You are alive and back on Earth

The sun is shining innocently and NASA's near-catastrophe is all over the news. The first all women flight to the moon was nearly a tragedy, but for the fast thinking and bravery of the solo pilot who was knocked out of her lunar orbit by a meteor. At least, that's what the televisions and radios are saying about it. They are over-looking the real savior of the day, and of your life, the man you are looking for as you step out of the van in front of the recovery station. All of NASA is waiting to see you alive, the furthermost figure, Fred Benson, who breaks into a run the second your foot hits the pavement.

You are trying to move as quickly as he, but you are weakened by your stint in below-zero temperatures, low oxygen levels, and a severe knock to the head that is more noticeable now that you are called to walk. You get yourself to your feet, but he has his arms around you before you loose your balance.

"Oh, Sam!" He gasps. His face is in your neck, against your ear, your face. Your knees buckle. You aren't sure if it is fatigue. When you collapse into him, his tight hold on you tightens. You put weak arms around his neck, realizing that he has lifted you and that you are moving. You meet his eyes for the first time, you think, in your life, for surely you have never seen these eyes.

They are looking at you, you not the person you present to the world, and they hold a tide of crashing emotions. He brushes loose hair out of your eyes and you don't even know if he said it out loud, but somehow you have heard him say, "I love you."

You kiss him and your voice cracks as you return the sentiment. There is one good reason why you are here today; the following year, you have married your reason.

AN: Short. We know. We're sorry to leave you hanging like that, but there is no other way to end this! It could keep going on and on forever! lol Hope you enjoyed it! If you didn't leave reviews for individual chapters, understandable, but please-PLEASE leave a review for the whole thing!