I don't own any of the characters but Harry. This might be slightly depressing. Thanks for reading.


Peter had waited days but he was missing Wendy. Tink had asked him to wait to see her, wait ten days in fact. She needed time to move on. Peter had agreed but by four days an extra six seemed like a lifetime. Tink had collected more boys so that maybe Peter would be distracted from thinking of her but every time she bought a new boy to the group he just became more depressed. Tink took him to the Indian tribe but again he couldn't forget Wendy her kiss and voice filled his thoughts.

Tink was becoming frustrated. What was so special about Wendy? Peter didn't realise that ten days had passed by in fact years had passed on Earth. Fairies could slow time in Neverland and even though Peter thought only the fifth day was coming up it had been seven years of waiting for Wendy.

On the seventh night Peter led awake, he was tired but her kiss was keeping him up. The thought of her lips on his sent a shiver down his spine of pure electricity. He had to see her again. He had to. He looked down at the "new" lost boys. There was Thunder (named because of his gas problem) Trumpet (he has cried none stop for three days and his sobs sounded like the instrument) and Lightning (he moved quickly and he had bright blonde hair) Tink was led next to Trumpet making quiet, high-pitched snoring noises.

Peter didn't usually go anywhere without Tink but he needed to do this alone. Peter soared over his home and felt the wind caress his hair. Neverland had been strangely quiet since Hook had been eaten and it had become boring. A part of him wished he had gone with Wendy and the boys. A home, a family… a life.

Wendy will be there waiting for me. I just know it. He thought as he flew through space and towards earth. He penetrated through the atmosphere and sighed as cloud hit his face, it was always so cold, it didn't help that it was the middle of winter. He spotted the house he was looking for. Peter stopped in mid-air letting Hook's voice echo in his head. He shook his head letting all thoughts of Hook melt away. He slowly flew towards the nursery. The stain-glass window obstructed his view into the room.

Peter put his hand on one of the window panes. There were noises coming from inside the room. Someone was coming to the window he dashed to the roof. The window opened slowly and the sound of talking filled the air. Peter lowered himself and peered into the room making sure he could not be seen.

"Tell us a story, Wendy!" Peter's heart leapt. He looked closer, he recognised the young men sat on the floor. An overweight boy sat on one of the many beds in the room. "Tootles." Peter whispered. He looked at a tall curly haired boy who found everything incredibly funny, "Curly?" Peter was confused. Two boys were fighting over a book and rolled onto the floor trying to pull each others hair out. "Where is Wendy?" The twins asked in unison (their voices were very low) looking up at another boy. Nibs was now the tallest and looked like a fully grown man with a serious face and a slight moustache. Slightly suddenly appeared in the room, he was stick thin with a serious face but laughed as he saw his friends. They all ran to hug him.

Peter whispered all their names as he recognised them, he even recognised John and Michael. John looked exactly like his father. There was a man sat with them he had a kind face, dark hair and bright blue eyes. Peter wondered who this man was, he was clean shaven and good looking by any standard but he wasn't part of the Darling family (original or lost boy.) Peter was shocked by how much each boy had changed, their voice's were lower they all were clean and happy.

The door started to open with a low creak. Peter stared at it. It must be Wendy. A woman appeared she had long, dark hair and blue eyes that were full of kindness but showed sadness. Peter gasped as the boys cheered, "Wendy." He whispered tearfully. She was wearing a pirates hat and held a sword. She laughed as she walked into the room. "Everyone sit down." She giggled, she sounded different more grown up but surely it had only been seven… Tink.

"Tonight I am going to tell you the story of the time I decided to be a pirate." She loudly whispered "pirate" the memory was fresh in Peters mind but obviously not in the boys. "You wanted to become a pirate?" Asked Tootles his booming voice making Peter jump.

"Yes, I shall tell you- Michael stop annoying Harry!" Demanded Wendy, Michael grinned menacingly. "It was a cold dark night…" Wendy told them the story in such detail, details peter had never heard before. The man named Harry laughed when appropriate, he couldn't keep his eyes off of Wendy, jealousy filled Peter with anger. Peter waited patiently for Wendy to finish but instead she mentioned him, "Of course Peter wasn't happy about it…" She stopped in her tracks but none of the boys noticed they carried on the story "Oh yeah and you fought…"

Wendy looked at the floor and Peter noticed all the happiness wash from her face. Harry stood up and held her. Peter wanted to fly in and punch him. Harry smiled at her, "It's just a story." Wendy smiled weakly back and announced "I'm going outside for a bit of fresh air it's… stuffy in here. Why don't the rest of you tell the rest of the story to Harry." "It's just a story?" Thought Peter angrily. He stared into the room a little longer watching how excited each boy became when talking about Wendy and Peter's sword fight and how awkward it made Harry even though he looked like he was used to it.

Peter then heard the back door open. Wendy walked out of the house and into the garden. She sat on the bench placed so that she could see the constellation of stars they had flown through to get to Peter's home.