A random KakaHina one-shot. Yeah...

I think this will be a collection of KakaHina one-shots that really have no place in my regular writing, lol. I just love that pairing... so yeah. You can expect it to be from different time periods, different ages, and... pretty much just random, unrelated one-shots will be in this collection. Mmhmm.

Summary: Naruto wonders whether Kakashi's gay and sets out on a mission to find out his type. He's utterly surprised to find that it's not blondes, not brunettes, not red-heads... but someone else entirely.

Rookie Nine: 19

Kakashi: 33

Disclaimer: I don't own anything.

Secret Mission

Naruto yawned into his hand lazily and eyed the patrons of the hospital with teary eyes. 'I wonder when Sakura-chan will finish her shift…' He moved from his uncomfortable sitting position and leaned back into the thin couch. 'I'm so bored.'

His eyes fluttered shut and stayed shut for a few minutes. Just as he felt the beginnings of blissful sleep begin to take over him, the loud resounding 'bang' of the hospital doors opening sharply made him jump up. With his heart beating rapidly against his rib cage, Naruto turned to face the loud entity. His eyes widened in shock when he saw a familiar shock of mussy silver hair.

"Eh? Kakashi?"

His former sensei turned slightly before catching sight of him and lifted up a hand. "Yo, Naruto."

Naruto walked towards him slowly. "What are you doing here?" he asked curiously.

Kakashi's eye crinkled as he raised his hand to plop it down on something behind him. Naruto tilted his head and finally caught sight of a small trembling body set on the service desk. Under Kakashi's hand was a messy comb of red curls.

Naruto grinned. "You're watching the Academy students?"

His former sensei nodded tiredly. "I have been for a week now. I'll be on duty until Iruka gets back from his Suna trip."

Naruto nodded in understanding. He'd been one of the few that had seen off Iruka for his mission in Suna. It had something to do with negotiating exchanging lesson plans or whatever.

A loud whimper erupted from behind Kakashi, making Naruto step a bit closer to see behind the tall, silver-haired man. Sitting on the desk top was a little boy, probably no older than eight, with tears in his eyes, a pout on his lips, and a cut on his arm that looked to have been inflicted by a kunai.

Naruto whistled at the sight. "Whoa, what happened, Kakashi?"

Kakashi ran a hand through his silver hair with a sheepish look in his eye. "Well… I kind of turned my back for a second… and then weapons went flying… and yeah."

Naruto laughed. "Gotcha. Well, Sakura-chan should be out in a minute or something."

Kakashi nodded and turned to the red-headed boy. "Your cut should be fine in a few minutes, Takashi."

The boy's pout widened. "Ehh? But… but… why did you take me to the hospital, Kakashi-sensei?"

A surprised look passed through Kakashi's eye before it was replaced with his usual lazy stare. "Hmm?"

The boy pointed at the cut on his arm with a soft glare. "Hinata-sensei could have fixed it up faster!"

"Oh," was the only thing Kakashi said, much to Naruto's amusement.

His curiosity piqued at the boy's words, Naruto spoke. "Hinata's working there too?"

Kakashi nodded. "Yeah. As a temporary teacher to teach basic taijutsu."

"Hinata-sensei's the best!" declared the boy, Takashi, loudly, a dreamy look on his face. "She's so nice and she doesn't yell and she lets us work at our own pace and, and, and… She's so pretty," he finished with a goofy grin on his face.

Feeling a sudden urge to laugh, Naruto managed to hold it in when he caught sight of bright pink hair. "Oi, Sakura-chan! We got an injury over here!"

Sakura's emerald eyes widened at the sight of half of their team settled together as she made her way over the trio. "Hello, Kakashi," she said politely.

Kakashi nodded at her before turning to the boy. "Takashi, Sakura. Sakura, Takashi. Kunai cut," he said blandly, in as little words as possible.

Naruto felt his lips twitch at the man. 'He hasn't changed at all,' he thought with a broad grin. He watched as Sakura healed the boy's arm with a little chakra.

"There," said Sakura in a soothing tone, "your cut is fully healed."

