The New Time

By SolarCarol

Deep in the universe.

All of the legends have gathered.

Arcues will now begin the meeting.

"Now my children," she said,"we are all gathered here to discuss about our very exsistance."

All of the legends listned carefully in what the goddess had to say.

"We are in great danger in being captured and used for horrible things! These humans have left us in great fear, and they perhaps, do not respect us anymore."

"But, some do!" said Mew.

"Yes, some do," said Arceus solomly,"but many don't. Some have created, teams that concentrate on ruling the world! We can't have that."

"And what do you supose you have us do?" grunted Rayquaza.

Arceus looked down softly to the pokemon below,"We must turn, into humans."

Everyone gasped in the idea.

"Turn? Into humans? Impossible!" shouted out Zaptoes.

"Yes, how are we suppose to do that?" added Mewtwo.

Arceus raised her great head towards the empty sky,"I have many wonders, and so do many others. Dialga and Palkia are gods, and I am a goddess. You Mew, are the first pokemon to be born in this world. You Mewtwo, are her clone, her brother perhaps and is somewhat the strongest pokemon in the world. Rayquaza, creater of the sky, Celibi, the forest, Jirachi, Ferina," Arceus then started to glow,"we all play a part in this world and had done everything. We now must transform, to be protected and indvisable to all who dar to seek us." Arceus's glow started to spread from one pokemon to the next, then, with one flash, all was gone. Except the wind, and the moon above.

Mewtwo's POV

I opened my eyes and saw that I wasn't at the meeting anymore, I was in a forest, a dark and scary forest. What had happend? I slowly got up and groaned.

"What a wierd thing." I said. I rubbed my eyes for a while, but then I jerked up. These weren't my hands, they were human hands. I quickly ran out of the area to a pond. I looked down and saw a face. It wasn't my face. It was a boy face.

"Oh god," I said, "I'm a human!" I had shaggy pale purple hair, a black long sleeved shirt, a white belt, dark blue pants and brown boots. I also had a wierd looking purple sympol on my right hand in the shape of a black cresent moon. It shimered in the night.

"Oh my god," I said again,"oh my, wh-where is everyone any way?" I looked around but I was all alone I guess, untill I heard a shriek. It sent chills to my bones, but I ran to the diretion of the sound anyway.

"Hello? Who's there?" I shouted. Then, I saw someone all tangled in vines and was twisting like crazy.

"Get me outta here whoever is there, UGH!" shouted the person.

I got a little closer, I saw that it was a girl, about my size, she had a turquize and pink striped skirt, a pink T-Shirt with a star on it, some pink poots with some white fur, and pink hair with, Mew ears?

"Mew? Is that you?" I asked, edging a little closer.

The girl blinked twiced at stared at me,"Are you Mewtwo? Oh please tell me you are!"

"Yes, yes I'm Mewtwo," I said happily,"but how'd you get all tangled like that?" I started to untangle Mew.

"Well it was the strangest thing," explained Mew,"after that glow in the meeting, I found myself on a tree branch, as a human girl! Can you believe it? But I still had my ears, that's for sure! I was so shocked that I fell over and got caught in some vines. But then you came and," Mew jumped down when I finished untangling her,"helped me out of this!" she gave me a big hug and released me.

"Well, yeah, but we got to find the others!" I said. I started to walk away till Mew grabbed my hand.

"Hey, your hand, is that a symbol?"

I looked down at her hand witch was grabbing mine. She had a symbol too, but it was a heart and it was pink. Everything is pink about her I guess.

"Why do we have these?" she asked.

"I don't know, but let's go. We'll find out about these later." I led Mew out of the bushes and near the pond, and that's where we heard some splashing.

"Wha, what was that?" shouted Mew.

"There!" I pointed. Someone was getting out on the pond and was soaking wet. It was a human.

"Hey, maybe it's a legend!" said Mew, and she ran towards the person.

"Wait! We can't be too sure!" I shouted, but it was no use, she was talking to the human already.

The human was also a boy, but slightly taller than me and had turquious hair. He had a white long sleeved shirt, a turquous vest and tie, and white pants. He had white shoes too.

"Hey Mewtwo!" shouted Mew,"It's Suicune! He found himself in the pond, hehe!" she giggled a bit. I walked over to the two and said,"Well that's not a suprise, usually Suicune is always H2O, right?"

"Don't push your luck," said Suicune, coughing a little,"you're gonna need it." He started to squeeze his hair. I gasped. There on his hand was a teal symbol in the shape of diamond.

"A symbol?" I said to myself,"everyone is gonna have it now."

"At this rate I think we'll find everyone!" said Mew cheerfully, "let's continue! Shall we?"

Suicune and I both agreed and we split up.

Suicune's POV

How dare Mewtwo insult me? I mean he is the strongest pokemon but he deosn't have to have a reputation! Humh.

I looked high and low for any of us, but there was no one. I think I might I as well give up.

"AAAH! OOH, AAAH!" there were some yelling right behind me! I turned around and saw that it was a girl, Mew's size, long dark green hair, in a green lace dress up to the knees, black shoes and on her hand was a green leaf symbol.

"Hey, hey, hey, stop screaming! I'm not gonna hurt you! At all! So stop freaking out!" I soon calmed her down.

"Uh, I know that voice, it sounds like Suicune, are you Suicune?"

I flinched,"What if it is me? Oops! I mean-"

"Then I'm Celibi!" said the girl.

"Celibi?" I repeated,"Celibi! Then I am Suicune alright! Glad to see you again! Um, but are you okay?"

All of a sudden Celibi's face got red,"Okay? OKAY? I have been wandering in these woods for quite a some time now, dodging any danger that might attack me because I am a human, and I don't think I could use my powers this way! So do you think I look OKAY, to you?"

I stepped back,"No, not at all. But we have to go back to a the pond to the others!"

"Others? You found them? Great, let's not a have a second to spare! Hurry!" in a hustle, Celibi grabbed my arm and pulled me towards the pond. Painfully.

Mew's POV

"Hello! HELLO? Is any one there?" I sweeped through the leaves swiftly. It was almost morning, and I only found Suicune and Mewtwo. Oh I wish I could fly again! I twisted and turned but I couldn't find anyone.

"I give up." I finally said, and started to walk back, when I heard someone yell! I gasped in fear and delight. I ran towards the direction and found three boys and a girl. The girl was pretty mad. She had long blue hair that was in a pony tail. A blue dress with flowers, and brown vest and boots.

"Just how are we suppose to get out of this place?" shouted the girl. Her hand had a light blue hexigon shape.

"How am I suppose to know genius?" retorted one of the boys. He had red and yellow hair that was devilishly handsome. He had a red jacket stripped red, and black jeans and sneakers. His hand had a red flame shape.

"Well, we can't just stand here all night now can we?" said the girl, crossing her arms.

"We'll get out of here soon enough!" inturruppted another boy. He was a bit taller. A long yellow jacket, black shirt, pants, and boots. He had yellow shaggy hair too. Pointy hair that is. He had a yellow thunder on his hand.

"Then when?" bailed the girl.

"As soon as you shut up!" shouted the red boy, getting into the girl's face. They were both snarling at eachother.

"Uh guys, maybe we can work this out." said the smaller boy. He was an inch smaller than me. He had black hair, and on the side of his head, some hairs were blue and went back. He had a white long sleeve shirt, a teal stripe and teal sleeves. He was wearing blue jeans and white shoes, and he had a blue water sign.

"YOU STAY OUT OF THIS LUGIA!" shouted the two. Lugia franticly stepped back, caught in shock.