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In no time at all, the lookout came into view. Though the puffy, white clouds, Gohan flew towards the towering pillar with a wide grin.

"Korin!" Gohan yelled in greeting at the old feline master.

"Oh! Gohan! What's happening, bud?" The feline yelled back, "I haven't seen you in ages!"

Gohan landed down with a light tap on the clean, light brown, circular platform. Standing barely tall enough to reach Gohan's waist, holding a knobby wooden staff in one fuzzy paw, the cats' fur gleamed in the sunlight. Korin had lived atop the tower for as long as anyone in the Z-Gang could remember. He was the reward for the impressive climb up 'Korin's Tower'. Many challengers attempted the climb in order to obtain the miracle water said to increase ones power and speed. In reality, the exhausting climb up the tower coupled with chasing the agile old cat around were the real secret to unlocking their inner strength.

"I've been okay. Anything interesting been happening up here?" Gohan asked cheerfully.

"Nah. Been pretty quiet." Korin said itching his right ear, "Although SOMEONE has been eating all the food!" Korin said in a loud voice towards the staircase leading to the storage deck connected to the balcony level.

"Oh, stop your whinin'. You eat just as much grub as I do, you old fur ball!" A familiar voice yelled back.

The overweight samurai walked up the stairs holding a fresh plate of steamed pork buns. His small beady eyes, long wild hair and katana, all the same shade of black, glinted in the sunlight, a dark contrast to the pure white of Korin's fur. Wearing his typical striped orange outfit he stood barely a foot taller than his feline landlord.

"Oh! Hi, Yajirobe!" Gohan greeted. Korin and Yajirobe exchanged glares at each other for a moment the Yajirobe turned back to the young half-saiyan.

"So, what brings you to the magical land of the clouds?" Yajirobe asked sarcastically, stuffing a pork bun into his mouth messily.

"I've got a package from Bulma for you guys." Gohan said kneeling down.

Korin grimaced at Yajirobe's deplorable manners but moved closer as Gohan knelt down to open his backpack and dig around for the right boxes. After fishing the cerulean cat-covered bento box out, he handed it over to the white cat. "All right! Free lunch!" Yajirobe celebrated, reaching for the box. Korin shifted to the side, leaving behind a wobbly afterimage, as he continued to examine the box.

"Hey!" The large man yelled, "C'mon, Korin, don't be like that! I want some too!" He protested. "

Gohan smiled. "It's not food, Yajirobe. It's a box of gadgets and some new types of senzu beans. Here is yours." Gohan said, handing yajirobe his orange stiped box and also handing Korin the light blue bags of 'hit and miss' senzu beans. "Bulma told me that the instructions are in the box for you. One is a band-aid radar." Gohan said raising his sleeve to show it to the two tower dwellers, " It's a low range dragon radar that sticks to your skin. You've got a white bracelet instead on the band-aid,because of your fur, Korin. The other thing is a tiny communicator. You pinch it and you can talk to any of the gang. Master Roshi is wearing his and he's got Krillin's, so, you'll be able to contact him soon," Gohan explained as Korin tried on the white bracelet. It was so close to his arm that it disappeared in his fur. The silver clip attached to the base of his ear but didn't pinch.

"That Bulma is something else..." Korin muttered as he also donned the new gear, pushing the buttons and playing with it.

"Sweet," Yajirobi grinned.

"Well, I'm off to the lookout! Gotta give Dende, Popo, and Piccolo their stuff too." Gohan said as he rezipped his bag and stood back up.

"All right. See ya later kid! Come visit again soon! I could always use intelligent company!" Korin waved goodbye as Gohan rose up though the clouds.

"HEY! Whats that supposed to mean, furball?!" Gohan heard from the outraged, overweight samurai as he flew away chuckling.

As he rose over the edge of the white lookout, he once again cupped his hand around his mouth, "Hello? Anybody home?" He called out. Mr. Popo and Dende walked out of the pristinely white structure as Gohan flew down to meet them. "Hey guys! It's been a crazy week!" Gohan said with an exaggerated sigh of relief as he touched down.

"I'll say." Piccolo said as he walked over silently.

"Hi Piccolo! Thanks for taking me back to Capsule Corp. Poor Sharpner didn't seem as thankful though." Gohan chuckled.

Piccolo smirked, "No problem, kid. Your advice didn't seem to work after all." Gohan busted out laughing, as Dende and Mr. Popo just stood by looking confused.

