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We walked through to the dining room to find every one staring at us and I just happened to notice jasper open his mouth as if he was about to say some thing . oh dear , here it comes

" what have you two been up to"jasper asked and gave me a wink. I flushed a deep red and mearly murmered something about talking.

" well you've had enough time to talk because while you were talking I went to have a look through your bags and discovered that we need to go shopping. If your going to live here theres a few things you shall need. Like a new car and a whole new wardrobe" Alice squeaked. She sounded way to excited and anyway I didn't need all that stuff surely.

" Alice, I cant possibly need all that" I countered , but it was too late , she already had her small hand wrapped around my wrist in a vice like grip and was towing me over to her car. I turned around for support but only found jasper and Edward already getting into alices porshe and Rosalie Carlisle and esme getting into emmetts jeep. I sigh to myself and went ahead of alice so she would let . as I slid into my seat I felt an arm around my shoulder and immediately crindged away from it. But then I saw that it was Edward and I felt better all of a sudden .

We got to the mall and I felt as though my eyeliner had started running . I turned and told every one that I would be back in a minute and made my way over to the toiletts

" shit" I exclaimed as I poked myself in the eye from the surprise of my phone vibrating in my pocket . I flipped open the lid and saw that it was a message from an unknown caller, so I decided to check it.



Emmettt, Emmett, no no no no nooooo. What was I going to do . if I went out there and he saw me with the cullens he could ruin every thing. As I panicked I felt my hand searching through my bag for a familiar object. I knew I had succeded in my search when I felt the thin metle trace along my fingers. I pulled the razor blade out of my bag and slipped into the small toilet cubicle , leaving the door half open. I started cutting abouve my wrist but then I heard I knock on the door , I jumped thinking that it was Emmett coming for me. My hand slipped and I felt the blade slip deep into my skin, deeper than it had ever gone before. As I realised this I heard Edwards voice coming from outside the ladys room. Asking me if I didn't come out soon then he was coming in. I was aware that my breathing was coming out ragged as I tried to catch a breath to cry for hel. I looked down at my wrist and saw a dizzing sight. The blood was pouring out of my arm and collecting in a massive ever increasing poole at my feet. I started to feel light headed and then Edward was by myside shocked and shouting. And then every thing went black.


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