First chapter of my sequel-of-sorts for A Different Story. Sorry if it's not what you guys expected, but I'm really too lazy to write out the outcome of Kakashi and Hinata's relationship in story format. I think seeing how certain characters react to their relationship is good enough. Don't worry, though. You guys will get to see what happens later in their relationship through these one-shots. :)

Do enjoy.


Chouji licked the taste on his lips thoughtfully. The tartness of it and the sweetness of it...


He popped another piece in his mouth happily. These things were definitely food for the soul.

'Although not as good as barbeque.'

"Chouji, get off your fat ass and help me put away these flowers!"

Deciding to ignore Ino's yelling today (the cool air coming from the fan felt sinful on his hot and sticky body), he leaned back in his folding chair and licked away the juices trailing down his fingers.

'I wonder what Shikamaru's doing today...'

Chouji grinned at the thought of his friend before deciding to peel another delicious tangerine. He ate a piece and relished the feeling of its cool juices in his mouth.

'Mmmm... tangerines remind me of festivals.'

As he finished licking off the last of the juices from the tangerine on his fingers, his mind wandered, mostly focused on the latest festival he'd went to. Really, all the food had been the greatest, especially the lightly grilled tangerines skewered on sticks assorted with random pieces of meat and vegetables.

'That was delicious,' thought Chouji with a jovial grin. Festivals had the best foods, all fresh and sticky and... mmmm. 'Too bad no one else liked it.'

His team had complained that tangerines didn't taste good, too bitter or whatever. He scoffed. They obviously didn't understand true cuisine. It wasn't just the taste, it was the way it was prepared, grilled to perfection. He sighed wistfully, remembering that the only other person his age that had liked it was... Hinata.

Chouji smiled as he bit into another tangerine piece. Truly, Hinata was one of the best cooks he'd ever seen. She knew how long to cook meat and what to do to make it taste even better. It didn't matter what type of meat it was, or how many types of vegetables she put in, she always managed wonderfully.

'Speaking of Hinata...' Chouji frowned thoughtfully. He hadn't seen Hinata at that festival at all. She usually made it a priority to show up with Sakura or Ino to help them with their kimono and such, but this last festival... she had been absent. But then again... that was the day Kakashi-sensei came back from his mission...

Chouji grinned when he remembered the events that had occurred the day after the village festival. Ino still wouldn't stop gushing about it.

"Hinata and Kakashi-sensei! They're a couple, you know that?"

Chouji had seen Ino's awe-struck look on her face that fateful day at the barbeque shop when Asuma-sensei had drunkenly invited the two to eat with them and Kakashi had accidentally spilt his drink all over him, and he hadn't missed the slightly jealous looks she sent the two when she happened to spot Hinata and Kakashi-sensei together, both usually sporting smiles on their faces. Or eye, in Kakashi's case. He didn't miss those looks, and quite frankly, he didn't care either.

The two were free to do whatever they pleased, together, or not.

He bit into the tangerine, liking the tangy taste that spread through out his mouth.

'Hinata and Kakashi, huh?'

Chouji's lips twitched. It was funny how thoughts of how tasty tangerines were had led to a curious examination of two of his comrades' love lives.

'I guess it makes sense,' thought Chouji as he bit into another piece of tangerine, 'that tangerines remind me of the two.'

Outside the frosted glass of the flower shop, Chouji could see silver spikes trembling as Kakashi threw his head back to let out an amused laugh. Hinata's face disappeared behind her indigo locks, only for the silky strands to be pushed back gently by a finger-less gloved hand, revealing the girl's brightly blushing face and the hesitant smile on her lips.

He licked his fingers thoughtfully as he threw the orange peels of the tangerines he'd eaten into the trash can.

'They're always smiling so brightly.'

Mmm... came out completely different from how I planned it... but oh well. Sorry if it disappoints, but... this is all I can get out right now.

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