"Um, What happened?" Dende asked curiously. Piccolo smirked again and Gohan started snickering. After he had calmed down enough to breath, he told the story of Piccolo's Smile. In the end, all 3 were laughing merrily while Piccolo continued to smirk.

"So Gohan, what brings you back so soon?" asked kindly.

Gohan smiled, "Two things. First, presents from Bulma!" He said once again digging though his pack. After handing the bundles to their respective owners, he repeated the explanation he gave to Korin and Yajirobe. The three were properly amazed and thankful for the interesting gifts.

"The second thing, I wanted to ask Mr. Piccolo." Gohan said turning to the tall, green Namekian. "You know the bet I have going with Vegeta? I need to see if I can create some kind of ki target." He explained to his tall green mentor.

Piccolo nodded silently waiting for a further explanation. "I wanted to base it off of Master Roshi's lighning attack that he used against dad in the tournament and ..." Gohan continued on to an intently listening Piccolo.

Mr. Popo and Dende wandered off as Gohan and Piccolo started to get into the project. For the next 3 hours the two fighters created and perfected the target and then implemented the lightning strike. It took Piccolo a few tries to perfect the lighting strike that Gohan had learned from Roshi and they soon had a rudimentary new attack. Gohan was excited to try it out on his own and later on the arrogant saiyan prince. The finished the day with a friendly spar to work off some of the stress. The sun set on the lookout as they trained.

~~ Meanwhile in another time and place~~

Mirai pulled his lavender hair back into a messy ponytail. He was loading empty boxes filled with smaller boxes so that he could bring back as much as possible.

"Okay, That should do it. " He said as he closed the last hatch on the odd looking time machine.

"Great! Now go wash up. You stink!" His mother said as she came out of the dome building, jokingly waving her hand around her nose.

"Okay. Okay. Don't bite my head off! I'll back ready to go in an hour, I promise!" Mirai said happily.

Bulma grinned. "Alright. I'll do the flight check for you."

As Trunks walked inside, Bulma smiled gently remembering her annoying warrior prince. The time she told him he stunk was one her first fond memories of her husband, with a heavy sigh she turned to the large machine. Forty-five minutes later, all three remaining people on the destroyed earth stood outside to watch the youngest leave.

Chichi stepped up to hug him. "You be careful and make sure to take as many photos as you can! If I can't live it, I'll document it." She said while squeezing the stuffing out of the lavender haired youth.

He squeezed her back, knowing she needed the added reassurance. He and his mom had each other but all of Chichi's family was gone. After a minute, he stepped back then turned to hug his mother tightly.

"I'll be back in a few days. Be safe." He murmured pulling them all into a group hug.

Both women stood back with tears in their eyes. The last remaining dome they lived in was all that was left of the once prosperous Capsule Corp. grounds. It always seemed emptier without the younger man there to liven things up. Mirai jumped into the time machine and it slowly rose into the air before its midsection started to spin and the machine blinked out of their timeline, hurling towards another.

~~ Meanwhile~~

A rhythmic sound echoed out of the corner of the rec rooms exercise equipment section. Videl was fiercely attacking a full sized punching bag. She wore her normal outfit, but had taped up her hands for the workout. She had been punching the bag for a little over 45 minutes and had yet to break her stride. Her face was covered in sweat and her muscles were burning. Her mind was solely focused on the bag and her breathing, trying not to think about the revelations of the past few days. She continued to punch, breath, and concentrate, unaware of the audience that gathered around to watch her assault upon the unsuspecting bag. The majority of the boys were watching Videl with awe, taking bets and cheering her on. Erasa was sitting in a secluded section of the flower garden with Lime and Chico.

"Videl seems a little stressed." Chico said, her voice filled with concern. "Oh, she's just fine. She tends to work out her stress when she gets into a rhythm like that." Erasa said cheerfully, braiding some flowers together. "She'll keep going until the bag falls then call it quits for a few hours.

"I'd hate to see her without an outlet. It could get pretty messy." Lime chuckled.

Erasa nodded, "She once sent a bank robber to the hospital with 3 broken bones after an interview was held at her house and she got cornered into a photo shoot by her father. She got the call to go get the guy right after and was really stressed out. She was so annoyed that she forgot to hold back her strength on the poor guy. She was so embarrassed afterwards." Erasa gossiped happily.

