The Project (Part II)

We walked into the classroom, I hesitated at the door, my face completely scarlet. Mr. Molina was writing on the board, he glanced at us, than at the clock set on the wall and made a grunting sound. "You are 15 minutes late". The students looked at us curiously. I saw Sophie glancing at Edward and then at me. She gave me a puzzling look, I smiled wryly and shrugged. She giggled and shook her head amused.

"We apologize, Mr. Molina. We have a note from the nurse's office." Edward said handing the teacher a white piece of paper. Mr. Molina read it slowly and nodded. "Take your seats, both of you" he said a bit annoyed. "Thank you sir" Edward said politely as always. He smiled at me while the way to my seat. I smiled a bit.

"Oh, Mr. Molina?" I asked and he turned to look at me annoyed. "I-I have the advance on my bacterial symbiosis project" I stuttered a bit nervous.

"You're done already Miss Evans?" he asked surprised, a smile on his lips.

"Almost, sir. I made the corrections you told me to" I said, relaxing. He seemed pleased. I noticed a couple of my classmates looking at me now, a low murmurs around the classroom. Edward was already at his seat, his eyes intent on my face.

"Very well Miss Evans, I will stop by your table to pick it up. Please take your seat." he said nicer and continued writing on the board. I nodded and headed to my seat.

Edward had a smug smile on his face, the manila envelope was nicely placed on my table with the rest of my books. I don't remembered giving it to him, it probably fell or something. I eyed his suspiciously, he kept looking at the board, pretending he wasn't paying attention to my staring.

He chuckled softly. "What's so funny?" I asked curious.

"The students are upset because you are already done and they haven't even started theirs yet. They are annoyed actually" he said slowly. He still didn't look at me.

"Are YOU done?" I asked him, skeptically. He just nodded, his lips twitching.

"What is it about?" I asked interested.

"The difference and similarities of the protein count between human and animal blood" he said and then chuckled. Probably at an inside joke. I didn't get it.

WOW. "It sounds complicated" I said amazed.

"I'm very familiar with the topic" another chuckle escaped his beautiful lips.

I didn't understand it. I sighed. Well, I may not understand his jokes, but, at least he's talking to me. I smiled to myself. It felt nice to be able to sit next to my lab partner and have a 'normal' conversation with him. I felt the insides of my chest go warm, it was a nice feeling. I didn't like it when he pretended I didn't exist. It bothered me when he didn't even look at me. I frowned. Kris, snap out of it.

-- * -- * -- *--

Class continued normally. Edward and I had a casual-short conversation about the topic we were working on today. I liked it, it was as if nothing had ever happened 2 weeks ago. Then, my cell phone began to vibrate softly in the inside of my back pack. He glanced at it and I hesitated. "Maybe it's important" he whispered.

I grabbed my phone and saw that it was a message from Jacob. I smiled. 'Kris, remember: today at 4. You are totally the best. There is a cool movie, too' I rolled my eyes, and chuckled. I shook my head, Jake always looked for a way to make me smile. Edward glanced quickly at my phone, a strange expression crossed his face and then he looked ahead.

"Got a date?" he asked darkly with a bit of sarcasm, not looking at me.

"It's none of your bee's wax!" I said a bit annoyed, shutting my cell phone quickly and putting it back inside my backpack. Yeah, like he cared.

"It's a rainy day… You don't like the rain… There is no possible place you could enjoy with this kind of weather" his voice was strange, irritated.

I felt butterflies inside my stomach when I realized that the idea of me going on a date bothered him… amazingly, he DID care. I suppressed a giggle of delight.

"For your information, you got it all wrong" I said as-a-matter-a-fact. "It's a study date. I'm helping my friend Jacob with some trig homework" I explained before I could stop myself, I felt the urge to clear the wrong conclusion he made, I didn't like it when he looked upset.

The corners of his lips twitched, and he looked at me. "You don't have to explain anything to me…" he said with a velvety purr, the beautiful crooked smiled filled his glorious face, I felt dizzy.

"W-well you shouldn't make the wrong conclusions then" I said defensibly. "Besides, what do you care if I go on a date or not?" I asked annoyed. Did he?

"I don't" he said briskly with a hint of humor.

"Then…. get off my back" I snapped at him. His lips twitched again.

