The New Time Chap 2

"Lugia?" I whispered. Then my eyes lit up,"Lugia!" I rushed out of the bushes and grabbed him, real tight,"Oh Lugia, Moltres, Articuno, and Zaptoes! I found you! Yay!" Lugia seemed to be very squished.

"Mew? Is that you?" asked Zaptoes, the yellow guy.

"Of course it's me! How can anyone ask that?"

"Anyone who's trying to get out!" said the blue girl Articuno. "Can we go now?"

"Yeah, I'm tired of hearing Articuno scream." said Moltres. I slowly lead them out of the area towards the pond. With Moltres and Articuno still fighting.

Mewtwo's POV

I think I was searching my heads off. No one was to be found in the area! I searched to the left, then to the right.

"Hey, is anyone out there?" I shouted. Please let there be someone out there. I finally sighed. All of a sudden, to pairs of hands came out of nowhere and clung to my neck.

"AAAAHH!" I screamed, I tried to get it off me, but it wouldn't come off.

"Ow, that hurts!" said a voice.

"I know it does!" I shouted back, still trying to yank the thing off.

"That's not nice to treat a Pokémon that way!"

"Then what kind of Pokémon, ARE YOU?"

"Well, a Jirach-iiooooowwww!" I finally yanked the thing off, and there in my arms was a small boy, tall as a 6-year-old. He had blonde hair, a blue and yellow sweat shirt, and some baggy pants. And on his hand was a white cloud sign.

"Who are you kid?" I asked sternly. Well, he did try to suffocate me!

"I don't think I should tell you."

"Well you just said half of your name."


"But what?" I was very impatient.

The kid finally nodded, "Okay, I'm Jirachi!" Jirachi? I finally realized who I scolded. I put him down and said, "Nice to meet you, again."

"Again?" asked the small boy.

I nodded, "Well, you see, it's me, Mewtwo."

All of a sudden, the boy clung on to me again, but was hugging me,"MEWTWO IT'S SOO SCARY OUT HERE, I WANT TO GO HOME TO FERINA!"

The kid must've been so loud that my eardrums would've broke, "Okay, okay! I'll take you back there as soon as we find the others, okay?"

Jirachi nodded. We both then went out of the bushes.

Suicune's POV

Finally we all reached the pond at morning. We all started talking about what happened and why we were here. It never made sense anyway.

"But how are we gonna get home?" whined Celebi.

"Well, we need to find shelter or something." Said Zaptos.

"But there's no place we know anyways." Said Mewtwo.

"Why don't we just go anywhere and eventually we'll get somewhere." I suggested.

Everyone was thinking really hard and arguing till we all heard a crack!

"Yikes!" shouted Jirachi and he held on tight to Mewtwo's leg.

"What was that?" asked Mew.

"Something not worth thinking about." Said Articuno.

We all listened carefully, then heard a bush rustle and turned around. There standing very calmly was a girl in long wavy black hair, a tan vest, white dress a bit higher that the knees, and had a gleam in her eyes. And, there was a golden star on her hand.

"Have you had a nice time in the woods?" asked the girl.

"No of course not! And who are you?" exclaimed Celibi.

The girl tilted her head and smiled seriously, "I'm the one who brought you here, and suppose I'm the one that might get you out."

"Arceus?" asked Moltres.

"So it's you," said Lugia. "Why are we here? I don't really want to be a human, we could still protect ourselves.

"Yeah, we still can," said Articuno. "So turn us back now!"

"I'm afraid I will and still won't do that." Said Arceus, twirling a strand of her hair, but still looking calm.

"Hey Arceus, what do you have in store for us huh?" I asked.

Arceus's eyes lit up, as if she was waiting for that question, "I'm saying, that we shall stay as humans as long as I like till we get things resolved. I will with the most concern, say that we Pokémon will change our Identity to try and make a difference. Don't you understand, no one will recognize us and we will be in total secrecy. I will arrange our plans tomorrow."

"Wait though, what about the other legends?" stated Mew.

Arceus just signaled us to come to her, "That I will deal with later. For now come."

Me and the other Pokémon just looked at each other, this is not going to go well, I thought.

One by one, we left and followed Arceus back into the woods. It was now full morning so we could see where we were going, finally.

"So, where do you think we're going to stay?" asked Celibi.

"I'm not psychic." I said.

"Maybe in some remote island, where there are no civilization." Suggested Mewtwo.

I wanted to bob him for that, then Jirachi butted in, "No, I think we might live in a place surrounded by humans!"

"That's crazy! Or, it might be nice so no one might know who we are." Said Mew.

I glared at them, "Nice? The only nice thing is that we're still in secrecy! What if we slip a word in a town, and that'll give them the hint that there are Pokémon humans out here! And also, a strange group of people entering a city and they don't know how to act human? Think about it!"

That silenced the group, then Articuno said, "Whatever! We just go with the flow and copy real humans."

"But each human is different!" I reasoned.

Moltres popped in, "So, copy one like us! Ha!"

"I still don't think this is right!" I snapped.

"None of us do Suicune, that's why we're listening to Arceus, just trust her." Said Zaptoes.

I sagged and kept quiet. Then Mew got everyone's attention, "But hey you know, the signs on our hands. I wonder what they're for."

Everyone looked like they hadn't noticed it yet and nodded.

"Legends, you'll know about that later," said Arceus. "But for now, here we are."

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