Chico giggled, "Oh wow. Definitely don't want to get on her bad side. Poor Gohan. "

Lime snickered, "He ran away pretty quick. Maybe she'll have calmed down by the time he gets back?"

Erasa grinned. "She'll be mad for days unless she spends a few hours training each day. I've never seen her like anyone before, especially not anyone as nice as Gohan!" The three girls snickered conspiratorially, the rhythmic thumping of the punching bag continued in the distance.

~~Back in the student apartment dome~~

Sharpner strutted out of the bathroom, his hair finally fixed and clean. Pigero and Rom sat on the big couch watching a football game.

"Hey, Sharpner! Com'ere! I'd like a word." Pigero called out.

Sharpner walked over trying to remember Pigero's name.

"Yeah? What do ya wanna know?" Sharpner asked.

"I wanna know why your gunning for Videl when Erasa obviously has the hots for you." Pigero remarked casually.

"Huh? But..." Sharpner sputtered, his brain and hear racing but his mouth uncooperative.

Rom snickered. "Look man. Videl is so focused on Gohan that you're virtually invisible. Meanwhile, every time I see my girlfriend with Erasa, they are always giggling over Erasa's crush on you." Rom said in his best serious voice.

No such thing had occurred but just the bright red color of Sharpners dazed face was worth the misdirection." Eh?! Wha? Really?" Sharpner stuttered.

"Yeah. Just thought you should know. C'mon lets go grab some grub Pigero!" Rom smiled mischievously.

Both transfers stood up. Rom tossed the remote at Sharpner. Sharpner absentmindedly caught it then sat heavily on the couch. Pigero and Rom walked out in high spirits, elbowing each other and snickering at the poor blonde and a job well done.

