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rating: M
story: drabble eighty-three. sasuke's pov.
FML o83: Today, my boyfriend broke up with me because I'm too nice. Apparently, me being nice to him makes him feel guilty. FML

note: i decided to do one chapter: sakura's POV. 2nd chapter: sasuke's POV. 3rd chapter: third person. and so on and so forth. REPEAT until we REACH THE ENDDD.

summary: Today, Sakura wanted to break up with me because I treated her "nicer than when we first met." Apparently that makes her feel bad. FML.

SasuSaku Forever and Ever

Nice Guys Finish Last


"So let me get this straight," Naruto said. He held out his hands in front of him, as if to block me in an invisible force field. He sat cross-legged, his eyes running uncomfortably up and down my body in a manner which I did not appreciate, and I scowled at him.

"You're saying Sakura-chan wanted to break up with you because you're too nice?"


Naruto froze for a second. Then, with a loud howl, he fell backwards onto his back and kicked his legs up in the air as if he were biking. He giggled, his laughter pierced by choked sobs, and I swore I saw his face turning red. His reaction only made me want to kick him in the balls.

"Okay, we're only going to address one thing here. She said you were too nice?"

"She said that I acted nicer than I had been when we first met, and for some reason, that makes her feel bad."

"Why would it make her feel bad?" Naruto sat upright, wiping tears away from his eyes. He sniffled a little bit to get the rest of his fun out, and I just glared at him until he would grow up. But I probably hoped for too much—after all, Naruto was a kid and always would be, which made me question something else: why did I come to Naruto for help?

"I don't know," I said. "Maybe she just likes to be dominated or something. Maybe she just gets a kick out of being verbally abused. This is all speculation. That's why I came to see if you had any insight on this."

"Eh. Maybe she's just tired of you."

A vein popped in my head. "Excuse me?"

"You heard me. She wants something more interesting and flavorful rather than the same, boring, dull Sasuke who wears black and blue all day and just looks like a giant walking bruise."

"Fuck you."

"You asked for my help and I gave it. Now you're turning it down? You ungrateful bastard."




Despite "breaking up" with me, Sakura still lived in my house in the guest room. I'm sure that my parents still haven't found out that we're "over," because if they did, my mom would have been barraging me with phone calls nonstop and I'd be the one she'd blame, not Sakura.

I twisted my face in an expression of frustration and disgust, and rapped my knuckles onto the polished wooden door.

"Sakura?" I called out. "We need to talk."

"Nah," she replied. Music played from the speaker system I bought her for her birthday, and, as if to spite me, she had turned up the volume even louder to drown me out. She knew I hated being one-upped, and I could imagine that stupid smile plastered on her face, thinking that she'd won.

I rattled at the doorknob, only to find it locked. Of course. I banged harder on the door this time, pressing my ear up against the surface.

"Sakura," I said. "Let me in."

In response, she turned up her music even louder. Trashy pop music flooded the house through the thin walls—she knew how much I disliked pop—and I knew that she was just trying to get me to my breaking point. She had always loved teasing me and playing games with me.

I would not, however, allow trashy music in my home.

Growling, I scanned the house, trying to remember where I put the skeleton key to all the rooms in the house. My mind was blanking on me, and I couldn't think straight—I needed the key, so that I could go into her room and teach her a lesson about respect and how it's not over until I say it's over, and—

"Yeah?" Sakura asked. She opened the door to her room, and gave me one of those sickeningly sweet smiles she always gave me when she thought she was in trouble.

Unfortunately, that turned me on more than it angered me.

I pushed myself into her room and took her iPod. I almost threw it across the room, but I wasn't going to stoop down to her level. I slowly pocketed it and watched her expression change from that smile to shock and astonishment.

"Give it back!" Sakura said. She jumped onto my body, trying to dig her hand into my pocket to reach her MP3. With quick movements, I took it out, and held the device high up over my head, watching her struggle to jump and just graze the bottom of my palm.

"Sasuke-kun," she cried. I smirked. At least she still called my name in an affectionate term. Nevertheless, I stood up on my tip-toes to hold her iPod even farther away from her.

"Yeah, Sakura?" I teased.

"Can I please have it back?"

"I don't know, can you?"

Sakura frowned. She pushed me onto the bed, and I felt the iPod slip out of my fingers until it was in her grasp. She smiled triumphantly, wiping away any oily fingerprints I might have left on her screen.

It was then that I realized that she was still straddling me.

"Hey," I said. "Get off."

Sakura apparently noticed the position we were in as well. Her thighs clenched mine in such a way that brought back erotic memories, and I turned my head so she wouldn't see the redness forming on my cheeks.

After Sakura made sure that her precious baby wasn't harmed, she—ironically enough—threw it against her nightstand, where it skidded to a stop with a harsh thump. Sakura took a deep breath and pinned my wrists above my head, straddling me even tighter.

