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Now without further adeiu, the first chapter of S.A.P


Deep within the forest of Mt. Paozu, in the 439 area, a little cottage was surrounded by nature and peaceful silence undisturbed by pollution or crowds. All of a sudden an alarm clock went off next to the bed of a young man named Gohan.

Now most teenagers wake up, hit the snooze button, and roll over for just a few more precious moments of rest before their day begins. Most teenagers also aren't half alien, super strong warriors that could blow up the planet with ease. Most teenagers also don't live 5 hours (by hover car) away from their school. Most teenagers also don't have a hyper, hungry, and super strong younger halfling brother either. (A/N: you get the idea ^__^)

So when 7 year old Goten jumped on his big brothers bed to wake him up for breakfast, he wasn t expecting the reflexes of years of surprise-wake-up calls (courtesy of piccolo) to send him flying towards the wall.

After peeling himself from the wall, Goten leapt towards the bed shouting , "WAKE UP GOHAN!! Mom says I can't eat any breakfast till you get up!! Hurry!! Wake up big brother!! Hurry!!" After Gohan had rolled back to the side, Goten frowned and decided to try a more devious tactic, "GOHAN YOUR 10 MINUTES LATE FOR SCHOOL! BREAKFAST WAS DELICIOUS BUT THERE'S NONE LEFT!! YOU GOTTA WAKE UP!!"

Gohan shot out of bed and using super speed dressed, grabbed his bag, and raced down the stairs to face his mothers wrath for ruining his education and every saiyans worst nightmare, no food!! Goten giggled Learning how to wake up Bulma and Vegeta from trunks helped after all! He he he! with that devious thought he ran down to claim his portion of breakfast.

Meanwhile, imagine Gohans surprise to see a saiyan version of heaven on the table and his mom humming in front of the stove. His mom, Chichi, turned around at his rushed entrance and said, "Oh! good morning Gohan. I'm surprised your up so fast! It usually takes Goten at least 10 minutes to wake you up." At the words 'ten minutes' Gohans brain finally got into gear and he look up at the old clock on the kitchen wall.

He still had an hour till he had to leave for school. Glaring at his little brother, who was at the moment waiting for his mother to turn her back so he could sneak a large strip of bacon or ten from the table, Gohan remembered why he was so tired. Anyone would be tired after that announcement he thought.


Sitting in his 7th period class, Gohan was bored out of his mind watching the clock so he could go home to spar and eat, the small capsule lunches he had been bringing didn't fill his saiyan stomach for very long and the homework had taken him all of 5 minutes to finish in class. Next to him sat a blonde ditsy girl by the name of Erasa, who was never concerned with anything more important than the latest fashion or gossip, a smug muscular blonde boy named Sharpner, and the ever suspicious crime fighter Videl Satan.

The rest of the class chattered on about teenage nonsense up until the teacher cleared his throat to give the announcement to leave. "Ok class. I have a very important announcement to make!" After making sure that the majority of his class was paying attention he brought out a stack of lurid pink flyers from his desk. Most of the class knew what that color meant for them and they automatically started to get excited again.

Gohan, having no idea what was happening, took the opportunity to listen to his classmates. "Are they for real?!"one kid said in awe

"This is gonna be so much fun! I heard only one class is picked for this every year!" a excited girl in the second row squealed

"Oh man, what is he thinking" muttered a anxious Videl.

After hearing Videl, Gohan started to get a sinking feeling. The teacher, mad at being interrupted again, yelled "Hey you kids! If you don't be quiet you won't get the permission slips, the information about the trip or the opportunity to do it, much less get out of here on time!" A buzzing silence filled with suspense was his reply.

Pleased with the silence he continued, "Now that I've got your attention . As you know Orange Star High School was chosen for a program that will teach you everything you need to know in order to succeed in the world regardless of what you choose to do. The Successful Adult Program has had double the funding this year due to the generous world champ Mr. Hercule Satan and the lovely Mrs. Bulma Briefs of Capsule Corporation."

"So in addition to the tour and lecture at Capsule Corp, we will have a sports, survival, and cooking portion as well. As you can imagine this might take some time. So, for the next 3 months, this class will have what you could call a golden opportunity. The best of the best have been hired to teach you everything."

"All you need to do is have these permission slips signed and handed in to me by tomorrow. Those that turn the slips in tomorrow will be attending a lecture that will tell you everything you need to bring and where you will be going. Now your all dismissed." With that he walked out of the room.

The students watched their teacher leave with blank stares then bum rushed the teachers desk screaming in excitement. Poor Gohan was sitting in his desk stunned. *How am I supposed to hide my powers when I m with the class nonstop for months?! And how I know bulma?!! And the survival portion sounds fishy too. Wait fish! How am I gonna hide my appetite* He thought while gazing at his desk expectantly.

Meanwhile, Videl was muttering to herself. "Gah. Why is dad doin this? Just because Mrs. Briefs is supporting something doesn't mean it's a competition to beat her." Just then she glanced over to look at Gohan who was currently looking like lunch had been canceled and his puppy had died. She reached over to poke his shoulder and snap him out of it.

"Hey Gohan..." she said while reaching over.

Poking the shoulder closest to her made her finger throb like she had poked a iron block rather than a nerds shoulder but it seemed to do the trick. Gohan's head popped up and he grinned timidly over at Videl, who was glaring between him and her sore finger.

"Huh?! Oh! Hi Videl! Aren't you .. Umm.. Excited?!" stammered Gohan quickly.

Her glare increased in intensity to his nervous response. I will find out what your hiding she thought. "Not really. How exciting could it be compared to fighting crime everyday and having a world famous dad? Why are you so nervous huh?" She said while leaning in closer to Gohan, determined to glare the answer out of him if she needed to.

Gohan scooted back awkwardly trying not to bend the flimsy (to him) metal of the desk's chair. Wow! That glare rivals mom and Vegeta! "N-Nervous?! I'm not nervous! What ever gave you that idea Videl! Oh look at the time gotta run!" So after hurriedly grabbing his stuff and running down to the teachers desk he snatched a permission slip from the teachers desk then ran out the door.

Videl followed his movements till he left the room. how strange... I'll figure him out later. One headache at a time. she said before walking down to battle the crowd of excited teenagers for a permission slip.

*~*~*~*~End flashback~*~*~*~*~

How on earth was I supposed to sleep when I was trying to figure out ways to keep my secrets hidden all night long?! Oh man this is gonna be a long 3 months. he thought while racing the mini food vacuum of a little brother for his portion of the meal.


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