"What… just happened? Erasa...likes ...me?" Sharpner asked himself haltingly. The TV continued to play as the blonde sat on the couch and pondered this astonishing revelation. His poor brain was reeling with the possibility that Erasa could have a crush on him.

~~~ Meanwhile~~~

"Hmm... No I don't think... What if ... grrr... Stupid thing." Bulma grumbled irritably.

The blue haired woman was sitting on a large workbench towards the back of her private lab. She was surrounded by strewn about wires, tools, and paper balls. She suddnely stood up, stomped over to a nearby drawer and yanked it open. She riffled around inside it for a minute before crowing, "AH HA!" in triumph.

She quickly returned to her perch at the crowded workbench. "So then... Goodbye faulty C3 unit, hello PI7 converter..." She murmured as she worked, switching out the circuits and rearranging the innards of her new toy.

Vegeta had left early in the morning to train, saying only that he would return that night. He was working off the stress of not being able to kill the two robbers and had only returned at Capsule corp. to shower and sleep for the last few days. So Bulma had left the warmth of her bed to work on her new project, the plant life growth inducer. She hoped to use it to rejuvenate the future timeline with it. She continued on in silence until finally she reattached the back plate and sat back to admire her device.

"Well, here goes nothing!" She said as she turned it over in her palm.

She pressed 3 buttons in quick succession and pointed the device at a small pot filled with moist dirt and small bean sprouts. She gasped as the box got hot before she dropped it and ran to get the fire extinguisher. As her lavender haired son from the future started to materialize above capsule corp., the box exploded and sent out a small shock wave that shook the grounds alarmingly.

**Scene Change**

"What the heck was that?" Videl murmured as she turned away from the beaten punching bag to run towards the potential conflict. Seeing Videl running sparked the rest of the present student body to follow.

**Scene Change**

Outside, Mirai saw the smoke from his mothers' lab and cursed the slowness of the time machine. He was trapped until the reentry was complete and the safety protocols would prevent him from exiting until the shuttle was fully landed.

**Scene Change**

Videl and the students raced through the halls, quickly realizing where the shockwave originated from by the smoke. They arrived at the door, seeing the door on is hinges, as if it had been blown out from the inside. Videl got cautiously closer. She placed her hand on the door, but yanked her hand back just in time as a red laser shot out at the thick metal door, cutting through the bottom corner like a hot knife through butter. The class screamed as the laser cut and backed off even more when black acrid smoke started billowing out of lab. Videl kicked a piece of debris in frustration and then realized the laser didn't shoot at it. She quickly knelt down to look through the hole the laser had carved. On the floor inside the lab the bright blue hair of their hostess was clearly visible.

She gasped in dismay, "BULMA!" She yelled helplessly. With the amount of smoke coming from the bottom of the door, the room must have very little in any breathable oxygen left. "BULMA GET UP!"

No movement from the prone figure caused a tendril of panic to curl tightly around her heart. She couldn't do anything. "BULMA!" She tried screaming again. The rest of the class were looking scared and some of the girls were crying. They were deathly afraid that they were going to stand by and watch their hostess die.

"MOVE!" Someone shouted urgently from down the hallway.

The class nervously jumped out of the way. Their eyes collectively widened as the tall man from the future dashed down the hall.

"Wait! The lasers are on! You can't get in!" Lime yelled as he rushed by.

Mirai nodded not slowing until he stood in front of the door, "Computer override protocol, deactivate security lasers, activate vents in all surrounding rooms, request confirmation." He commanded in a firm voice coming to a quick stop in front of the pulverized door. "Voice recognition confirmed. Vents activated. Lasers deactivated." The female voice affirmed.

He quickly rushed in, gathered his unconscious mother and dashed to the infirmary in one smooth practiced motion. Videl determinedly ran after him and the class trailed after worriedly. As Mirai walked he called out orders to the cleaning robots to gather together, secure the lab, and start assessing damages. The robots rushed to obey their orders. The group arrived at the medical bay where Mirai gently lay his mother on a bed then grabbed a oxygen mask to help her breath. After his mother was comfortable he ushered the students out. All the students started to ask questions at the same time, curious about the time traveler.

"Whoa, whoa! Hang on!" Mirai interrupted firmly, "Not here! You'll disturb Mom! I need to make sure she's not really hurt. Meet me in the kitchen in 20 minutes and I'll answer what I can. Okay?" The 23 yr old placated.

The crowd murmured agreeably then began to disperse leaving only Videl, Erasa, Chico, and Lime.

"Is Bulma okay?" Chico asked hesitantly, biting her lip anxiously. She was wiping the terrified tears off of her cheeks.

Trunks patted her shoulder, "She was having trouble breathing because of the smoke and I didn't get a chance to check her over for further injuries. Let's see."

The much smaller group followed him back inside the infirmary. Mirai gently felt his younger mothers head for bumps then her ribs for and cracks and he peeked at her eyes to see if they were properly dilating. Her heartbeat and breathing were next using the high tech instruments the medical bay provided. The girls watched in silence while he worked. Finally he placed the oxygen mask back on her face.

