

I immediately closed my eyes and lay my head back. Not long after I felt two little figures cuddle into me from both sides and kissed my cheek with a matching, "We love you daddy!"

My life was truly perfect!

1 week later…

It was a Saturday and I was enjoying a swim with my boys while Bella and our daughter, Ashley Marie, were laying on one of the lounge chairs we have set up on the deck. I watch in awe as Bella nursed our baby girl under her baby blanket.

"Daddy! Carry!" Tony yelled as he jumped on my back. "Me too daddy!" Eli said as he hung from my front. In the three years I've had my twins I still cannot believe how much trouble they could be. My mom would always say I was the same way when i was younger so it was hereditary. I knew she was teasing me.

As Bella finished nursing Ashley, our house phone started to ring. Bella picked up the cordless phone that was next to her. "Hello?" She listened and motioned me to come over.

"Daddy needs to answer the phone boys," I said causing them to groan in protest but they still followed when I told them to sit by the stairs and wait for me to get back.

"Hello?" I said into the phone.

"Edward? Rose is in labor. We need you at the hospital ASAP," Emmett's frantic voice said.

"Okay bro. Calm down. This is your third delivery and you should be used to it by now."

"But she's screaming and swearing at me Edward!" he whined.

"So what else is new? Calm down bro. I'll be right over." I hung up the phone and turned to Bella. "Rose is in labor, I need to go to the hospital." I took out my phone and called Kate to get the update. Rose was two centimeters with an intact bag of waters. But since this is her third, her labor should progress faster than the first timers.

"Okay. Boys, daddy has to leave and mommy can't swim yet. Let's go have a bath then we can watch a movie," Bella called and the boys came running over and each grabbed a towel.

"Will you give me a bath when I get home as well?" I whispered to Bella before nibbling on her ear lobe.

"Perv! Not in front of the children. But maybe, if you're a good boy," she whispered back and ran her hand down my chest before walking into the house with Ashley. Evil woman!

As she got the boys cleaned up, I ran to our shower and took a quick bath before donning my scrubs. I kissed all of them good bye and headed for the hospital.

As I was on my way up to labor and delivery my phone started to ring again. "Hello?"

"Ed, where are you man? They're starting to make her push." Emmett.

"I'm in the elevator. What's your room number?"

"Four-one-one," he replied.

"Okay, I'll be there in two."

As the door opened on the fourth floor, I didn't even bother to greet anyone. I made a bee-line for Rose's room and as I entered Kate said to me, "You're just in time." Then a baby started crying.

"Congratulations! It's a girl!" Kate said as she cut the cord after Emmett declined. She was brought to the warmer and I checked her out. Everything was perfect. I handed the baby to Rose and she smiled lovingly at her.

After I had transferred the baby to the nursery and filled out all the paperwork, I made my way home to my own family.

As I entered the house I found Bella and my kids on the couch in the den all cuddled up together. The boys, one on either side of her, and Ashley on her chest. I took the camera from the cabinet and snapped a few pictures before positioning it and activating the timer so i could join them.

When that was done, I stowed away the camera and kissed each of them before telling them I loved them. I situated myself beside Eli and draped my arm over them. Not long after that I joined my family in dreamland.

Life couldn't get any better!

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