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SUMMARY: The pitiful cry of soul is perceived when you realize that you have kicked the most splendid gift of destiny crossing your path with your own legs. when the realization actually hits...its too late. Edward Cullen, an extremely popular actor and heartthrob of all teenage girls-also called the actor of the moment-is exhausted with his stardom and has no true friend who want to be with him without any selfish reason. one day he makes a wish to find a true friend. will destiny grant his wish?


Chapter 1



"CUT!!" the director cried out. It was another monotonous exhausting day. I was tired and all I wanted was to go back to my hotel and sleep.

"PACK UP" he called out.

I've always dreamed of this life. Fame, money, spotlight, parties and girls. But now that I have all this, it is incredibly and incredulously exasperating and painful. It's like my life has been snatched away from my hands. Like I live for others rather than living for myself. I have to do what others expect me to, what my fans expect me to do. The most petulant and excruciatingly intricate thing is to feign a smile when girls are practically snatching my hair, pulling off my arms and squealing my name as soon as I step out. Walking with a bunch of security guardseverywhere is not something I considered when I used to fancy this life. After seeing girls threatening me to kill themselves if I won't call them, I thought I've seen the worst but it was not until I saw two girls scratching their necks to catch my attention and then the other day when I encountered a few girls wearing alien costumes in a wash room during the Comic Con show in Las Vegas that I realized that I've seen nothing. It was gross, absolutely disgusting!!!

Sometimes when I think over my past life, when I recall the simplicity, the easiness and the freedom with which I used to walk around the streets of Manhattan, I can't help but envy my former self.

I had true friends, friends who really cared about me altruistically. People who helped me without expecting to get anything in return.

I don't see that selflessness and fidelity in my friends anymore. They are the same but their attitude has drastically changed. All my friends including Mike, Tyler and Eric consider me nothing more than a luminary who grants their wishes. It was the payback that I had to make for this life. I've lost my true friends. My mates and everyone who once used to truly care about me. How badly I wish for a friend right now, a friend who would hold my hand in the most difficult situations of life. A friend who will be there for me even when my stardom absconds away. A friend before whom I can pour my heart out without having to worry whether it will be the next day's newspaper's headline or not. A friend who would devotedly listen to my blissful as well as miserable moments and secure all my secrets.

I let out a sigh. That's never gonna happen. Not anymore.

"You'll have to come early tomorrow Edward, make sure you're on time!" the director called out.

"Sure" I replied, not bothering to make it sound sincere.

"Hey! Are you comin to Tyler's party tonight?" Mike asked.

"I'm not sure Mike I'll see" I replied dryly and walked away.

The last thing I wanted in this grueling day was a party full of girls fighting to get their hands on me.

I walked out and immediately 5 body guards surrounded me to escort me to the waiting limo.

As soon as we stepped out, my eyes went to the huge cluster of girls screaming and hooting. My ear started hurting with the noise. All the girls were jumping like crazy and holding posters and banners which read 'I LOVE YOU EDWARD CULLEN' and 'YOU ROCK'. I wanted to roll my eyes at one of them which read 'MARRY ME EDWARD'.

As if to fulfill my daily duty I put up a fake smile. I wonder if they could see how forceful it was. They cried out even louder. I went straight to the car and shut the door with two body guards on either side.

I let out a slight sigh of relief.

The limo drove me to the hotel in which I was currently staying. Ever since I came to London for shooting my new film, I had to change about 4 hotels in a period of 2 DAYS!! Just to escape the stalking girls. I didn't know how much of this I could take any longer.

As soon as I reached my hotel I straight away went to my room. I shut the door behind me and collapsed into my bed. I felt every muscle of my body relax. It was a tiring day. We have been shooting since morning without a proper break. I stood up to take a shower. I went to the bathroom and undressed. I turned on the shower and the release that followed was instantaneous. The descending drops of hot water cleansing my body took away half of the tension and exhaustion of the day. I closed my eyes enjoying the moment. After a long time I finally turned off the shower and grabbed my towel. I came out of my room in my jeans and a towel around my neck. I was drying my hair with it when suddenly something caught my eye. A light flashed through the window and I went towards it to see what it was. As I opened my window, I saw a shooting star.

"Wow!" I murmured. It was very beautiful.

I was never the one to believe in the myth that making a wish from a shooting star can fulfill it but for some reason I desperately didn't want to miss this chance. My eyes automatically shut as if they were under control of my emotions rather than my mind.

And at that moment I made a wish…

"I wish I could get a true friend"


A/N: hope you enjoyed the chapter. The place where I've mentioned girls scratching their necks and a few girls entering the wash room dressed in alien suit and the point where I mentioned that he had to change 4 hotels in two days is all true! It happened to Robert Pattinson. Poor guy :P lol.

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