"Her head has a bump and she might have 1 or 2 cracked ribs, but she should recover. There isn't any sign of a concussion so she should just sleep it off. A senzu bean would be great right now." He summed up. "There were senzu plants in her lab. Could you use those?" Videl asked anxiously.

"If they weren't blown up in the explosion…" He agreed, "She'd need to be awake to take one. Where's my dad? He usually keeps a close eye on things around Capsule Corp." Mirai asked curiously.

"Vegeta left a few days ago when those robbers kidnapped that kid and they wanted Bulma's picture as a ransom. He left and hasn't been around since then." Chico supplied helpfully.

"Kidnap? Kid? Robbers?" Trunks muttered. "It sounds like it's been busy around here. Hmm… Well, I'll find them later. Let's go deal with your classmates then I'll handle father." He said, walking out with the girls trailing behind him.

The group traveled thought the white halls of Capsule Corp making their way towards the kitchen where the other students were gathered.

"Did you see him?" One thin girl whispered to her friend.

"Yeah! Like oh mah god!" She answered. The two girls giggled and blushed colorfully.

"He's so Dreamy! I wonder if he'll go out on a date with me!" a blonde with sparkles in her eyes asked with her hands clasped in front of her.

"Yeah Right! Not if I snag him first!" A red head said competitively.

Trunks walked in just as the haggling herd of girls were starting to stand and maul each other. He crossed his muscled arms and adopted a disapproving scowl that his father would have been secretly proud of. Loudly clearing his throat made the growing miasma of girl fighting disperse and they frantically tried to fix their hair and clothes for the older hunk. They all retook their seats, some looking properly embarrassed, others looking unrepentant, and some just staring dreamily at the older half saiyan.

"Now that I have your attention, I'll answer some of your questions. One at a time, please."

As he walked to the front of the room so everyone could see him on girl unrepentant girl screamed "Wanna go to the movies with me Friday night?"

Trunks smiled charmingly, you could see the resemblance to both his mother and his father in his smile, "Thank you, but no, miss."

"When did you get here?" A boy asked.

"Not 20 minutes ago."

"How did you get here?" Videl asked from her seat.

"Time machine." Mirai responded nonchalantly.

The students eyes bulged out dramatically.

"You have a TIME MACHINE!?" One blond girl asked in awe.

"Yes, how else did you expect me to get here?" Another boy stood up, "I know you're older than us, but how old are you?"

"I'm 23. 6 years older than Gohan."

"How long are you staying?" Another girl asked.

"Uhh… At least a week. After that I'm heading back to my time to deliver supplies. It's iffy after that." He replied easily.

The girls giggled triumphantly at hearing that. Mirai inwardly groaned and decide that was more than enough questions.

"Okay. Now that your curiosity is satisfied, I'm going to go take care of my Mother. I'll see you around later. Bye!" He said quickly, exiting swiftly, and letting out another mental groan as the chatter rose up again as he left.

He made his way back to the medical bay to check on Bulma who still hadn't awoken. He checked her pulse and breathing just to be safe and then left to the lab to search for a senzu bean. As he spent most of his time in his timeline searching for food, supplies, and animals and had plenty of experience with searching for things amidst rubble. He crunched over blackened plastic and broken glass when he entered his mothers lab. He summoned a cleaning robot and asked for a broom and dustpan and for one of the robots to watch over his mother and alert him when she woke up. He slowly picked his way through the wreckage, cleaning up what he could and tossing out what he couldn't. The senzu bush was tipped over and burnt and the beans that were on the table ended up on the floor in a puddle of electronics cleaner fluid, rendering them inedible. Sighing in frustration he continued to clean, organize and fixing the lab. An hour later the robot alerted him that his mother was regaining consciousness. After washing his hands on a rag, Mirai reactivate the security lasers out of habit and made his way to the medical bay. He walked in just in time to hear her groan and mutter, "Why did I explode?" she muttered in confusion. Mirai chuckled, "Hello Mom." She was obviously feeling disoriented because it took her a few seconds to react by turning her head to look blurrily at her older son before flinching in pain and muttering, "Your all grown up… How long was I asleep?"

"You've been asleep for an hour or so. I'm Mirai, Trunks isn't around right now. Is your head ringing?" He asked gently, turning the light a little dimmer so she could stop squinting in pain.

"Ringing? Bells? From where?" She asked, still obviously confused, blinking rapidly.

Mirai smiled gently, "From your head. Do you know where the senzu beans are?" He continued noticing that his mothers attention seemed to be on answering his questions rather than taking in her surroundings.

"Mmm… Senzu? In the 2nd cabinet by the sink… Trunks? When did you get so big?" She asked finally noticing him again. Mirai shook his head at her incoherence and quickly retrieved the tiny jar of green beans. He gently sat her up, bracing her back against his arm and placed 1 bean in her mouth. She groaned at the pain in her ribs but swallowed the bean and stiffened in discomfort. Mirai heard her ribs pop back into place as she healed and she shot up blinking with wide eyes and clutching at her stomach.