"I won't bother you again- he finally said and looked away.

He kept his promise, he didn't speak another word to me the rest of the lesson. WAS HE MAD AT ME AGAIN? Great Kristen, now what did you do? I felt sad.

I really have to stop snapping back at him. But he is so nosy. Ugh! Why do I always find a way to make him upset with me? wait a minute, I didn't do anything.

Bio class was almost over, I wasn't even paying attention, when Mr. Molina called my name out loud. "Mitosis" Edward whispered to me. "Mi-Mitosis" I answered.

"Very good Miss Evans" Mr. Molina smiled and continued with the class.

"Thanks" I told Edward, he just nodded but didn't look at me. FROWN. Yep, he was mad. Sigh.

The bell rang, class was over. I picked up my things from the table, pretending to place them in my backpack, when I accidently smacked my manila folder and the pages fell to the floor, UGH. I heard a low chuckle and saw Edward bending, quickly arranging the pages of my project in a neat stock.

"You know? You should be careful with this… it looks like you worked very hard on it" he said while he eyed some of the top pages and then looked at me, serious.

"Thanks… again" I said grimly, taking my envelope from his hands and dropping my gaze.

"You're welcome" he smiled. Ok, now he's smiling at me? What the hell?

"You are doing it again" I said irritated.

"What?" he asked defensibly.

"The mood swing thing…" I shook my head irritated.

"Sorry… it's quite difficult to stay mad at you" he added simply. He sighed. –

"Why were you mad at ME for?" I asked annoyed again. "What did I do NOW?" What does he want from me? Does he want to drive me insane?

He simply shook his head. "You should hurry up. Your friend must be waiting for you" he said irritated once more.

Oh. I fought the urge to smile. He's jealous and he can't hide it. "I have enough time" I said a bit smug. He rolled his eyes.

"Kris! I'll call you later, alright?" Sophie called out from her desk, and headed out through the door. She gave me 'you better tell me what the heck is going on' look and smiled at me. I smiled back. "Alright" I called back.

Mr. Molina called my name and asked me to bring my project. I gave Edward my back and headed towards Mr. Molina's desk. I gave him folder and he began to read to himself, murmuring softly. I noticed that the classroom was empty, but Edward was still on his desk, putting some of his books on his backpack, or at least, pretending to do so.

His eyes on his books, a small smile on his lips. He was up to something, I had a feeling. "Miss Evans…"Mr. Molina's voice interrupted my train of thought , "It appears that there are still some mistakes on your essay. I do remember that I told you to make several changes, but it seems that you've must have forgotten to- he said serious.

I blinked twice "I assure you Mr. Molina, that I did as I was told" I said feeling my cheeks turn red. "Do you mind" I said nervously and took the pages from his hands. I began scanning where I made the corrections, but apparently, no changes were made. Everything was exactly the same. My small pencil notes, the eraser smudges, the small notes of the teacher. WHAT THE HELL?!?! How was that possible?!?! My cheeks turned scarlet.

"Sir, I assure you spent all night making these changes, I – I don't understand…"- I shook my head trying to remember. HAD I DREMTH IT ALL? No, I worked really hard on it. SOMETHING was going on.

"Perhaps, you brought the wrong draft, maybe you left the good one at home" he said standing up and gathering his things.

"No, Sir. This is the only copy I have" I shook my head, an angry tear building up at the corner of my eye.

"Then, I don't know what happened Miss Evans. Don't worry, you still have 1 week to turn it in" he said politely.

"But, I wanted extra credits, Sir." I said a bit annoyed.

"Well, I'm sorry Kristen, but today was the dateline for extra credits. I suggest you get to work" he added simply. I was completely flushed.

"Oh, Mr. Cullen…" he said out loud, Edward looked at him, his expression blank. "I finished grading your project, very interesting theory. 100%- he said smiling.


"Thank you sir" he smiled and walked towards Mr. Molina, taking his envelope. I glared at him, he smiled even wider, Mr. Molina didn't notice, he was busy with his suitcase. "Sir. I am familiar with the bacterial symbiosis … I was wondering that maybe I could help Miss Evans with the corrections of her project. She already finish it, just a few glitches to change" Edward said with a soothing velvety voice. I stared at him. Unbelievable!

