A very special AN!

So I wanted to thank all of you for reading and reviewing this story. I am shocked and awed that it got the amazing response that it did. I am also super proud to tell you all that my story made it to the voting round of the contest For The Love of Jasper. Out of 132 amazing stories they thought mine was good enough to make it to the voting round. I totally SQUEE'd like a fan girl when I saw that.

I am not asking you to vote for my story (unless you feel that is belongs in the second round) but I am asking that you vote. www(dot)fortheloveofjasper(dot)com.

Thank you again for all of you who reviews and a big thanks to the For The Love Of Jasper contest for making a writer feel good while dealing with a bouncy two year old and morning sickness.

So I am sending you all a very sexy Jasper in Leather looking like he just stepped out of Grease because today that mental image makes me happy.