"Ohhh… Full! What tha? Mirai! When did you get here, Honey? What?" She said throwing her free arm around her future son shoulders and hugging him as best she could from her awkward position on the hospital bed.

"Hi mom." Mirai said happily, returning her hug and lifting her from the bed into a standing position.

"I got here about 2 hours ago to a huge explosion in the lab. After rescuing you, placating Gohan's classmates, cleaning the lab a bit, and healing you, I'm starving." He said jokingly.

Bulma's eyes widened as she listened, "All that in 2 hours? Oh! I'm sorry, hun. I guess I got carried away! Lets' go get you food. Although, I probably won't eat for 2 weeks after eating that senzu bean." She said as she patted her overfull belly. Mirai nodded and they both walked out . "What were you working on that exploaded? You were trapped in the lab by the security lasers. When I got there, all the students were outside yelling at you to wake up. One girl seemed really frantic. The others were following her lead… I got you out then answered some of their questions in the kitchen." He said as they walked.

"I've been trying to make a growth accelerator. Not only would it help you out in the future, but I could market it here and it could help cultivate life out in remote villages and wastelands. The only problem is, every time I attempt a test drive on it, it either does nothing or it explodes. I was so sure I had it this time. The last time it only fried the table it was sitting on." She shook her head in exasperation. "Oh well, back to the drawing board." She said as they turned a corner.

"Could you describe the girl who was leading the students?" She asked Mirai.

"She was wearing a loose white shirt and had shorts and short black hair. Blue eyes I think. She was with a two blondes, another with black hair and a red head." He ticked off on his fingers.

Bulma held her chin in her fingers, "That's got to be Videl, Erasa, Lime and Chico. I'll have to thank them later. You said you answered questions?" she prompted.

"Yeah. Basic stuff. Age, when and how I got here, and for how long I was staying." He paused then added in a mutter "I even got asked out for Friday night."

Bulma however, latched onto that mutter so fast that Chichi would be proud. "Friday Night? I'm sure you could free up some time honey!" She said teasingly.

Mirai blushed red and shook his head, "Nope! That's when I'll be dropping off supplies back home. Booked for the entire night I'm afraid." He said in a serious voice, avoiding his grinning mothers twinkling eyes.

They turned into the kitchen where only 2 students remained, sitting tensely and nibbling on snack trays rather than separate meals. Videl and Erasa both shot up when they entered. Rushing over, Videl stopped awkwardly in front of the blue haired woman. Erasa threw all caution to the wind and enveloped her idol in a tight hug.

"Are you okay? I was so worried! Videl was too! I was so scared!" Erasa babbled as her eyes teared up.

"Calm down. I'm fine. Shh…" Bulma automatically soothed. Videl stood by awkwardly, fidgeting as she wrestled with her emotions. The longer Erasa clung to Bulma the more she calmed down. Bulma noticed Videl fidgeting nervously and reached an arm out to pull the other teenager into a hug. Videl hesitantly wrapped her arms around her best friend and Bulma.

Bulma continued to mutter soothingly, "Its okay. No one is hurt. Shh…" She muttered.

They stayed like that for a few moments. Then Erasa's blond head emerged from the group hug with a watery smile. She shuffled a bit then stepped back.

Bulma smiled back, "Okay now?" She asked gently.

"Yeah. Sorry. I got overwhelmed when I saw you." Erasa replied shakily but still smiling.

Videl nodded stiffly and crossed her arms in front of her stomach protectively. She was still fighting back tears of worry and remembered sadness. After her mother had died, her father had thrown himself into his fighting career. She loved her goofy father dearly but she had forgotten how much she had missed her mothers' gentle hugs and presence. She hadn't been hugged like that in years. Her father was more of a hovering, crushing hugs and back slaps kind of man.

"C'mon lets sit down and eat." Bulma said steering them back towards the table. "Mirai go ahead and order. I've added chocolate pudding! The list is on the wall there." She directed.

Her answer was a wide saiyan grin and a ferocious saiyan stomach growl. The ladies took their seats while the tall young man ordered his food. Bulma arched her eyebrow then waved a robot over to summon more help for the kitchen. Mirai gathered his first plates and settled down happily to begin his meal. After the equivalent of fasting in his time he savored each delicious bite as he quickly, but more neatly than you'd expect, ate enough to feed the entire student body on the trip. Bulma smiled indulgently at her happy son and turned back to the girls. Erasa was still sniffling but looked otherwise content. She was staring in awe of the sheer amount of food Mirai was putting away. Videl was still hugging her middle and seemed to be reigning in her scattered emotions quickly, Bulma patter her upper arm to get the brunettes attention earning a shaky smile and a short nod at the bluenette. Now that they were all mostly reassured of each others well being, Videl and Erasa began to nibble on the snack tray with a little more enthusiasm.

"Aren't you hungry, Bulma?" Erasa asked as she nibbled on a square of cheese. Bulma shook her head with a rueful smile.

"I probably won't be hungry for a while. Maybe up to a 2 weeks actually." She said.

"2 weeks?" Videl said unbelievingly.

