"When I fell off the plank." He was still gasping and every other pirate sat down on the floor like they had when "Red Handed Jill" read them stories. He breathed in slowly, "When I fell off the plank I swam to the Mermaids. Hoping they would help me. One tried to drown me but fearing for my life I managed to get onto dry land. I walked for a while, I couldn't tell you how long my last watch had been destroyed by Hook." A small smug smile lit his face up for a moment. "Well, then I saw the ship go over the top of the trees and towards, I didn't know where. So I went to the Indians and asked for their help dressed as an old woman, they tried to kill me too." Smee sighed, Peter almost felt sorry for the old man.

"I then walked around Neverland until I saw it again, my ship! It was being carried by fairies, I swear it." He knocked on the wooden floor and Peter caught sight of Tink. She saw Peter's strange expressions while Smee talked, he wasn't angry like usual he actually looked compassionate and every now and then when Smee described something good that happened to him Peter would smile. When Smee finished his story with finding his other shipmates Peter looked at the sky which had slowly become more cloudy. No one moved, they waited for Peter to attack. He turned to look at the men sat around him.

There could only have been ten of them, they were all survivors of the last battle on the ship. Smee's sweet old face was looking up at him but he couldn't look weak in front of the boys. He smiled at the old man. "A good story I must say Smee, sorry Captain." He laughed and drew his sword, "Unfortunately there is no story that can stop me." He pointed the end of the sword at the captain and Smee reluctantly grabbed his own.

The other men stood up slowly and turned to the boys each looking more mysterious than the next. Smee sighed but brought his sword up to meet Peters. He hit the boys sword hoping it would fall out of his hand but instead only made it wobble slightly. Peter hit back and felt the force jar his arm Smee had a strong grip. He grimaced but did not scream only changed hands. Smee smiled seeing his pain, he lunged forward in a closed guard stance but Peter swerved and it missed him. Peter lunged, jumped, span then sliced Smee's cheek open. Trickles of blood started falling down his face. Smee's eye twitched above the wound.

"You couldn't stand it could you? Being second best?" Peter shouted mischievously he was going to go on when Smee interrupted him.

"Well my boy, neither can you." Peter's eyes grew, images of Harry and Wendy kissing flashed into his mind. He flew at Smee angrily but Smee blocked his attack. "I'm not second best!" Peter cried through gritted teeth. "She doesn't know I came to visit her!" Tink's little ears heard Peter's angry cries and turned to see him. Smee's face told her that he had mentioned Wendy. "Her?" Smee's face was full of confusion then relaxed into a smile, "Oh, Wendy." Smee pushed against his sword letting Peter fly backwards.

Tink remembered the last time this had happened. "No!" She screamed but of course only the sound of a tinkling bell came out of her mouth. She flew at Smee's face and bashed into his temple hitting her arm on his glasses. Smee flicked her away and she fell to the floor. She pushed herself up and looked at Peter who was rushing towards her. "Tink." He whispered.

"You've lost everyone, your friends, your fairy. Even your arch-nemesis. Not to mention Wendy." Tink looked up at Peter and winked. He put his hand under her warm body and picked her up. "What are you playing at?" She whispered mysteriously, "He's not Captain Hook, he's not a very good fighter and he was defeated by Michael last battle. He's Mr Smee, you can take him." She smiled lovingly.

Peter stood up straight and his feet began to lift from the floor. "You are Mr Smee."

"Cap'in I think you'll find." Smee said forcefully, surly Pan knew by now.

"No." Peter replied, Smee turned to look at the floating boy. "Hook earned the right to be called Captain I think you'll find. You found the ship. It doesn't mean you are ready to be Captain yet."

"How do I prove myself then Pan?" Smee snarled.

"Beat me." Peter took up his usually fighting stance and allowed Smee the time to first process what he had said and second to get into his own awkward stance. Peter lunged and hit Smee's arm. Blood stained his shirt. "Yes she left me but she's happy." Peter lunged again hitting Smee's large belly and Smee cried out in pain. Smee slashed the air, Peter yelled as blood spilled from his arm. How Smee had got him was beyond Peter. "Yes my friends left me but they too are happy." He pushed Smee back towards the sea. He cut the old mans chest as he did. "But I think you will find my best friend and fairy will never leave me." He pushed Smee onto the plank.

Tink appeared behind Peter and sat on his shoulder, "When everyone else is gone. I'll still have her. Who will you have Smee?" Smee's brow furrowed and he stared at the boy. He would never return to his ship and he knew it. Peter smiled at him "Goodbye, Captain Smee." He cut the old man one last time and he fell with a splash into the water.

Peter turned his head as the water turned red. Tink was already healing his arm. He turned to look at the pirates around him and any still alive jumped into the water voluntarily. "Tink?" Peter asked looking at his best friend. She looked at him and smiled, she was proud of him. "You will still be here right? If everyone leaves." Tink giggled and kissed him on the cheek "Of course Peter."

"Then can I ask you a favour. If I ever ask you a favour again you can turn me into fairy dust."

"I will not turn you into fairy dust, Pan." She giggled again. "Will you take me back? To see Wendy's baby. I-I want to give my blessing, of sort."

"As long as you don't fight it. I will take you." She took his finger in her hand and pulled him up into the sky. "I'll be back soon boys!" Peter called to the Lost Boys on deck.

They soared through the atmosphere and over the clouds taking the quickest route to Wendy's house. The breeze was warm, Tink had made time speed by so he could see Wendy's baby. They stopped at the window and looked in. There stood around a small cot was Wendy and Harry, they both looked exhausted but happy as they gazed at the child. Harry smiled and walked out of the room leaving Wendy and the baby alone.

Peter moved closer to the window. Wendy was in deep thought while staring at her child. He moved slightly, she stood up and followed her husband out of the room. Peter scowled he was finally going to talk to her and she left. He could still see the child though…

Peter pulled open the window so the he and Tink could sneak. Peter stepped down lightly onto the floor and smiled. He could hear the soft breathing of a small person. He walked over and saw the child. She was wrapped up in a pink blanket. Although Peter hated to admit it he thought the little girl was very cute. "Jane." A soft voice said. "Her name is Jane."

Peter looked at the door and there was the girl he loved or should he say the woman who used to be the girl he loved. Wendy had tears in her eyes. "Peter." She said simply and walked over to him slowly. Peter looked at Jane and sighed. "Mother." He replied. Wendy wasn't sure how to respond, he had only called her "Mother" when the boys were around.

Wendy had tears in her blue eyes, "It's so good to see you."

"I just wanted to um," Peter looked at Jane, "I just wanted…" He looked at Wendy and back at the sleeping baby. He heard someone outside the door and knew Harry was stood there waiting for him to ask her to return to Neverland. Something told him it was wrong to ask. She's yours now. He thought. "I just wanted to say congratulations for everything and um, sorry for giving your husband a black eye."

"It was you?" She laughed. "Well, thank you, Peter." She smiled at him and he started to return to the window, she noticed and added "Come back soon." He nodded and stood on the windowsill. Tink suddenly flew at Wendy and kissed her cheek. "Tink!" Wendy laughed, "Please look after him." Tink nodded.

Peter looked out into the air and flew away leaving the light from the window and the family stood around the cot again like no one new had been there.


And that (as they say) is that. Hope you enjoyed, sorry it took so long.