Naruto watched the boy eye his healed arm suspiciously before he turned with pursed lips to inspect Sakura. "Thanks," he said shortly. Surprised at his rudeness to Sakura, and more than thoroughly annoyed by it, Naruto opened his mouth to speak, only to be interrupted by the boy's soft whispering into Kakashi's ear. "I still would have liked Hinata-sensei to fix it up for me."

He saw shock flit across Sakura's features, which quickly turned to an annoyed twitch in her left cheek. He decided that, for the safety of the bratty and unappreciative kid, getting her out of there as fast as possible would be the smartest idea at the moment. He gave himself a second to congratulate himself and patted himself on the back.

"Hey, Sakura-chan, how about our date? Let's go!"

Sakura turned to him, momentarily distracted by his words. Naruto saw Kakashi's eyebrow rise slightly and grinned. He grabbed Sakura's arm and practically dragged her out of the hospital.

"See you later, Kakashi!" he yelled behind him.


Naruto was just about to place his chopsticks in his mouth when a random thought occurred to him.

"I wonder if Kakashi's gay."

Hearing a choking sound coming from Sakura, Naruto quickly directed his attention to her. He was slightly amused to see her slamming her fist into her chest as she grabbed her glass of water and gulped it down.

"W-what?" she asked hoarsely, her eyes slightly teary.

Keeping his chuckles to himself in an act of self-preservation, Naruto folded his arms. "I wonder if Kakashi's gay," he repeated.

Sakura's eyes bulged out slightly before she sent him a strange look. "And why do you think that?" she asked in a lightly curious tone.

Naruto grinned. Now she was interested. "Cuz, like, do you ever see Kakashi out with women? At all?"

It was quiet at their table as Sakura contemplated this. Using this time to finish off his plate of barbeque, he shoved them in, wishing that it was ramen instead, cursing the fact that Sakura had deemed ramen as something one should not consume on a daily basis because of sodium content or whatnot.

"You know," said Sakura with a dazed look in her eyes, "You might be on to something."

Naruto nodded. "Now all we have to do is test this theory."

Sakura looked at him questioningly. "How are you going to do that?"

Feeling the familiar rush of exhilaration that always hit him when he was starting on an intricate plan or prank, Naruto grinned mischievously. "My first jutsu ever: sexy no jutsu!"


It was strange, thought Kakashi, how he kept seeing blonde, pig-tailed girls everywhere he went today. 'They look vaguely familiar,' mused Kakashi.

One of the pig-tailed girls sent him a laviscious wink, her other radiant blue eye fluttering prettily. Kakashi 'hmmed' before turning his attention back to his book, giggling when he read another one of Jiraiya-sama's dirty lines.


Naruto plopped himself down on Sakura's couch exhaustedly and rubbed his temples. 'None of my sexy attacks worked. None at all! I don't get how this could happen… unless Kakashi really is gay.'

He looked up when he heard the sound of a cup hitting wood. Sakura sat down next to him and stared at him with an expectant look on her face.

"Well, how'd it go?"

Naruto shook his head. "It didn't work. Everything I did… he didn't even bat an eye! He just kept his attention on that damn book of his!"

Sakura shook her head. "No, there must've been something wrong with what you did." He watched as her forehead scrunched together, a sure sign that she was thinking, and thinking hard. Her eyes suddenly lit up. "What transformation did you use?"

Naruto scratched the side of his face contemplatively. "Well, I guess my clothed pig-tails girl. But, I'm not sure what you're getting at."

Sakura hit him in the arm. "Idiot! You mean you just used one transformation all day? You have to be more creative than that, Naruto! What if blondes aren't his type? Obviously he wouldn't even spare a glance at your jutsu."

Feeling a sudden shock of horror hit him, Naruto cursed his stupidity, before pursing his lips and wracking his mind for another idea. 'So then, not blondes. That leaves brunettes, red-heads, black hair…' Naruto eyed Sakura's vivid pink hair before shaking his head quickly. 'No, no, no, no, and no. No.'

Naruto closed his eyes as he ran through random images. 'Brunettes, huh…?'

He grinned.

"What?" asked Sakura curiously.

