A Harry Potter Fanfic

Chapter 15
The End?

Okay, my laptop decided to go kapoot, so I lost all my documents and blah, blah, blah…so yeah…hehehe.


Fred's POV

Kingsley stared silently at Chumkin, who stared right back at him. They looked as if they were sizing each other up, looking for weaknesses or flaws. I really wasn't very interested in the whole thing. I just wanted to go home and eat some chocolate…Hermione by my side, of course.

Speaking of Hermione, she was still watching Ron and Luna, an amused smirk on her face. She met my gaze and we both snorted.

"So…you were, what? Trogart's right-hand man?" Kingsley asked in his deep voice.

Chumkin scoffed. "More like his slave. Trogart worked alone. He didn't make friends. He kept his distance."

"I see…and do you know where he may have gone?"

We all tuned in to this part, waiting expectantly.

Chumkin looked us all individually, a dark look crossing his face. "Trogart wasn't acting on his own orders. He was workin' for someone."

Harry groaned. "Oh, swell. So does this mean there was a Plan B?"

"Ugh! I hate Plan B's!" said George, rubbing his eyes.

"Who was he working for?" Kingsley asked.

"Some bloke known as Septimus. I never met him, but that wanker Aldosta did. He was the closest to Trogart."

"That sounds about right," said Hermione. "Aldosta was always saying how important he was, right?"

"Well!" said George, stretching. "It's been fun, guys, but I've got something to do."

"Where are you off to?" I asked him. He smirked.

"Wouldn't you like to know?" he said. "Laterz!"

We all watched him go.

"So… am I free to go?" Chumkin asked.

"I have a few more questions, but then, yes, you're free to go," said Kingsley.

"Are we needed here?" Harry asked.

Kingsley shook his head and opened the door to his office and motioned us out. Ron let out a loud cheer and led the way into the corridor.

When we all finally stumbled into the kitchen of the Burrow, the sun was just visible rising into the sky through the window.

I stretched, yawning. "Ah, sunrise—time for bed!"

Hermione laughed, linking her arm through mine. "I could use a good nap myself."

"Oh, you could, could you?"

She smirked, kissed me on the cheek and then followed Ginny to their room.

Harry was already sprawled on the couch, snoring softly. Ron and Luna were in the kitchen talking about their new-found feelings for each other, obviously.

I looked out the window, wondering what George was doing.


George was stalking Angelina Johnson…again.

As of, right now, she was sitting with Katie Bell and Alicia Spinnet at a table outside a Muggle Café, munching on a plate of chili fries and looking absolutely adorable in her sweat pants and with her hair pulled back.

George never did like girls who primped themselves to points of extreme.

She glanced around and when her eyes roamed over in his direction he hurriedly ducked behind a fat man sitting on a bench and eating a hamburger.

"Super George, Super George…" he sang under his breath, "does whatever Super George does…. You can do this, George! You're friggin Super George!"

He peeked over the man's shoulder at Angelina, who was laughing at something Katie had said.

"Can he fly, into a wall? Yes he can because he's George…. Wait…craaaaap…"

Relax, George. She's nowhere near a wall.

Deciding, he stood up straight, puffing out his chest. "Look OUT! Here comes Super George!"

His shout echoed across the street and the three girls looked up startled.

"George!" Alicia and Katie exclaimed, huge smiles springing to their faces. Angelina stared at him wide-eyed before looking quickly at her chili fries. Before George lost his nerve, he hurried over to them, dropping to one knee in front of Angelina and blurting, "DINNNNNNER!"


"Last time I asked there was this huge bomb and we nearly died…" he reminded her.

"Oh, yeah, I remember," she said, smiling softly now.


"Sooooo…" she said, nodding in agreement.

"Is that a yes, or a no, or a maybe, or a—"

"It's a yes, you twat," she said, leaning towards him and kissing him on the cheek. "Nice theme song by the way."

"I got another one if you wanna hear it," he said with a laugh.

"Ummm, that's okay, George. Thanks, though."


"You've failed me."

"I know, Master," Trogart said, keeping his head bowed.

"I see you can no longer be relied on."

"I'm sorry I have failed you—"

"Keep your apologies!" the voice roared around him, echoing eerily. "Get out of my sight!"

Once Trogart had sulked out of the room, Aldosta knelt in his place. "What would you like me to do?"

"Kill him, and then proceed with the plan."


Hermione's POV

Even though, technically, Ginny and Harry were married, Molly insisted on throwing a normal ceremony, even though Ginny said it wasn't necessary. I didn't mind though, since I got to see Fred all dressed up in a tux, which was really hot. Oh, Merlin, I sound like Lavender Brown. Ick.

Luna and Ron, it seemed, have decided to go against all the odds and be together. A really big change of heart, if you ask me, since they've sorta hated each other for awhile.

Fleur's given birth to a beautiful baby girl, who's been named Victorie, in honor of both past wars that have been won: the one against Voldemort and now the one against Trogart.

As soon as Kingsley had dismissed us from his office that fateful night/morning, Draco had taken Astoria and together they had eloped to Las Vegas. I was happy for them.

As for Chumkin, he sent us a postcard from Mexico, signing it 'Trumpkin', so we know he stuck to his word and changed his name.

And me? Well, I think I'll do all right. I'm surrounded by the people I love, I have a butt-kicking boyfriend who knows how to make me laugh harder than anyone I know, and the wizarding world is safe once again.

For the moment, anyway.