"If she finishes today, could she still receive extra credits?" Edward smiled. Mr. Molina deliberated for a few seconds, and then nodded "If your project is done before 5 o'clock on my office, you have your credits Miss Evans" he added seriously looking at me.

"Thank you, Sir" Edward shook his hand, and Mr. Molina headed out the door.

I glared at Edward, he just smiled at me. "I don't need your help" I said angry, gathering my things.

"Well… apparently, you do…" he chuckled.

"I did all of this by myself… I made all the corrections he asked…" I frowned, my hearth pounding furiously on my chest. I was so mad.

He crossed his arms in front of his chest, and asked "Well… where are they then?" his tone accusing.

"I don't know what happened… but I was DONE! READY!"- I yelled, exasperated. My arms in the air and then on my face. I began shaking. He just chuckled. Why in HELL was he smiling? There was something about his smile that I didn't trust, I just couldn't pin point it.

"Shall we?" he showed me the door. I glared at him, my lips in a thin line.

I looked at the clock on the wall, it was 3:45. I groaned, I wasn't going to make it to Jake's appointment, he was going to be SO upset. I sighed a heavy sigh "I have to be somewhere at 4… I can't stay!" I shook my head in disbelief. "I have to go" I made up my mind, I couldn't leave Jake hanging like this, he needed me.

Edward's face became hard as he noticed my decision. "But what about your extra credits?" he asked flatly. "I'll survive" I smiled a small smile. He frowned.

My cell phone rang, it was Jake. "Hey, where are you? " his voice was bright.

"UGH! Jake. I'm still at school!" I complained.

"Why? What happened?" his voice faded.

"My Project… I have to re-do it again! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!?!?!?" I moaned in outrage.

"I.. I thought you were done. You said you were gonna turn it in today, didn't you?" Jake's tone was confused.

"Yeah, but incredible as it may sound, my project mysteriously re-wrote itself with all mistakes included" I said as I eyed Edward, he pretended to be looking at my project, a smile sneaking at the corners of his luscious lips.

"What? How…?" Jake's voice was surprised.

"Hey, I don't have any idea how that happened… But I WILL find out…" I gritted my teeth and I looked directly at Edward, he met my gaze this time, his face blank, fighting another smile.

"Your dateline it today, right? Can't you have an extension? Jake said cheerfully.

"Yeah, but its due today at 5pm…" I sighed, defeated.

"Oh, man. That sucks" He sighed too. With the corner of my eye, I saw Edward smile.

I made up my mind. I stomped my foot on the ground. It was so girlish, I know, but I was so mad. Edward looked at me amused.

"Don't worry Jake, I'm on my way to La Push- I said as I began to walk out the door. I felt Cullen at my heels.

"No, Kris. You don't have to do that for me… Your project is more important… You should finish it" his voice was sad. "I can ask Sam or Emily to help me out"

"Jake, I…" I began, but he cut me off.

"Hey, I said it's ok" a smile in his voice. I sighed heavily.

"I swear Ill make it up to you Jake" I said, stopping at the open door of the building before going out to the wet parking lot, shivering a bit as the cold air hit my face. I felt Edward behind me, he put his jacket on my shoulders. It smelled delicious, I felt dizzy again, I turned around to face him, ready to complain "Please" he mouthed, his eyes liquid topaz, I nodded.

"Don't worry Kris" Jake's voice sounded happier on the other side of the line. I imagined him smiling and I smiled too. I totally adored his smile. I totally had to make it up to him for letting him down.

"Hey, what do you say about a movie and pizza on Saturday, on me! Your choice!" I smiled. "It's the least I could do. I'm such an awful friend" I shook my head. "And I'm not taking an no for an answer Jacob Black" my voice menacingly. I saw Edwards face turn hard again.

Jake didn't answer after a few seconds, "SWEE-EET!" his husky voice sounded cheerful. "And… you are a great friend… so cut it out with the drama alright" he sounded serious, I knew he was playing.

"Thanks Jake, you are totally the best! Call you later." I laughed.

"Bye doll…" he chuckled before he hung up, I sighed in relief and smiled. Jake wasn't mad at me . I felt jumpy of joy. My best friend wasn't mad. I giggled. Edward cleared his throat and I looked back at him. He smiled a bit.

"So, shall we get to work?"- his voice was soft.