"Why are you so nice to me?" she asked. Her face was so close to mine that her pink bangs tickled my nose. I tried to keep a straight face, but I wanted to sneeze. My nose twisted into various angles in order to satisfy my itch, and Sakura raised an eyebrow at my antics.

"…What are you doing?" she asked.

I took the opportunity to let out a big sneeze. When she jumped up in surprise, she loosened her grip on my wrists, giving me full access to tickle all over her body. I knew that she was especially sensitive in the crevices of her rib cage and right beneath her breasts, so I took the chance and flung my long fingers at her flesh.

"Hey!" she giggled. She wiggled on top of my body, trying to push my hands away. "I'm serious, Sasuke-kun, stop it! You know I don't like being tickled—eek!"

"You like that?" I teased. I hiked up her shirt and began to trace my fingers all over her skin, dragging the dull edges of my nails right underneath her breasts. I felt her body freeze for a second under mine.

"Tell me," I whispered, allowing my fingers to continue tracing over her body. My hands found their way to her bra clasp, where my fingers were fiddling with the thin piece of fabric holding two of my favorite things about Sakura together. I waited for her reaction, if she would push me away or tell me to knock it off, but she continued to look at me with those glazed eyes and a confused, blank stare.

"Tell you…what?" she asked.

"Tell me why you don't like the 'nice' version of me."

Sakura frowned and pulled herself away from me. She hugged a pillow to her chest and brought her knees up high, hiding her face from me.

"Are we really going to talk about this?" she squeaked. Her voice was lower than a whisper, and it took all of my willpower not to grab that pillow, throw it across the room, and kiss her right there.

"Yeah," I firmly said. I took her foot in my hand and she tried to shake me off, but I kept on holding even tighter. "Why am I 'too nice?'"

"Sasuke-kun, you've got it all wrong."

"Oh yeah? Then tell me so I can make it all right." I gripped her foot even harder, enough to make her cry out softly in pain. I only slightly loosened my grip and watched as a green eye peeked out from behind the pillow.

"It's just—" she began. Sakura took a few moments to collect her thoughts. "Um, well, honestly—you just seem different from the Sasuke-kun I knew when we first met. I really did love how you began to become warmer and friendlier towards me and towards other people, but at the same time I almost felt as if this wasn't the true you. It was too fake to be you and not the Sasuke I fell in love with. Don't get me wrong! It's great to be nice. But sometimes it just seems…I don't know, forced."

I took all her words in and my hand left her foot. Too nice? I knew that I was definitely more intimate with Sakura, but I don't think she minded that.

"Still, what does 'too nice' mean?"

"…Well, for example, the one time you called me Sakura-chan was really weird. I don't mind if anyone else calls me that, like Naruto or Itachi. But when it just comes out of your mouth—it just fits the ear wrong. Or that time you were trying to be a good, ideal boyfriend and get me flowers for Valentine's Day, even though I'm allergic to pollen, and instead of taking me to the restaurant I wanted to go to you said you had it all figured out and that you'd take care of it, and—"

"Okay, okay. Fine. Then how do you want me to act?" I said. I crawled on my hands and knees towards her, prying the pillow away and resting my chin on the hills of her knees. Our faces were inches apart, and I noted with a smirk how the red blush crept up from her collarbones all the way to her round cheeks.

"Just be you," she whispered. Then, without warning, she grabbed me by my collar and kissed me. Once again I felt the familiar warmth of her lips meld onto mine, and her small hands clasping at the fabric of my shirt that was ready to rip apart. She moved her head accordingly, closing her eyes and moaning softly, and she murmured, "Don't try to make yourself into someone that others want you to be. I like you for you."

I broke free from her kiss and began to take off my shirt. I already had many clothes that were ripped apart by her, and I didn't need to add another one to my collection. She looked up at me with wide eyes, and I responded back with a mischievous grin.

"Do you like it when I treat you like a naughty girl, then?" I teased, watching her blush creep even higher into her wide forehead. My hand palmed her breast, and I waited for her to find the words she was looking for.

"Don't be nice to me tonight," she breathed, doing her best to stifle her cries as my finger looped around the elastic band of her panties. "Be anything but nice."

I slid her underwear off and tossed it next to my shirt.

"Turn over," I ordered.




Sakura's fat head rested on my torso while I put a sweaty arm around her shoulders. With the other hand I wiped my bangs from my face and stared up at the ceiling, trying to catch my breath.

"Mm," she giggled. "I liked this Sasuke."

I noticed one of her hands went down to massage one of her ass cheeks, which had taken a good, hard beating. Sakura looped one of her thighs around my hip bone and snuggled close to me, as if she wanted to somehow merge our bodies together.

"I'm not going to let you break up with me," I growled, facing her. "Not now, not ever."

"I could never be tired of you," Sakura breathed. "As long as you're you."

I'm going through a kind of tough time right now and could really use the support. Thank you all for being so great to me.