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Somebody stabbing me in the deepest core of my frantically pounding heart and then twisting the knife in the most callous way possible, drawing every spec of happiness along with the rapidly gushing blood. That was how it felt while I stood shock-still and watched the horrid scene in front of me unfold. Words failed me and the embodied pain was too stunned to form coherency.

I watched with utter horror as Jacob's hand slid further down Bella's back until he was grabbing her behind and shoving his tongue inside her throat like it was the most natural thing to do. Bella returned it with equal passion. Even worse, she returned it with passion and something slightly akin to some kind of unfathomable affection. I actually felt my heart breaking into tiny pieces and I wasn't quite sure why it caused me so much pain. I knew they were together. That means it was only obvious that they would be physically intimate. But something about it being confirmed right in front of my eyes broke something inside of me.

My mind started wandering a hundred miles per minute. This could be just a glimpse of the real physical affection they have shown each other, and from the looks of it…they might have gotten very close.

As soon as that thought tarnished my inner musings, I felt sick. My stomach turned in an unpleasant way and I was awfully close to throwing up. Before my stomach could converse with my mind and finalize the decision, I turned on my heels and ran up the stairs in the sanctuary of my forlorn room at the speed of a leopard. It didn't matter though. The damage was done. That scene was burned in my memory and flickered behind my eyelids as I closed my eyes tightly shut. And the inevitable happened but fortunately I was able to reach my bathroom at the right time. I threw up profusely as I reluctantly and almost involuntarily recalled my pure, sweet beautiful Bella willingly submitting herself to that vile giant's unconcealed assault and lust.

After a few minutes of empty heaving, I cleaned my mouth and splashed cold water on my face. After making my way outside the bathroom, I slid down the side wall of my room in unconditional trounce. After the initial shock wore off, the pain still remained but was now accompanied by unparalleled sense of jealous rage.

How dare he touch her!


Seconds turned into minutes as I stayed on the floor contemplating my abnormal reaction to something very obvious. Why did it matter? Why did my heart felt like it had been torn down to shreds and then tampered on maliciously? She was just my friend…she has every right to feel what any other person would want to. Just because she's my friend, doesn't mean she has to be a virgin all her life. That's absolutely ludicrous and absurd. Then why did it hurt so badly? Why watching her get so intimate with him crushed me like this? Was it because it's Jacob? Was it because I loathe him that I can't stand his hands touching her?

I thought about it for a moment. Then I tried to envision some other guy's hand on my Bella instead. Any other guy. I tried to replace the image of Jacob with Jasper in the same scenario. And the ramification of that situation shook me to my core with utter astonishment and bewilderment. Because as I let the thought of Jasper and Bella float in my mind even for just a few second, I found myself developing a flare of unrestricted hatred towards clueless Jasper. I had never experienced this before. I was vividly aware that Jasper and Bella regarded each other as siblings but just the mere hypothetical thought of his hands on my Bella, any other guy's hands on my Bella filled me with intense fury and an animalistic urge to destroy and ruin.

And just like that my hazy vision stared to clear. It had nothing to do with who touched her. Instead, it had everything to do with who they were touching. Bella. My Bella.

My memory returned to the night when I had Bella in my arms, lying on my bed. My lips meeting her soft glowing skin. The way her body arched towards me for more. Even though I knew that she was intoxicated that night, it still didn't stop the raging fire of lust and unfamiliar emotions that burst through me and were almost impossible to control. I might have overlooked those emotions back then but that didn't make me forget the strange and base instinct to claim her in that moment and make her mine.

As the severity of the situation dawned on me, I felt my eyes go wide with realization and fear.

It was Bella.

It has always been Bella.

I had been deluding myself by chanting over and over again that Jessica was all I wanted when the reality was when it came to Jessica, I didn't feel for her one-tenth of what I felt for Bella.

Rosalie's words came back to me like tons of colliding bricks –

Alright Edward, tell me one thing that made you fell in'love'with Jessica…

Edward, since we were in high school, you had been the most popular guy. You got every girl you ever desired. You just had to smile at a girl you wanted and she would leave any relationship she was in just to get to spend a night with you. Even after high school, you never had to face any difficulty in getting a girl you desired. Jessica obviously is declared as one of the sexiest actress of the world…but she was taken. You wanted to prove the world that the best thing belonged to you. But she was obviously not responding to your advances. This just hurt your ego and it became more of a 'mission' rather than 'obsession' as you like to state it, to win over her….

You've never chased a girl for that long. Hell, you neverneeded to chase a girl before. Due to the long time span that you wasted trying to win her over, you thought that you started having some sort of 'feelings' for her which is absolutely untrue! I kept quiet all this time, thinking that one day you'll see the truth. But I can't anymore! You're throwing away the best thing that happened in your life, yourreallove because of your sick fantasy that you're in love with Jessica!

I'm only trying to help you Edward, trying to protect you from the heartbreak that you're bound to suffer if you don't open your eyes soon…

My breath rushed out of my lungs as the reality behind Rose's words hit me.

Oh my God, what have I done…

I was too late. She's gone. I've let her go…

The night of the dreaded party at Jessica's house came back to me. I remembered the moment I willingly introduced Bella to Jacob in hopes that there could be some hidden chemistry there which would improve Bella's sullen mood and half hoping that Jacob's attention can be diverted from Jessica for the night.

I welcomed the surge of self-disgust that assaulted me at that thought. I had been presented with the opportunity to be with Bella again and again and all I did was crush that opportunity or run away from it towards Jessica who I now realized wasn't even worth all the efforts. I lost Bella. I lost everything. She belongs to some other man now. She has feelings for someone else now.

No! Go after her…

Dammit don't let him steal her!

She's yours! Take her away from him before it's too late.

Tell Bella the truth….tell her everything…

My breathing was coming out in short pants as the sudden rush of adrenalin filled me with unexpected courage and determination.

Just tell her and we'll see what happens later.

With a decision finalized, I made my way slowly downstairs.

Please God, don't let me be too late…

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