The blaring of off key Irish festival music blasted out of the stereo speakers that pumped music into the Crashdown Cafe. The holidays were always a festive time for them even though this one would be during the UFO convention. The decorations were always alien themed but this year shamrocks and leprechauns decorated the walls and booths. Every one of the waitresses had shamrocks painted on their faces and glow in the dark shamrock sticks in their hair.

The crowds seemed to find it slightly amusing that the Crashdown was celebrating St. Patrick's Day at the same time of the UFO Convention. Every year the same set of weirdoes and freaks made their way to the quiet town of Roswell New Mexico hoping upon hope that they just might have a close encounter of their own. Little did anyone know, aliens were already nestled deep within the city, assimilated with the citizens of the sleepy little town.

Sitting in the back of the cafe, sipping his cup of coffee and watching the two young waitresses go about their business, Zan smiled. Since his arrival to Roswell, things for Zan had been slightly more normal. Upon his first arrival, things had been tense between the two kings especially over a girl. Amber eyes flicked from the brunette to the blond waitress as he watched Liz and Maria go about their business.

When Zan first made his presence known it had been to comfort her when Max broke her heart again. The fight had been epic, causing a rift between Max and Liz and for the first time all of the secrets and lies came out into the open. When the whole deal with Future Max was revealed, Michael and Isabel were grateful that Liz cared enough about them to try to change their fates but Max refused to listen. Max had chosen to focus on the fact that Liz gave up their chance at happiness because some supposed future version of himself told her to. He had treated her with such disdain that the weeks after the revelation Liz had walked around merely going through the motions. It was then that Zan made his presence known, when he had climbed up the balcony and scooped Liz into his arms.

That had been six months ago and Liz had not tried to be more than friendly with Zan. It had taken a month for her to trust him, after all he was supposed to be dead but with trust soon came friendship but Zan wanted more. He wanted to spend every night with her in his arms, her body tangled with his as he showered her with his love.

Maria noticed Zan as he sat in the back of the cafe watching Liz, it was the same thing that Max used to do until a few months ago. This whole situation between the two of them was a nightmare and for Liz's sake Maria just wanted to see it end. She hated how the one person everyone thought to be Liz's soul mate had quickly abandoned her after finally pushing her to share her darkest secrets. Michael and Isabel still treated her like she was one of the family because in a way she was and while Liz and Max were merely on speaking terms things were getting better.

Sighing at the ever growing crowd that her and Liz were forced to serve, Maria turned in her newest order to Michael, watching as he grumbled. "What is your problem Michael? You know how busy we get during the UFO Convention?"

"That's not it Maria. If I see one more person dresses as a leprechaun I am going to scream. What is with these freaks?" Fairly growling Michael turned back to the grill to finish the orders. If it wasn't bad enough that half the patrons were dressed for the holiday he was forced to serve them greasy green food in honor of St. Patrick's Day.

"I don't see the problem Michael." Maria said with a huff as she grabbed the pitcher of coffee to provide refills.

Liz watched Zan for a moment as she cleaned the counter with a washrag. Today was going to be the day she showed him just how much she cared. He had been there for her when no one else had, held her and allowed her to cry out her deepest fears with nothing expected in return. Today was Zan's birthday and when she got through with him he would know where he stood in her life.

"Maria, are the plans for tonight still on? You know how special I want this to be for Zan. It will probably be the first birthday he has ever celebrated and I wanted it to be perfect." Liz spoke with a quick whisper to her friend.

Michael couldn't help but laugh at how serious Liz was being about all of this. "Every thing's set Liz. The party will be at my apartment, no problems. We just need to keep Max away for a stress free party but you know that won't happen."

Just about that time the bell over the door chimes signalling that there were more customers. Isabel, Kyle and Alex all walked in and took seats near Zan. For a moment they would distract Zan from his funky mood long enough for Liz to come over and get their orders.

"So Zan, you are coming to the party tonight right? You know the one the girl's are throwing at Michael's?" Kyle queried.

"I don't feel much like a party. Though if it will make Liz happy I guess I can be there." Zan said with a sigh. His mood matched his choice outfit colors, black. Gazing back up towards Liz, Zan had to grip the table to keep from fleeing.

Liz was trying to take the order of some new patron that seemed to be interested in her. The young man was about their age with brown hair that he combed up into a fohawk. His muscular body was revealed for quite away as his shirt did nothing to conceal the muscles and tan. This complete stranger was smiling at Liz, leaning in close to get her attention. Anger surged through his body at the thought of some new schmuck stealing his woman.

Liz was doing her best not to seem overly friendly with the customers. She knew Zan's tendency to get jealous, wanting to preserve what little bit of the budding relationship they had, she backed away a bit. "What can I get you today?"

"What can you tell me about the special?" Jackson asked with a slight southern drawl to his voice.

"Well today, in honor of the holiday, we have Pot of Gold Stew. It's your standard beef stew we just added yellow and orange food coloring to make it golden and are serving it in black bowls. We also have Luck of the Irish sandwiches. Its ham and cheese dyed green and cut in the shape of a clover. I know it's easier to think of alien themed foods." The chuckle in Liz's voice made the other patrons laugh.

"Well I think I might have the Luck of the Irish sandwich. What else do you recommend darlin'?"

"How about a cherry coke to go with that sir. I will be back when your food is ready." Spinning on her heels Liz headed towards the counter to turn in her order when she felt a hand grab her ass. She was so shocked that she couldn't form any words. Standing still for a few moments Liz felt herself getting dizzy as the floor grew closer to her head. The sound of the front door slamming closed broke her of our stupor

Zan couldn't stand to see someone else touch Liz but making a scene would be bad for all of them. Watching with anger boiling through him Zan slammed out of the front door. His anger was palpable as he fought the urge to beat the crap out of the jackass that grabbed his woman. Slamming down on his bike Zan turned the engine on as he tore away from the Crashdown. He needed time to think.

Michael stood from his spot in the booth and escorted the man out of the Crashdown as Maria and Isabel went to keep Liz steady. Maria was panicking as she watched Liz stand there in shock. Pushing her through the back door and up the stairs each girl wanted to comfort her in their own way. Isabel decided that she would spend the rest of the day keeping Liz occupied as they prepared for the party.