"Yep. Mirai healed me by giving me a senzu bean. That would fill a normal person for a full ten days. I'm what you call a nibbler. I eat tiny snacks throughout the day so that 1 bean will probably cover me food wise for two weeks maybe even a bit longer. I'll only really drink some water to keep hydrated." She explained.

"Two whole weeks?! Wow!" Erasa exclaimed.

Mirai was finishing his last plate of lunch when Vegeta stormed into the kitchen. He glanced around the tables taking in the situation. His eyes landed on his wife and his future son.

"Hmpf." He grunted. "Brat! GR in 5 minutes." He said sternly.

With that, he exited the kitchen. Mirai grinned and stood. He gave his mom a short hug and the girls a short nod and left as well. Bulma rolled her eyes and snorted indelicately.

"That man is so abrupt!" She said with exasperation. Seeing the girls confusion she explained, "He probably felt my ki decrease when I was hurt. In addition to Miria's appearance, he was probably on the other side of the planet training and rushed over to check on things. He'll get the full story out of Mirai while they are training." She summed up. "For all his coldness, he is fiercely protective of his family and annoyingly persistent when it comes to just about everything."

"The other side of the planet?! How did he get here in under 2 hours!?" Videl asked curiously.

"He flew of course! With the exception of Gohan's mom, a guy name Yajirobe, and myself, the other z gang members can all fly using their ki. They got at amazing speeds too. I've yet to invent something to rival their speed, despite many attempts. My fastest jet model can go about half their top sped and it's a one seater." She said in a hushed tone. "This falls under the top secret stuff, okay?" Bulma said with a serious glance. Both girls nodded. "From what I've gathered, It's not too horribly difficult if you've got fighting experience. The only reason Chichi doesn't know how is because the guys are a little afraid that she'll chase them down when they run off to train. So they never trained her. I don't fight at all, except verbally, so I've never tried." Bulma continued.

"What about this Yajirobe guy?" Erasa asked.

"He's too fat." Bulma said with a grin "Or that's what I've heard. I think he's a little too lazy to learn."

"Wait. Could I learn how?" Videl asked suddenly her eyes widening in hope at being able to fly! How amazing would that be!

Bulma blinked. "Hmm…Well you've got the fighting experience and a certain boy wonder who might be easily persuaded to teach you…Just stay away from Vegeta. Do not ask him! Or Piccolo! They have… questionable teaching habits." Bulma said with a wince.

"I can handle anything they can throw at me." Videl said stubbornly.

"Videl, please, don't ask them. Piccolo taught Gohan how to fly by chucking him off the side of a cliff until he figured it out. Vegeta didn't get a chance to teach my little Trunks but he called Piccolo's method 'childs play' when he heard about it." Bulma said with a grimace.

Videl's eyes widened comically, "Hmm… off a cliff? Are you sure they weren't joking?" she asked suspiciously.

"Neither one of them know how to casually joke. Taunting comes naturally but joking, especially about something as 'serious' as training, is something unheard of." She said confidently.

Erasa looked a bit pale but chuckled unsurely, "But Gohan knows how right? Videl could ask him to teach her and pry answers from him while you're at it! It's perfect!" She said giddily.

Bulma smiled, "He'll probably be back sometime today, the lure of two training buddies is too much to ignore. I suggest you let him train then ask him afterwards. He's always in a better mood after training." She said with a grin.

Videl and Erasa shared a grin as well. "Well, I'm going to go check out my lab. Need to see what needs replacing. I haven't had an explosion like that in months." She said cheerfully.

"Erasa, will you please let the class know to meet up for dinner and that we are going to vote for next weeks agenda? Oh, and let everybody know that I'm okay and to steer clear of the GR because Vegeta is back."

Erasa nodded. "Sure thing. See ya later Videl!" then she darted out, happy that she got to essentially spread juicy gossip as her idol had asked. When the blonde had flown away with all the swiftness of a hummingbird, Bulma turned to the brunette beauty.

"Videl, honey, I want to thank you for running to my rescue. Mirai said that you were trying to wake me up from outside my lab after the explosion." She said gently, trying not to startle the girl who was still acting as skittish as a wild colt.

"It was nothing. I'm glad that your okay." Videl said softly, still unconsciously holding herself around her stomach.

Bulma noticed and smiled happily, "Either way, thank you. Now, we are both filthy and I think you could use a bit of recoup time after all the stress." She said wiping a small bit of soot off her bare arm and nodding towards Videl's sweat streaked face and wrinkled clothing.

"Go get cleaned up and relax for a while, okay? You could use the time to brainstorm a way to ask Gohan for flying lessons…" She said in an overly innocent voice, sharing a grin with the younger woman.

Videl grinned and nodded her agreement. Bulma stood up and both women vacated the kitchen leaving behind the harassed robots to clean up the remaining carnage of the demi-saiyans lunch. Bulma made a mental note to reactivate the unused robots in storage. After all of the training was done, she would have 1 full saiyan prince and 4 half saiyan boys all hungry for an eating contest.

"Need to call the grocery store as well…" She muttered as she wandered towards the remains of her precious lab.

** end of chapter 37 **

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