"Alright… but first, you have to answer one question" I said eyeing him suspicious

"Yes?- he stood still in front of me, looking curious.

"How did you do it?" I crossed my arms in front of my chest. Raising an eyebrow.

"Excuse me?" he asked apologetically, sounding confused. For a minute there, I believed him. But his eyes turned hazel brown when he held his gaze towards mine. I blinked, focusing. "How did you sabotage my project?" I said staring at his beautiful face, trying to sound mad.

"You think I sabotaged your project?... Do you know how silly that sounds?"he chuckled out loud.

"Laugh if you wish, but I KNOW you had something to do with it. I don't know why, but I'll find out" I said as determinant as I could muster, but my knees shook.

He looked down, chuckled softly and then looked up trough his long black lashes, and took 3 steps towards me, I retrieved one and found myself against the wall. I shivered, feeling the electric current of his closeness. Gulp.

Slowly he placed both hands on the wall, trapping me gently between them, making it impossible for me to move. His glorious face came closer, two inches from mine. His golden eyes liquid, his full lips in a crooked smile that made my knees weak. "Alright. I confess" his voice velvet, alluring. "I sabotaged your biology project just to have you alone… all to myself… after school" his cool breath hit my face, it was intoxicating.

Everything else disappeared, except Edward and me. I knew he was telling me the truth, but as much as I wanted to pretend to be upset, I couldn't. I went scarlet immediately, shaking all over, my heart pounding hard against my ribcage. He noticed. His smile grew wider. It was the most beautiful thing in the world. I couldn't think clearly. My lips trembled a bit when I spoke " You… you could have just asked me out and avoided all of… *gulp*…this trouble" my voice shook, trying to control it.

He sighed. He closed his eyes and opened them again. "Would you have said yes?" he smiled devilishly, his lips just an inch from mine now, his eyes intense on mine, all I could do was nod, I didn't trust myself to speak, my voice was gone.

He bit his lower lip for a second, and then he inhaled slowly. He sighed and closed his eyes. He opened his eyes again, sadness in them, his lips in a small frown.

"What's wrong?" I asked worried about his sudden mood change.

"I'm very selfish" he said, grimacing.

"I don't understand" I said, fighting the urge to touch his face, to try and sooth his painful expression.

"I'm tired of pretending. I can't stay away from you. I just can't. I won't" his voice was in pain, intense again. "But, if you don't want…me…- he began, I immediately placed my index finger in his cool marble lips, stopping him from continuing, the feeling was amazing.

I couldn't believe my reaction. "I do" I said softly, dizzy and seduced by his breath. He looked me astonished, as if he wasn't expecting my sudden reaction, I retrieved my finger, my face scarlet.

"You… do?" his eyes smoldering again, his tone surprised, a smile coloring his perfect lips. I nodded. "You should stay away from me" he said a bit darkly, his eyes flashing for a second. "I'm all wrong for you" his eyes changing color, growing darker.

"That's for me to decide…" my voice was only a whisper. "We may never know if we don't try" I smiled. Just one inch, and I could kiss those beautiful lips. He smiled too, staring at mine.

Then, his cell-phone rang once, loudly, I jumped. My heart throbbing in my throat. My hand on my chest. We broke our position, he answered a bit irritated. "Emmet. This better be important…" he said warningly and shook his head, taking a few steps back. A laugh boomed from the other side of the line, and I thought I heard a low growl.

I got a chance on catching my breath and regaining control over my numb static body. I couldn't believe it, he WANTED ME. WOW. I never imagined it. Of course I was infatuated with him, but I never thought he felt that way about me. Butterflies and goosebumps all over my body, I wanted to scream and laugh and dance and cry all at the same time. But I couldn't even move an inch, I was frozen on my place. In shock.

Edward came back, a smile on his face. "Is everything alright?" I asked him. "Perfect" he breathed, and I couldn't help but smiling. "Let's fix your project" he mused.

I rolled my eyes and laughed. "And then…?" I asked raising my eyebrow. He looked at me sweetly, swiftly caressing my cheek with his right thumb, leaving a cool tingling sensation on my skin. "We go to dinner" he chuckled. I blushed once more and nodded.

"But first, we must work" he sighed and led me back to the classroom. I sighed too, but, it was a happy sigh. WOW :)


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