"I've gotta see Konohamaru tomorrow."


"Wait… you're telling me to do what, Naruto-niichan?"

Naruto chuckled at the sixteen-year old's confused look. "I'm telling you to do your sexy jutsu on Kakashi."

The younger teen nodded in understanding. "I get that. What I don't get is why on Kakashi-san of all people.."

"Cuz, Konohamaru, I want to… test out how different hair colors affect… perverts," he finished lamely.

Konohamaru sent him a suspicious look but nodded his head. "Alright I'll do it. In return, you have to teach me the more powerful version of rasengan!"

Naruto grinned. "Deal."


Kakashi giggled pervertedly into his hand as he read one of Jiraiya's dirty one-liners that eventually led to sex, and more sex, and even more s-.


Kakashi looked up from his book uninterestedly. "Hmm?"

When his eyes caught sight of a familiar head of indigo hair, his uninterested eye snapped to attention as he tried to make himself look like he was doing his job, only to fail miserably when he heard the sound of someone crying.

"I… I think Takashi-kun fell off the balancing pole," said the soft voice of Hyuuga Hinata.

Kakashi turned his head to look and, sure enough, Takashi had managed to land himself another injury. Holding back a sigh, Kakashi snapped his book shut and placed it into his weapons pouch.

"Thanks for informing me, Hinata," he said with a smile in his eye.

He was pleased to see a pink blush stain Hinata's pale cheeks. "N-not at all. I… I just thought I should tell you… since you're their teacher…"

"Yes, well," said Kakashi as he ruffled his hair. "Anyways, I think Takashi might have some injuries. You don't happen to have any knowledge on medical jutsu?"

The young woman nodded slowly. "Yes, a bit. I guess I'll go with you to go check on him…"

Kakashi grinned. "Greatly appreciated, Hinata."


"Ah, there! I see him, Naruto-niichan!"

Naruto scanned the crowded streets for silver hair, finding one heading in a familiar direction. "Alright. Let's follow him then."


"Ano, Sakura-san… I have a student that has broken an arm."

Emerald eyes widened in recognition. "Eh? Takashi-kun again?"

The red-haired boy pouted and turned his head to face Hinata. "Hinata-sensei, I'm fine. I'm a ninja," he said stubbornly.

Hinata giggled softly before shaking her head. "You may be a ninja, but it's best to fix your broken bones quickly or else you'll be a liability."

The boy nodded and released his death grip on his broken arm. He winced a little at the pain, but altogether managed to conduct himself well.

Kakashi watched the boy stick his tongue out at Sakura while Hinata's back was turned before turning into a little angel when she turned back around with a slightly amused eye.

'She's too nice for her own good.'


"Now! He's coming out of the hospital!" yelled Naruto frantically into his speaker.


Hearing a poof of smoke at Konohamaru's end, Naruto watched as Konohamaru set their plan into action from his perch on a roof across from the hospital.

He grinned when he saw Konohamaru's convincing display of tripping slightly, allowing his/her skirt to flutter up, showing off black lacy underwear, and giving the man a nice view of cleavage, brown hair flowing with the wind. It faltered when he saw Kakashi look at the boy/woman with a confused look in his eye before shrugging and turning his attention back to his book.

A static of electricity crackled into his ear piece. "Naruto-niichan. Plan failed."



The week passed by quickly for Naruto. He'd spent numerous hours crafting up devious plans to lure out Kakashi's sexual preference, only for them to fail with uninterested looks and nonchalant stares.

Naruto quietly cursed his former sensei's cool and detached attitude.

Just who or what did that man desire? Red-heads were out (Moegi proved that), brunettes weren't a choice, blondes had no effect, he was sure that Kakashi had never looked at Sakura that way... So… what other choice was there?

Naruto trudged through the dusty streets of Konoha gloomily, feeling despair settle over him. 'I wonder what Sakura-chan's doing…'

He perked up when he spotted a familiar indigo head. "Eh? Hinata!" He waved his hand enthusiastically at the girl. Pale Hyuuga eyes widened when they caught sight of him and pink lips curved into a small smile.

