A couple days ago I started reading a Fred/Hermione Fanfiction, and it was really good. So I decided I'd give it try. Read and Review as you see fit!

A Harry Potter Fan-fiction
By: Indigo March
Chapter One
Awkward Feelings

Hermione's P.O.V

"FRED!" I screamed shrilly, firmly closing my eyes as they began to water with pain. "I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!"

Fred and George roared with laughter as I stood there, painted head to toe a dark purple. The prank hadn't been intended for me, it had been meant for Ron, who was smirking behind my back as I stood in the doorway to the kitchen. I brought my hands to my eyes, trying miserably to wipe away the paint.

"Sorry, Hermione," Fred said, still chuckling as he and George came to stand in front of me. It took all my strength to stop myself from seizing him by the throat and choking him. I suddenly stiffened, expecting another prank, but was surprised as he raised his hands gently to my face to try and wipe away the drying paint. It was a kind, brotherly gesture, but I got a strange feeling deep inside me as I focused on him and found the breath knocked out of me. Since when was he so handsome? I realized I had never stood this close to him, never even touched him, not even in a friendly handshake or anything. He was as wide eyed as me as his hands jerked away as if they had been burned.

"A lot of soap should do it," he muttered, looking away from me suddenly.

George and Ron were completely oblivious to the awkward moment that had passed between us as they stood there laughing like complete morons.

. . .

Fred's P.O.V

I had never felt so weird in my life. As I had casually touched her I felt a strange tingle that flooded from my fingertips straight to my toes. Hermione had gazed at me in surprise, as if she had felt the same thing. I had abruptly took my hands away from her face, and said with all my glorious charisma skill, "A lot of soap should do it."

Ever since that, I had found myself wanting to touch her again and experience that pleasant tingling.

When Hermione had arrived at the Burrow with Harry in tow, she had been the same Hermione as I remembered her from before. I hadn't seen much of her lately, being busy with the shop and the extra work everyone was doing to try and return the world to its former glory before the war with Voldemort . (A/N: no offese to J.K. Rowling, but I'd prefer Fred to be alive in this particular Fan-Fiction.) According to Ron, she was studying to become a healer at St. Mungo's, and had been working as an intern since graduating from Hogwarts (having decided to go back after the fall of Voldemort, along with Harry and Ron to complete their education).

I suddenly remembered Hermione was currently dating Ron. For some reason I felt anger surge through me, and I didn't know why it was suddenly affecting me like it was. Maybe it was because of that feeling I had gotten when I touched her. I started to laugh, ignoring George's curious stare. The thought of Ron being with Hermione was completely ridiculous! She was way too good for him! Ron was a clumsy, bumbling oaf that didn't know a lick about, well, anything. Smirking, I wondered what she saw in him.

I was still thinking about it when I heard mum calling us down to supper.

. . .

Hermione's P.O.V

I tried not to blush when Fred sat down next to me at the table for dinner. I had never really noticed anything about him other than his immaturity and annoying jokes, but now I was noticing too much for my own liking.

You should not be staring at him, Hermione! I told myself firmly. You're Ron's girlfriend! You're not suppose to be attracted his brother!

Was I attracted to Fred? Ginny, who was sitting on my other side, suddenly knudged me. I realized I had been staring at Fred, and he had been staring right back at me.

Blushing furiously, I turned my back to him and looked at Ginny.

"Why were you staring at Fred?" she whispered, glancing at Ron who was watching us, a slightly annoyed look on his face. He was probably mad I hadn't talked to him since dinner started. He only looked away when Harry began to talk to him.

"I wouldn't call it staring, Ginny - "

"What was it then?" Ginny smirked. "A watchful observation?"

I felt my cheeks grow scarlet. "Of course not!"

"Hermione, is there something you want to tell me?" Ginny asked, eyebrows raised.

I looked down at my tightly clasped hands. When I looked up, I saw Ron watching me worriedly. "Not here, Ginny. Later."

Ginny gave me an impatient look, but then smiled as Harry leaned over and kissed her on the cheek. I looked at Ron and hoped he didn't try to do the same.

. . .

Fred's P.O.V

I tried my hardest not to scowl at Ron as he casually reached over the table and squeezed her hand, looking concerned.

"Are you all right, Mione?" he asked her gently.

George snickered at the nickname Ron had adopted for her. I usually would've done the same, but it bothered me now.

She gently pulled her hand out of his grasp, reaching for her drink next to mine. Her arm brushed against mine and I jumped, feeling a jolt of the same pleasant tingling I had felt early that day. She looked at me, the same surprise in her eyes.

"Sorry," she said in a small voice.

I grinned brilliantly at her. "That's quite all right."

I saw Ron scowl as if he had guessed my grin's intention of dazzling her. If Hermione was at all effected by my smile, she didn't let it show as she turned back to Ron.

"I'm fine, Ronald."

I smirked triumphantly at Ron's fallen expression. He must be devasted that his girlfriend doesn't have a pet name for him. Then again, I thought grimly with a sense of frustration, she probably didn't like public displays of affection, and probably said a lot of things to him 'behind closed doors.' Those thoughts made me feel uneasy so I stopped thinking about that, reminding myself that if that had been so, Ron wouldn't look so disappointed by being called 'Ronald' by the girl he was suppose to love.

I glanced at Hermione out of the corner of my eye when something caught my attention. I reached my hand out and put a finger to her ear. She raised an eyebrow at me as I became distracted with it.

"You've still got paint in your ear," I said, a cocky grin on my face. She suddenly blushed. She looked adorable. I heard George scoffing at me. Being my twin, he couldn't be fooled, no matter how good a liar I was. He must've known from the start, even if he had appeared not to have a clue what had gone on between Hermione and I eariler. I removed my finger from her ear, feeling the tingling fade away as soon as our skin broke contact.

I noticed a lot of things about Hermione I had never noticed before. Like how her hair seemed to shine when the light caught it just right, and how her warm chocolate colored eyes seemed to have a permanet thoughtfulness and depth to them. I even noticed how her nose went all crinkly when she laughed, making her look exceptionally cute. I realized I had never been the one to make her laugh. It made me want to make her laugh.

"Fred, pass the potatoes, please," I heard her suddenly say to me in that sweet, innocent voice of hers. Still watching her, I picked up the dish and handed it to her, feeling my heart beat faster as my fingers brushed against hers. She smiled shyly at me and I knew, just knew, that she was feeling something towards me too.