Do you ever have one of those moments, where you wish you could go back in time and change something? No. well I do.

Around about a year ago my dad died. Charlie. He was a great dad and a good friend. When he died, I had to live with my brother. Our mom left when I was four and Emmette was nine. We had lived with her for two years in Scotland after her and Charlie's divorce but Charlie wanted us back and when he died we couldn't track Renée down again. So we stayed in Forks.

When Charlie died things started out okay. I did the groceries and the cooking and Emmette helped with cleaning and he did the bills. But everything took a downwards turn when Emmette started to …

"Isabella Swan, get down here this instant" Emmett's drunken voice slurred up the stairs. Yes that's right. Emmette was drunk. Again. I closed the lid of my laptop and hurried to hide it under my clothes in my wardrobe. The last time Emmette found my diary and saw what I had written, he had flown into a rage and had torn out all the pages. So now I keep my diary on my lap top.

As I entered the kitchen, I saw Emmette holding a tea cup in his hand.

"I thought I told you to do the washing up" he growled at me.

"I…I…d...did" I stuttered.

"Then what is this?" he practically screamed. I dared to move inches forward, only to have the cup shoved under my nose. Sure enough there was a tiny speck of dust in the bottom.

"How could you miss this" he raged. He raised his hand and I braced myself for pain of his fist. But nothing could prepare me for the pain of the tea cup being smashed against my arm and feeling the shards dig into me.

I ran up to my room and pulled out the shards with a pair of tweezers. I collapsed onto my bed in pain and every thing went black .


I woke up to a searing pain in my arm. I got up ,off my bed slowly. Minimizing the risk of jolting my arm. I went to the medical cabinet and took out a roll of bandage and some aspirin. I walked carefully down the stairs until I realised that Emmette had already gone to work. I walked over to the fridge to find a note attached to it in emmette's handwriting

Bella you had better have the basement cleaned for when I get home. NO EXCUSES. Emmette.

Ha nice to know he cares. NOT. I drank some water from the tap and climbed down the stairs to clean out the basement. I turned on the light and remembered that I had cleaned this out just last week so I should only have a little bit left to do.

I reached the back of the room and found a box marked Scotland.

Hmmm this seemed odd I opened the box and the very first thing I found was a photo album. Opened it and the very first picture was off some one I knew well.

It was Alice my friend from Scotland. There were contact details at the bottom of the picture. A phone number and an email. Hmmm this could be my escape…


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