"Hello, Naruto-kun," she greeted warmly.

Naruto smiled back, slightly surprised to not see any spotches of red cross her cheeks in their normal fashion, but wasn't too concerned about it.

"How are you?"

Hinata's smile widened. "I'm doing fine. You, Naruto-kun?"

Naruto shrugged his shoulders. "Alright, I guess," he said glumly.

Hinata must've noticed his depressed state, for she quickly asked him why he was so down.

He pursed his lips. "Cuz..." He waved his hand sheepishly. "Never mind. It's embarrassing," he said with a smile.

Hinata stared at him for a few seconds before she nodded her head slowly. "I see… Well, if there is anything I can do to help, then please, just ask."

"Thanks, Hinata," said Naruto, a genuine smile tugging at his lips.

She nodded before saying goodbye with a friendly smile. Naruto watched her go, wondering why she was acting so… different all of a sudden.

Those thoughts quickly passed when he felt a familiar chakra signature coming nearer. Sliding into a shadowed ally, Naruto watched Kakashi come out of a grocery store with a brown papered bag in one arm and his nose in his usual orange book.

He released a small pent-up sigh before slipping out of the alley and jumping onto the rooftops. Right now, he really couldn't stand the sight of that infuriating man. He stopped in his tracks when his sharp ears caught the sound of a soft giggle. Focusing his chakra to his hearing, he listened in on one of the most curious conversations he'd ever heard in his life.


"Oh? Hinata?"

Hinata looked behind her and was surprised to see Kakashi standing there, a friendly smile in his eye and a bag of groceries in his arms. Well, she noticed with a small blush, in one arm, at least. His other arm was occupied with holding up an orange book to his face.

The book lowered though, and Hinata managed to see Kakashi's face… well, the mask that covered his face, at least.

"Hello, Kakashi-san."

The man smiled at her. "I didn't think I'd see you out here. Are you grocery shopping as well?"

Hinata giggled softly. "No, Kakashi-san. Actually, I came out here for medical supplies. Being so unprepared that day wasn't a good example of a shinobi at all," she said with a small frown.

Kakashi's book snapped shut as he placed it into his weapons pouch. He turned to her, a grin slightly visible in his eye, and said, "Really now, I don't think anyone expects you to carry around casts for broken bones in your medical pouch."

Hinata smiled slightly. "I know... but I decided to get one, just in case."

The silver-haired man chuckled before looking at the setting sun. "Have you eaten dinner yet, Hinata?"

"No, actually, I haven't," she said quietly.

The man grinned. "That's good." He looked at her with a questioning look in his eye. "Would you like to eat dinner with me?"

Visibly surprised by his question, she managed to stammer out a, "I g-guess... If you don't m-mind..."

"Of course not," said the man with a warm smile in his eye. "Or I wouldn't have asked."

She blushed at his kind words, and couldn't help but wonder... where this small dinner was going to lead. She couldn't deny the feelings that hoped it would lead to something... more.


'So that's it...' thought Naruto in awe as he leaped across the rooftops, one destination in mind. 'Not blondes, not brunettes, not red-heads... Indigo! And only one person has indigo hair.' Naruto grinned. 'So it was Hinata, huh? I can't wait to tell Sakura-chan!'


"So, Naruto," said Iruka between bites of ramen, "What happened while I was gone?"

Naruto shoveled down the last remaining noodles greedily before replying.

"Nothing much." His eyes followed a laughing couple as they walked into a bookstore. Pale Hyuuga eyes shone brightly as a gloved hand ran through her indigo strands. "Nothing much."

Not much romance, I know... but I guess I just have a strange mind-block towards romance or something... I guess it really has to do with my own likes. I loveee subtle touches to things. I don't particularly like it when the pairing is suddenly proclaiming their love towards each other when they hardly know each other. It's something I don't find believable. So... don't expect a whole lot of outright romance from me. Although, you can expect attempts at it. I do want to try out this genre, even if sometimes I can't wrap my mind around it.

Oh well, I do hope you guys enjoyed this one-shot. It came to me while I was working on my first few chapters of my new KakaHina fic. Heh :)